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Rated M?

Well I just want to know if this game features sex,drugs,alcohol and someother things.

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TheGoldenState answered:

Sex: Sorta. Nothing shown in full but there's scenes where the player knows sex is occurring, but it still isn't shown. Actually, prostitutes can be picked up in vehicles and they show that.
Drugs: No, not really. I guess you could say its the same as sex.
Alcohol: (If we're assuming alcohol isn't a drug). Yes, you can drink and become drunk in this game. While drunk you're vision and movements are hindered. Cops will chase you if they catch you driving drunk.
Other Things: Yea... Guns, explosions, blood, running over people in cars, setting people on fire, bashing people in the head with a baseball bat, stabbing people, pistol whipping people....... etc
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