Question from XxIrishKloverxX

How can i get alot of money in single player mode?

I need help getting alot of money doesn't matter if it takes 1 minute or 10

Accepted Answer

PyroSkull019 answered:

The best way is if u get all the cars for Stevie and then he will texted u back saying that u can now take cars to the garage and he will give u money for them, so u just keep carjacking people in front of the garage or u can spawn a car with the cheats, the car that u get the most money for is the Turismo.
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xXNinjahzXx answered:

You probably want to do alot of side missions, like the Hitman missions, driving packages for Jacob any of those, they may seem repetitive but in the end you should start racking up alot of money.
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Sanjiscool answered:

Do Stevie's Car missions, kill hookers, kill people when they are using ATM's, or blow up the armored trucks that are called Grouppe 6 becuase they drop a lot of cash.
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