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Where can I find a car [infernus]?

is there more than the one infernus that bernie gives you in grand theft auto IV

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DarkStep28 answered:

if you didnt already finish finding all of steves cars, youll get a chance to drive one again. Simply find the car(its in plain sight on the first island, near a place with a sign "pizza salads" or something like that), keep it or drive it around a safehouse to spawn more of em.

just remember to keep the duped vehicle within your sight; i noticed that copied cars would disappear much easier than ones that would randomly appear. opening doors or damaging them wont help this time around.
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Killercds answered:

Though it is possible to pick one up riding around in free mode, there don't seem to be any other single player spawns for the Infernus.
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_Red___XIII_ answered:

Your *%^% joking right? You can get other infernuses I got several before that. Their rare but not that rare, I have actually seen them mostly in broker. Drive a nice car (Comet/banshee/super gt/RS) and you WILL find one eventually. Some of the drivers also use them in the street races, mainly in Aloquin I believe. There are many ways to kill one of those drivers although none of them are particularly easy per say.
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pitimorex answered:

You can find it but it's very rare.
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666_Spike_666 answered:

As far as I know you can get one after completing Fabian's missions, and if you end up in any of Brucie's races, you can pop a cap in a racer who is driving one and nick it. Other than that, seeing one is completely and utterly rare, as far as my game history in GTA4 goes.
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