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WHO is better to kill derrick or the cop francis? what is the diffrence?

WHO is better to kill derrick or the cop francis? what is the diffrence?

aniemecools asked for clarification:

I say kill Derrick because dosent he turn on u later in the game?

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rocsha answered:

Kill francis. the mission undertaker is easier
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brad13 answered:

I'd say kill Francis because he's a total a-hole. Though, if you spare Francis and kill Derrick, you can call Francis to get a rid of up to three stars.
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Sancho2812 answered:

Kill Francis - You don't get anything but the mission "Undertaker" is a bit easier since the cops won't get involved.

Kill Derrick - Money (10,000 I think) and the ability to call Francis once and remove wanted ratings. However, this will make the "Undertaker" mission a little bit harder since you will have a two star wanted level during it.
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RRodriguez13 answered:

Killing Francis - would be easier since you got to take his body to charge island but you wont get money Plus cops wont get Involve in the chase.

Killing Derick - Now you are talking about a hard level this time cops will chase with 2 stars and the mafia will chase you and if you pass the mission you will get i thin $100,000,000 for the job.

Difference - is that both are the same almost the mafia will chase you but if you kill Francis it will be a little easier than Killing Derick.
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WUSSY234 answered:

Kill Derrick : He can remove up to 3 wanted stars once a day (i think), but this is pretty pointless seeing as Kiki (a girlfriend on lovemeet) can do the same thing all day.

Kill Francis : The mission undertaker is slightly easier and you wont be killing a good character!

There isnt really much difference depending on whom you kill (like other choices in the game) So you might as well just kill the guy you dont like.
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wickedjuggalo01 answered:

If you plan on playing that same game after you beat the main storyline, kill Francis.
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Feralbreed-20 answered:

You should have put "The topic of my question contains plot spoilers" or something you fool.
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Testdriver_1864 answered:

U kill Derrick and francis remove 3 stars, Kill francis And the undertaker mission is Easier :)
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Leprechaun1 answered:

Deric is better because you get more missions!!!!
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nat_H answered:

Blood borther asks you to make a choice between two brother I thing kill francis is good we don't need to down star don't need to use kiki girl friend down star just call 267-555-0100 you use anytime anyway can use if you use like 100 time we can but francis just can use down star when not the mission but call 267-555-0100 can use any on mission and can down to1-6 star!!!! francis just 3 star and when you play GTA IV end you can't use francis anymore but the number is here can use 267-555-0100 anytime and this number go to you phone.
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babypowda95 answered:

If u kill francis then u can not use him to get the cops off ur tail when u need it so kill derrick!!!!
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marshall94 answered:

Kill the cop the level is easy and know one knows it was you idk how much money you get the cops don't get involed and you just have to get away from the mafia.
but both of them are really easy if you use cheats
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fatty_D answered:

I did both but i thought having either one alive was pretty pointless only because if you have the wanted down cheat or have kiki you wouldnt need francis and derrick doesnt do anything. To me it was just two different ways the McReary family reacted to one of theyre deaths.
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