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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Finishing game help? Answered 7
How do I get a faction on my good side if there hostile? Answered 3
HVTs? Open 3
Other Help status answers
(create your own question) Entering cheats? Answered 2
A cheater joined my game? Answered 2
About the city bus!?! Open 1
Add-On Content ? Answered 1
Anyone have a blank copy of map? Open 1
Anyone know any codes? Answered 5
Blonco's disapearing pistol? Open 1
Can I get the nuke? Open 3
Can I go back and start the missions for China if I already beat the game with the UA? Open 4
Can I save my stolen vehicles? Open 1
Can you be Obama? Open 2
Can you change your player once youve started the game? Open 1
Can you play with people using a different system? Answered 1
Car shop? Open 3
Carmona's weapon ? (pistol) Answered 1
Cars not spawing in maricaibo and pirate islands? Open 1
Characters?? Open 2
Cheat code does not work.? Answered 1
Cheat codes for Mercenaries 2? Open 1
Cheat help? Open 2
Cheat Save? Open 1
Cheats result? Open 1
Cheats? Open 6
Co-op communication? Open 2
Costumes? Answered 2
Custom Belmont on merc 2 ? Answered 1
Custom soundtrack? Open 3
Damage INC. Achievement? Answered 1
Disabling Cheats ? Answered 1
Glitches? Answered 1
Help Me Find These Vehicles ? Answered 1
How can I use the cheats without the update from LIVE? Open 2
How can u get the oil rigs back? (not blanco's rig, though) Open 3
How do I access the dlc alternate costumes? (Not Obama or Palin) Answered 2
How do i do co-op? Open 1
How do I get ewan to pick up ammo crates, cash, or oil? Answered 1
How do I get more fuel? Answered 2
How do I unlock the last PMC shop item? Answered 1
How do i? Answered 2
How do you carry over a stockpile? Open 4
How do you do tricks with water skimmers? Open 2
How do you free roam after destroying solanos bunker? Answered 1
How do you get CPs to man positions on a boat? Open 5
How do you play in multiplayr? [notxbox live] Open 1
How do you use the Obama/Palin costumes? Answered 2
How is the sniping in this game? Answered 3
I cant get my game to let me use multiplayer? Open 2
I have got all the spare parts, missle in eva's shop did not unlock, how do i unlock it ? Answered 1
I need help using the cheat codes while playing solo not co-op, every time i enter the first code to get the cheat menu? Open 3
I need help with coop achievments? Open 1
Is It just me or? Open 3
Is it worth buying? Open 8
Is the Map Pack worth getting? Answered 1
Is There a place that you can store stuff??? Open 2
Is there split screen co-op? Answered 9
It about the new cheat code that was updated? Answered 2
Landing zone? Answered 1
Levels 3 ? Open 2
Missile Destroyer ? Answered 1
Multiplayer ? Answered 1
Multiplayer Jump In? Open 1
Ohh god !!!!!? Answered 4
Outfits ? Answered 1
Putting cars in your stockpile? Answered 3
Read the question? Open 2
Regaining trust? Open 8
Sattelite Coverage? Open 1
Stuck? Answered 2
Tattooed Millionaire achievement help ? Open 2
Territory Tresspassing? Open 2
The Best? Answered 3
The fastest car!?!!?! Answered 8
The Gun? Open 2
Unlocking costumes? Answered 1
Vehicle Locations ? Answered 1
Venezuelan Army? Answered 1
Were are the jets in the game ? Open 4
Whats so good about the HUNTING PISTOL??? Answered 1
Where is the cheat patch downloaded from? Answered 2
Where or from who are you supposed to buy weapons? Open 8
Wheres the mechanic? Open 3
Why aren't they shooting? Open 2
Why cant i play online? Open 1
Why did my max fuel amount go down!? Answered 2
Why does the game freeze as it connects to the servers? Open 4
why the heck do I blow up when I'm off the map? Answered 1
WTF is wrong with car!?! Answered 6

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