Question from sasulman

Can you sit on chairs in GTA 4?

I want to know if u can or cant.If u can, how?

sasulman provided additional details:

Its because i saw a video in youtube where niko sat on a chair.

diablo5843 asked for clarification:

Which video was it? so i can see if it was on a 360 or a pc and if it was on a pcit might just be a mod.

sasulman provided additional details:

Its a xbox 360 game

sasulman provided additional details:

Also it was a machinima video

Accepted Answer

diablo5843 answered:

It might be something that was added to "The Ballad of Tony"(<-- it won't let me say the G word) or "The Lost and Damned" dlc but i'm not sure cause i don't have the extra content.
The majority of the videos by Machinima on youtube were not taken from actual gameplay (besides the stunt videos) but was made using a program from that allows you to make the kind of videos that machinima has made.
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diablo5843 answered:

To put it simply, you can't sit on chairs.
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