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Asked: 6 years ago

THE outfits how do i unlock them all ?

THE outfits how do i unlock them all for chris jabs?

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From: Majin_vegeta_ 5 years ago

When you first Start the game the female sitting at the desk will ask if you want to do challanges. Just accept and go to level 3 and do them best way to do it is CO OP because there almost impossible by your self.. once you finish level 3 bam you got new suits..

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Do the weapon challenges from fiona until you get lvl 3 done on one of them after that you get a new outfit. However, if you are a cheater there are cheats for all of the outfits on this website. Also to do these cheats you need the Xbox LIVE update that came out last holloween

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You can just use the cheat codes.

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There is two ways one way is using the cheatcode or the second way is doing the weapons challenges from fiona until you get 2 level 3

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