Question from opticalspyglass

Where can I find the sabre GT?

This is such a sick car where is it?


kAu3 answered:

I normally see them neat the pay and spray in the Broker/Dukes Area. Bear in mind that they don't exist in MP. Also, they're sometimes at AutoEroticar in Alderny.
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pkmnmstr13 answered:

I sometimes see them parked near the Pay N Spray in Broker.
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GamingStandards answered:

I suggest stealing a more common muscle car first, like the Vigero or Dukes. After you have one of them, you probably want to go to the Broker area. The chance of finding a Sabre GT driving around seems to be bigger then. Good luck!
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junkman1979 answered:

Start the missions Minute Men with Trevor the orange question mark on at the far end of his area Sandy Shores, the third mission starts in Paleto Bay their is a Sabre parked in outside the shop take it before you start the mission and this unlocks them it would seem
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