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Asked: 6 years ago

Is there a way to fix the pay n spray glitch?

It seems certain cars are not able to change colors once you paint them to that very same color (I.E: dark green for the infernus, copper for banshee, jet black for the pmp, etc.) i've try every method to cancel this glitch (from fixing it to staring a new file, Nothing works.) so any other ways to fix this please? (besides finding a new car)

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Thanx i guess they might fix this in an update or something.

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Don't think so, if you're looking for a specific color, drive that car and go to South Bohan, there are parked cars of your same one, but different colors. Hope it helps!

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Well i had the same problem and i really got pissed off so i tried to see if it was only that one or if it was every single pay n spray so i decided to go to the very first pay n spray you find and i did it there if you don't know where the one in the first island it is down the road where the first internet cafe is and make a first left(road like not crazy like)and then you will find it there

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Does it really matters what color the cars is? As long as its fast, maneuverable and drivable I'm happy.

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