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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
99.50% Completed, where is the other 0.5%?!?! 4
Achievement help? 1
Can i redate the girls who dump me? 1
Can someone give me a list of all the things I must do/complete to get 100% game progress? 4
Can someone make a list of the night and day random characters? 3
Can you date any girls on that website that are listed? 1
Can you get a girlfriend from a strip club or in person? 2
Can you redate Michelle (1st girlfriend)? 1
Darko?? (Spoilers!) 2
Dating several girls? 2
Do you have to have Xbox Live to get 100%? 2
Does this code affect achevments ? 1
For the One Man Army Achievement, How do you...? 1
Glitch? 3
Hidden packages etc? 4
How come I never got Stevie's text message? 0
How do get the Sightseer acheivement? 5
How do i fix police car without using cheats? 2
How do I get the achievement? 3
How do I get the gloves? 5
How do I get the special ability of buying weapons from a friend? 6
How Do I Know Which Car To Steal For Stevie? 1
How do I solve (No Love Lost mission choices? 2
How do I solve the text message i tried to look at the other guys but it didnt help? 12
How do you capture criminals without killing them? 1
How do you get 180 pts playing darts? 1
How do you get alex or what cite on th web do you get him at? 1
How do you get Cleaned The Mean Streets achievement? 1
How do you start the mission where Stevie texts you yo steal cars? 11
I accidently killed Jeff...What do I do? 1
I did the things required but Stevie still hasnt called? 1
I have 98.33% percent where's the remaining %percent? 2
Im stuck and cant continue the story. What do i do? 1
Is there any way to activate Stevie missions? 5
Is there anything that can prevent 100%? 2
Last mission ? 1
Little Jacob's car job? 2
Mallorie & Vlad? (Spoilers?) 1
Mission Glitch help please? 1
No missions? 2
Police side missions help? 1
Safehouses???? 4
Stevies car thefts? 1
Top the Midnight Club problems? 1
What should i do?! 5
What specificly do you have to do to get the MANHUNT? 1
Which Achievements do the cheats affect? 1
Who should i kill playboy x or dwanye? 11
Why can't i get lucky with Kate? 4

Item Location Help Answers
Alex on craplist?? 1
Annihailor? 1
Are the new weapons from TLAD available for use in the normal (Niko) GTAIV story? 3
Avatar Awards? 1
Can you buy properies like on some of the other GTA games? 1
Can you cange your clothes in the game? 3
Can you get rid of damages on a police car? 5
Can you rob a cash register and how? 1
Cars at safehouse disappear ? 2
Custom Controls? 2
Do I get to use my blinkers on any car? 1
Does the FIB Buffalo disable achievements? 3
Driving planes (like jets)? 3
Flying Rats? 1
Heliiiii? 1
how can I find stevie? 6
how can I kill the flying rat that is inside Romans garage after the explotion? 2
How can i raise and lower the forklift? 7
How do i get a motorcycle helmet? 1
How do I get new clothes for Xbox Live use? 1
How do I get the zombie speed-o skin? 3
How do i keep pictures? 7
How do I pop a wheelie on a motorcycle? 3
How do i unluck the special ability to phone a bomb to get the Dial B For Bomb achievement? 1
How do I use the Cell Phone? 3
How do you get a s.w.a.t. uniform? 2
How many clothes stores are there? 2
I have a question about the internet? 1
Important stuff about gta iv and gta iv dlc? 2
Infernus cheat? 7
Is it for Missions only? 1
Is there a jetpack? 1
Is there a map for "stevies text messages"? 6
Is there a parachute if so where? 1
Is there a psychic hotline number to call? 2
Is there a sea monster ?? 1
Is there a spawn point for the Maverick in Dukes/Broker? 1
Is there a way to listen to music off your hard drive while driving a car? 3
Is there more than three hats and two pairs of glasses? 1
Is there tanks in Grand Theft Auto IV? 1
Knife??? 12
Pictures? 1
Rich Neighborhood? 1
Rideing in The Limo? 2
RPG locations? 2
Some questions concerning Bernie's Infernus? 2
Stevie's first message tell me to go on charge island to find a moonbeam,im on this island and i c'ant find this car?? 2
Suit and tie and smart shoes for lawyer interview mission from Francis? 1
Sultan RS? 7
What and where is this car? 4
What are the Car modifacations? 5
What are the songs in the strip club? 1
What happens if you kill all of the pigeons? 2
What type of cars do you put in the garage in Bohan? 1
When you get the infernus from bernie does it appers in the street after you get it? 3
Where are all the places you can get helicopters in multiplayer? 2
Where can I find (buffalo)? 1
Where can I find (hookers)? 2
Where can I find (INFURNUS)? 3
Where can I find (suit and tie and smart shoes for packies mission)? 5
where can i find 50 Cent the rapper? 2
Where can I find a Banshee? 2
Where can I find a car [infernus]? 5
Where can I find a helicopter? 3
Where can I find a motor cycle helmet and how you get it? 1
Where can I find a sentinel xs on free play(offline)? 1
Where can I find all the hidden packages around the city? 1
Where can I find an Annihiliator and rpg? 2
Where can I find gloves for niko bellic in single player? 11
Where can I find Hellfury? 1
Where Can I Find Hispanics In Liberty City? 6
Where can i find ladders and lifts? 1
Where can I find motorcycle store? 1
Where can I find nitrous and how do i use it? 2
Where can I find security car? 1
Where can I find Stevies cars? 2
Where can I find the gun chopper? 9
Where can I find the Sentinel XS in Free Mode(online)? 4
Where can I find the skate board ? 2
Where can i find the tank in the game? 4
Where can I get the phone? 1
Where do i find a maverick? 1
Where do you buy blunts in the game? 2
Where is the easter egg? 1
Where to find a motorbike? 2
Where to find Body Armor? 4

Other Help Answers
1 more ? Under the Radar 1
About Jimmy Pegorino.What are smart clothes and shoes? 1
Achievement? 2
After what mission is Alderney unlocked? 1
Alex? Location? 1
All i can is dat miec can anyone help me pls? 1
Am I able to change the wallpaper of my laptop in the hotel??? 1
Are all Achievements able to be unlocked after you beat the game? 1
Are there fingerless gloves in the game? 1
Are there sharks in the game? 4
Army Outfit ? 1
Avoid innapropriate parts? 1
Blocked Achievements? 2
Bridge Tram? 1
Can i destroy the Heart Of Liberty City and if so how? 1
Can i go int the airport? 4
Can i save a boat ? 3
Can I Shoot At The Other Cars In A Street Race? 1
Can i use the driving range ? 1
Can u give $$$ to qhoboes?, if yes, qhow? 2
Can u play multipayer? 1
Can we get into the airport without getting wanted stars? 1
Can we? 1
Can you buy cars from the internet? 1
Can you date the chick from the internet cafe? 1
Can you get addicted to cigerates? 1
Can you get the rolled over achievement in party mode online? 3
Can you lock-on to targets from a moving vehicle? 2
Can you play multiplayer on the same xbox? 1
Can you sit on chairs in GTA 4? 2
Can you smoke in the game, like with little jacob? 3
Can you still unlock the acheivements that get blocked by cheats after you use a cheat? 1
Can you swim in this game? 1
Can you turn cops off? 4
Can't Date Alex? 5
Can't get 100%? 2
Cant Call Kate? 3
Car Mods? 1
Certain vehicles in Multiplayer ? 1
Chain reaction? 1
Clothing emporioums? 3
Could someone just tell me some secrets and glitches they have found?) 1
Custom making cars.? 1
Differences between games? 2
Diffrent loading screen? 1
Dlc 2? 3
Do any cheats effect the achevement "Liberty City Minute"? 2
Do I need a uncheated RL or Grenades for Chain Reaction? 1
Do you have to have 100% for Mallorie to have her baby? 2
Does anybody know how to contact the developers of gta4? 1
Does Carmen's Health Boost actually do anything? 2
Does he exist? 2
Does my driving effect the friendship percentage? 1
Does the computer cheat affect acheivments? 1
Does the game have southpaw controls? 1
Drop Bombs out window? 1
Easy money? 1
Entering blocking achievement cheat after getting achievement? 1
Faustin's phone number is gone? 1
Finish Him Achievement? 16
Fixed Glitches? 1
Forbidden Building? 1
Free Mode? 1
Freemode? 1
Friendship? 1
Garages? 1
Glitches? 1
GTA 4 : Lost and Damned PC version? 8
GTA IV : The Lost and The Damned? 5
GTA Zombie? 2
Gta4 current crime missions? 1
Gta4 dlc? 4
Half million? 2
Help !!!!!!!!!!! I'm stuck in gta4 with 60% nuthing popping up on the map what do I do ? 3
Help finding a special random charcter? 1
Help with cheats? 1
Hey guys, can you help the police in gta 4? 1
Hidden Package ? 1
How come I don't get any new calls and can't date new girls after story complete? 2
How do I disarm an enemy? 2
How do I eject this game ? 2
How do i enter cheat codes in the game? 2
How do I enter cheats?! 2
How do i get a hooker? 1
How do i get out of the waste management station with packie .After i took the gym bag,should i shoot or run like hell? 1
How do I put my own music in Grand Theft Auto IV? 1
How do I start my own multiplayer game? 1
How Do I whistle For A Cab? 4
How do u do the achievement "man Hunt"? 3
How do u raise and lower the fork on the forklft???? 1
How do you do co-op? 1
How do you do melee counters? 1
How do you dump Michelle? 2
How do you get into Alderney prison? 4
How do you get the scrubs? 1
How do you hail a taxi? 1
How do you pick up hookers? 1
How do you play online? 1
How do you roll on the ground to avoid things? 1
How do you turn the radio off?, (NOT turning music option lowest) 1
How long? 1
How many fares are there for Romans taxi missions? 7
How many game endings are there? 4
How many helicopter tours are there? 1
How many homes can you get in GTA IV? 1
How many save files can you have? 1
How to break into a house? 2
I can't find integrity on the radio? 1
I forgot 1 lowsy pigeon, any way to find out which one it is? 1
I have 99,5% completion, what could i possible have missed? 2
I heard that the school from bully is in GTA IV. Does anybody know where it is? 5
I heard that they is a cheat to get a helicopter ? 6
I need to fing (Alex's Blog)? 1
I think I hit a glitch? 3
I was wondering....? 2
Is Brucie dead??? 1
Is the LAD worth the points? 2
Is there a limit to how many cars you can have in a parking space? 3
Is there a limit to how many people you can date? 7
Is there a super punch cheat? 1
Is there any way to be always drunk? 1
Is there coop in GTA4 like in San Andreas? 1
Little Jacob gun delivery? 2
Little Jacob's Odd Jobs Unlockable ? 2
Locking Vehicles ? 1
Lola Del Rio? 1
Maps from Internet Cafe? 1
Michelle isn't on my contacts list anymore! What happened? 1
Miss Understood? 1
Modify cars? 1
Motorcycle cheat???? 1
Motorcycle Store? 4
My friend said there was water planes you can fly is that true?? 5
need Help with UNDER THE RADAR ? 1
Not sign in? 1
Okay I get the car from Stevie's Message but when I get to the garage it won't open....any advice? 1
ON GTA4 how do I date Alex from ? 2
Online Cheats? 1
Outfits ? 2
Places for storing cars? 5
Prank call? 1
Prostitutes? 1
Question mark???? 2
Random characters? 1
Rated M? 1
Rolled over achievement and chain reaction acheivement? 1
Roman taxi missions? ***spoilers*** 2
Roman's cab driver? 1
Seinfield? 1
Semi? 1
Sexual Content? 1
Should I kill darko? 3
Simple question? 1
Sky diving? 3
Statue of Hapiness ? 1
Stevie Help? 2
Stevie's Car Thefts? Derrick? 1
Swingset problem? 3
Swingset(s)? 1
The next GTA game? 2
Time for helitours??? 1
To many FAQ's? 1
TV channel? 1
Two- player splitscreen? 1
Uncut Version of GTA IV? 1
Uncut? 1
Unlimited_ammo? 1
URLs codes? 1
Vehicle Spawner Tool ? 1
Were do you find the hellfury? 1
What ability's do your friends have? 1
WHat Are The Brigdes 4 The Achievement Under the Radar? 1
What can you do in this game? 2
What cheats affect the achievements? 3
What exactly is the upcoming D.L.C? 2
What game do you think is better? 2
What is a faq? What is a walkthrough? 2
What is Romans Cab Special Ability? 1
What is the garage in Bohan used for? 2
What real life people are in the game? 1
What's the easiest way to roll your car 5 times from one crash? 2
What's the garage icon for? 2
When do you unlock Algonquin Island? 1
When does brians 3rd encounter start? 1
When does Kate let you in? 3
When is the next update for GTA IV for xbox 360? 1
When you take pictures on your phone how can you view them? 1
when, where, do you find hookers? And how do you get them to get in ur vehicle? 1
Where are all the bridges for the acheivement? 1
Where are the prositutes? 1
Where can I find the "Manana" car for Stevie? 1
where can I find the glasses in single player mode? 1
Where can you find Lazlow? 4
Where exactly is the serial killer in Alderny ? 1
Where I can find Ratman? It's true or not? 2
Where is a good place to find hookers? 4
where is Lazow? 1
Where is Loila Del Rio? 2
Where is the girl on the box art? 1
Where the hell can i find HeliTours? 1
Where to find noose cruiser? 1
Which is the best ending? 2
Which one of them are they? 1
Which stores can I rob? 1
Who all is needed for the Liberty City (5) achievment? 1
Who are Alex, Carmen, & Kiki,and how do I meet them? 2
Why can't I date 'LawChick'? 2
Why didn't I get "One Man Army"? 9
Why do I keep getting disconnected? 3
Why don't any girls off of Love Meet want to date me? 3
Why won't Dwayne pick up? 1
Will my censored saves work with uncensored saves of Grand Theft Auto IV? 1
Win can i go to the next ciy pls help? 1

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