Question from busterblad4

Where can I get the inferno besides from bernie?

I found the inferno and lost it when i was on the last mission when roman gets married is there any way that i can find it again?


Buster77FA3 answered:

After the mission where you get Bernie's Infernus , the infernuses start appearing all around. If they dont then Start from a diffrent save where the last bernie mission is , and get the infernus Infernuses should be all around town now so take the infersues and Park /save over until all you safehouses are full of infernses
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Phazon2000 answered:

Do not listen to this guy. You can get one from Stevies car thefts (It's yellow) You can get one by driving around in the infernus for a while and they will spawn, and you can just ask for a race from brucie and sometimes you will be given a race against sport cars, and one of them might be an infernus.
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honorguard88 answered:

Go and do Brucies races, some of them will involve super cars and maybe youll find an infernus there so just kill the driver and steal it,
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