Question from briforge2

Can you turn cops off?

Is there any cheat to turn the stupid cops off?? or any place, or thing, or...ANYTHING??

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Mouser05 answered:

There is a cheat that removes your wanted level, but it doesn't turn "off" the cops. If you want to screw around with-out the cops you can do party mode or turn off the cops in free mode.
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DJeezy13 answered:

there is a cheat that lowers your wanted level down to 0 but it doesnt lock your wanted level at 0 like in GTA san andres
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kansasdude82 answered:

Can you turn cops off in real life? no you can't (same with this game)
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yyyyxxy answered:

Turning off cops is impossible, but there is a cheat code that removes your wanted level
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