Question from The_ham_man

How do I play on Xbox live?

When try to play I just get put on a map with no other people. How do I play with other people that are on xbox live?

buckhunter92 asked for clarification:

Do you join a party before you the game starts?? Any party doesnt have to be someone you know

The_ham_man provided additional details:

How do I join a party? Sorry I just got Xbox live so I don't really know anything.


Sargent_Andrews answered:

Pop out your phone a go to multiplayer oh an another thing when you click multiplayer go to player model to customize your characters looks
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mitsmirage answered:

Whilst you are free roaming in the game use your mobile phone to access the multiplayer menu.
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vovsz92 answered:

If u dont know anything of the xbox live gta iv do the tutorial by put cellphone, click multiplayer, tutorial.
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