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Sultan RS?

How can i find a sultan rs in grand theft auto 4?

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Nomanisat answered:

It's at the top of Alderney. There's along dirt road leading to an abandoned house, which you visit in a number of missions. Nearby is a gararge, and the Sultan RS is parked behind it.
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Vault_Tec_CEO answered:

I don't think there is a specific spot for any car, most of them
you find at random so just steal as many cars as possible
maybe you'll find it.
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jreed1337 answered:

vault is wrong. there is only one location on the entire map where you can get the sultan RS. it is on the top of the third island back behind that garage in the field. you have to go up there for a mission, but i dont remember which one. im sure someone else can clarify exactly the "neighborhood." but its kinda out in the cuts. thats the only place you can get one, but once you drive it, they will spawn on the streets.
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OBSCURE2020UK answered:

It's at the top of Alderney behind the garage next to the old house and its there online/offline
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LegendOfGta answered:

The Sultan RS is next to the derelict mansion (which reminds me of Salvatore's); go behind the mansion and head to the busted brick wall; keep going straight and you should find (in a patch of grass) the coveted Sultan RS!
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95Suiters answered:

If u call brucie and ask if there are any races goin on and if he says yea then when ur suppose to drive to the race just drive around town until a sultan rs appears driving casually then take it and then i suggest u exit the race and go put it in ur parking space at any safehouse than if there isnt another sultan rs driving around then sit in ur new car until one drives by then get out and chace it down and wait until it stops at a red light then take it and dont drive the one at ur safe house again unless u need another sultan rs
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CompPro answered:

Drive to the Northeastern most point in Alderny where the old mansion is. It should be stashed behind the bushes behind the garage.
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