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Little Jacob gun delivery?

It said in the cheat section of the game that if Jacob likes me at 60%, than he would deliver guns to me for cheaper. He likes me at 70% and he isn't letting me get guns from him. How do I do it? Is it a glitch?

Solid_snake137 provided additional details:

It isn't bringing that option up in the phone menu, I already checked. All it says is call, eat, darts, and that stuff. To get the guns, do u have to get a text from him or a call before it comes up in the menu, or does it automatically pop up in the menu when it hits 60%?

Accepted Answer

overcracker answered:

You get a call from him.

Perhaps you need to go out with him one more time before it will bring it up.
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overcracker answered:

Bring up your Phone, and find Jacob, then look for the option in the Phone under Jacob that says "Guns". Use that, and Niko will call Jacob and ask for guns.

A Blip will appear on your map near to where you are. That's Jacob. Go there, and he'll let you buy guns from the trunk of his car.
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