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Can I disable Auto-save or not?

Every time I try it's still on Auto-save. I can't get aces high like this: 4 HVT's succesfully captured alive 5th killed by random fire, quit, load, all HVT's reset. is there a way to manually save?

Xais_Producions provided additional details:

Well I've done this: started a new game with auto-save feature off, later I checked and it was strangely set to on, so I switched it off and tried to save,but it still said it was on auto-save and would not allow me to save manually. So am i not able to change it after the game starts or what?


wezmon answered:

I disabled auto-save first time I played the game, and manual save works fine for me.
Your question was unclear: have you found the manual save and it doesn't work, or just can't find it? If so, just pause the game with the start button and there should be a save option there.
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CheesyPhil answered:

Go under options.
Go to game.
Last option should be Auto Save.
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ddlkll answered:

Delete the Auto-Save file from memory.

Go to the options menu, find game, find Auto-Save switch and turn it off.
Play game normally.

Although you should quit your game and go back to Auto-Save to see if it works.
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JmzLost answered:

When you turn Auto-save off, you need to create a new save file. Turn auto-save off, pause, select "save game", then choose "create new" for your save file. After that, everything should be ok.

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wolveslax97 answered:

Ya but u have to go to options on the main screen u can also delete saves and create new ones
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