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Asked: 5 years ago

Hidden packages etc?

Alright well is there any hidden packages like gta3 or some of the other games like where if you get 10 a weapon will start to spawn at your safehouse?

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From: gatewayzpoint 5 years ago

Instead of package GTA 4 offers Flying Rats. They are practically Pigeons which you shoot to "Get Them". They don't give any added benefits besides slowly contribute to 100% game completion. There is exactly 200 pigeons in all of GTA 4. Hope this helps.

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No. you do not get weapons at your safehouses and when they say hidden packages they are referring to the flying rats aka pigeons placed throughout the cities.

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If you get all off them you gat an annhilator somewhere near your house

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dud 100% game completion will get you unlimited ammo so guess what u don't have to use cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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