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When do you get to Algonquin?

I was wondering how to get to Algonquin because there are cops guarding the bridges to it. I just got the game and I'm in South Bohan. Can I use the Annilator (Cop Heli) to go past them without getting a wanted level or do I just wait?

P.S. I'm on Manny's 2nd level


nat_H answered:

Very easy just play the mission: blow your cover mission Elizabeta
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nickstarulez answered:

After you progress in the game the 2nd island will be open to you to do more missions. Later on the 3rd island will be open as well. The reason they are all closed is because of the terrorist scare. When you unlock all 3 islands you also get an achievement. Just keep doing missions and before you know it the 2nd island (which may be one of the most important ones) will be available for you to drive too, fly too, boatride too, etc.

Have fun with the game, I did(:
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pkmnmstr13 answered:

Beat "Blow Your Cover" by Elizabeta. Your not too far from it.

Flying over an island that you haven't unlocked yet results in an automatic 6 star wanted level.
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