Question from SiLVeR_420

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find gloves for niko bellic in single player?

I cant find them anywhere in any store
but it shows him with gloves on the case where r they please aswer me

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From: Nixedantur 6 years ago

Currently, the gloves cannot be obtained in any store, or anywhere else in the game world for that matter. This might change with future downloadable content, but doubtful.

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Don't exist.

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Rockstar was orignally going to put the gloves in, but it was cut out of the game, reasons unknown

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Cant would be cool but cant

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There are no gloves in this game.

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There are no gloves in this game. You can not buy them, or find them. Rockstar cut them out.

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There are No Gloves. RockStar cut them from the Game. Even they would be cool.

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You can't get Gloves.

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Like everybody else said the gloves are a lie...just like the cake.

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they're only obtainable in the PC version IIRC

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i mean they are even in the BACK of the box and they are not..... thats sad and if anyone tells you how to find them then its a lie.

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