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Is there a limit to how many people you can date?

I'm dating Kiki right now, but when I try to go to another person's profile and click on "Date," if I leave the page and come back, it's no longer clicked.

zeldafanjtl provided additional details:

So...why is there a date button on the profiles of the people you can't date?

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BiteMyNoobyArse answered:

There are five girls you can date in the game, and you can date as many at the same time as you won't. They won't catch you cheating. :)

1. Michelle, who is met in the story.
2. Kate, who is also met in the story.
3. Carmen, who you can meet on (SoBoHoe).
4. Kiki, who you can also meet on (LawChick).
5. Alex, who you can meet through (LiberatedWoman).
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Xboxlover2 answered:

Nope, you can date as many girls in the game as possible (which is five). After choosing to date someone on Love-Meet (or crap-list), check your e-mail a few hours later for a response.
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Xboxlover2 answered:

Also, note that it's not any five girls of your choice: you can only date Michelle, Kiki, Carmen Ortiz (SoBoHoe), and Alex Chilton on crap-list, as well as another woman who you'll be introduced to later on.
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codester99 answered:

I've tried to date more than 5 girls but you cant if you screw the date up you cant get another chance with them except for michelle and kate.
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Afrocious answered:

You can only date the characters that are meant for dating. You can date more than one at the same time though.
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Xboxlover2 answered:

Only people who can answer that question are the developers... personally, I'd say it was to make the feel of Love-Meet seem much more authentic. Given that GTA IV's taken to providing a much more realistic gaming experience, it wouldn't really fall in tne with what the developers were attempting to accomplish if you were magically barred from dating girls who wouldn't be interested in you.
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UrbanIAssasin_ answered:

"So...why is there a date button on the profiles of the people you can't date?"

Too add realism. It would be pretty obvious it you were crusing the site and the only girs you could date actually had clickable "date" options. You're supposed to find the online dates on your own.
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