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How do i dial numbers in my cell for cheats?

HOW DO U dial numbers for cheats

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From: Tobster9000 5 years ago

You press up on the d-pad to bring up the cell phone then press up again on the d-pad to bring up the key pad after that you can use the d-pad to move on the numbers that you want to press an the a button to press them after you dial 10 digits it will go to the green thing in the top-left corner you then press the a button to dial the number

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just press up on the d pad and then press A and go to the bottom and there is a word that says cheats but it only works if you have used cheats before oh and every cheat you use goes in for itself if you put one in it doesnt give you all of them so put all in at once

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When I press up the second time it does nothing. Do I need to finish any certain missions or anything before I'm able to use cheats?

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After the mission It's Your Call, you press up on the Dpad to bring up the phone and press up again to bring up the whole phone and type in numbers manually. Once you have the keypad up use the directional pad to move the cursor over the buttons. Press A to select that button. Continue until you have put in the whole number and select the green Send button in the corner.Once you get a full phone number in (10 digits) it will automatically select the Send button. Numbers like 911 that are incomplete will require you to select Send manually like all other buttons. Also you can't run while using the phone, which makes it hard to use while in the road or under fire.

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