Question from LordFlex

Asked: 6 years ago

RPG locations?

I know there's an RPG at the building site in Alonquin, but where?
Also I cant find the one north of Alonquin. (Can't go to alderney yet)

Additional details - 6 years ago

That's exactly what I know, but I can't find it there. Were exactly is it?

Accepted Answer

From: diablo5843 6 years ago

Here are 3 locations iv'e found

The large rock of the north end of Algonquin

The top of the Kakagawa building in Alderney (heli access only)

On the southern most cargo hold cover of the sunken cargo ship in the south west corner of Alderney

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just use this interactive map its useful to find anything in the game you want

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