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Where can you find a knife in GTA? I know you get one in close to the beginning of the game. From Petrovic...or whatever the crooks name was. You can disarm him and you get it for yourself.

But after you dump it/switch it or whatev, (like I did) there's no way to find a new least not yet. It's a cool weapon and really more my style, with it being fast, small and not big and slow like the bat.

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smallzF51 answered:

Kill bikers use the cheat 486-555-0150 buy them from either little jacob or gun stores or just plain find them
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kwdblade answered:

Later in the game, there is a weapons store you can buy it from, forgot which one it is... the one with the asian guy I think. Otherwise, almost no one has a knife in the game.
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brad13 answered:

You know you can find stray weapon pick ups laying around if you know where to look.
Theres a knife in an alley off of Hickc*ck St in South Slopes.
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Sancho2812 answered:

You can also buy them from Little Jacob after you've unlocked his special ability (friendship at more than 60% I believe). Fat bikers often carry knives on them as well. If you see one just run up and push him, he should pull a knife on you.
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J_Bug_P answered:

There's some lying around the map. The one i got was by Brucie's. go to his house, when infront(facing the door) turn left. Walk along the sidewalk until you are walking by a fence with an open spot (it's not more than a building or two past Brucie's). Walk to the right throgh the fence and down the side of the building. Then take a right to go behing the building, waik along the building until you reach the knife. It's not that far.
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Nomanisat answered:

There's also usually in the middle of bridges.
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mp40_addiction answered:

There's a cheat called gun-poor. Dial this number on your phone. It's either 486-555-0100 or 486-555-150.
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Game__chic answered:

Often the prostitues carry them. The bikers do too, and you can find them in random places. If you want to spend money, you can buy one.
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jeffbigfan13 answered:

Just punch people till find one
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JerSim94 answered:

Well, there are multiple things you can do. If you shoot somebody to death, such as a mexican or a black person (not being racial, it's just that none of the white people stand up for any white people in the game), then you could be attacked by a person with a knife, depending on if they are a person that is a gang-member-looking person or whatnot.
Secondly, you could use the cheat for the second weapons set, and get the knife. The only problem to that is that it gives you less-advanced weapons.
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andync96 answered:

Yeah like everyone said just either use the cheat or kill people till you find one oh... and mp40 its the first one that's right
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sasulman answered:

Rarely people that r walking have 1 but you have to mess around with people to find one
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