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What's the garage icon for?

What's the garage icon for? It is on the smallest island the building is called "S&M Auto Parts". Why is it there, I can't get in. Help would be nice.

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Thanks I guess i must have missed that when they talked to me.

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Vault_Tec_CEO answered:

well earlier on while hanging out with Brucie "possible spoiler"
you have to do a race were you borrow Stevies car, well thats
Stevies garage, and he will send you pictures over the phone
of cars he wants you to bring to the garage, after you got all
of them you can bring cars in for money I think.
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brunoeldiablo answered:

That's where you drop off the vehicles you get for Stevie, Brucie's friend, once you get to that point in the game. He will text you a type of vehicle, and it's approximate location, you go steal it, and take it to the garage icon.
Check out one of the FAQ;s for more details.
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