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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can any 1 join my police clan?? 4
How do I get past ? 3
Mission ? 5

Item Location Help Answers
Are mavericks available after 100% completion? 5
Buy cars or bikes? 1
Can i buy clothes off the internet? 4
Can I ride a plane? If can,where can I find it ? 7
Can someone give me the locations and names of all the "rustbucket cars" please? 2
Can the swingset glitch work in the Lost & Damned? 3
Can You connect a back to a Semi truck in this Gta? 6
Can you mod cars on the x-box 360 version? 6
Cell phone? 4
Does any one know lots of glitches and easter eggs? 3
Does anyone know where the Infernus is at? 5
How come I can't download ringtones from the ringtone website? 4
How do I get Infurnus car back? 2
How to climb into helicopter ? 3
How to throw a grenade over hand ? 3
how to type the word RECRUIT on the fone? i hope someone can help me 1
Is there a location or place where I can find cool cars in the game? 5
Is there a way to keep the scrubs from the mission "Flatline"? (I think thats the one) 5
My phone doesn't come up when needed can anyone help? 3
New gear available for player models in multiplayer? 2
On gta4 is there a parchute and is there such thing of airplane glitch? 4
Once you lose Bernie's Infernus is there anywhere else to get it? 2
One Man Army? 2
Stevie's cars? 2
Swingers go club? 2
What is the fastest car to ride? 6
What store do I get the Hawaian shirt at? 3
What unlocks at what level? 2
What's the location of all the helitours? 4
Where are all the clothes stores? 1
Where can I find (or where in the story is) the ski mask? 6
Where can I find all of the intel in black ops for the 360? 2
Where can I find an Infernus? 2
Where can I find autoeroticar? 1
Where can I find Autorotica? 2
Where can I find Carmen, who you can meet on (SoBoHoe).? 4
Where can I find finger less gloves? 2
Where can I find PCJ 600? 2
Where can I find Stevie's Garage? 1
Where can I find the Hakumai (89 Accord/Prelude Mix) car? 1
Where Can I Find The Internet Cafe? 4
Where can I find the sabre GT? 4
Where can I find the skateparks in gta 4? 1
Where can I find tramps and how do i pay them? 2
Where can I get a firefighter suit? 3
Where can I get the inferno besides from bernie? 3
Where can i hook a trailer up to a truck? 2
Where can you find the hidden packages? 2
Where is Brucie's secret Lockup? 1
Why cant i find certain cars? 3

Technical Help Answers
Can't play saved games from Xbox live while offline? 0
Why is my actual gamerscore not showing? 0
After I loaded TLAD and BOGT onto my xbox I couldn't play GTA? 1
Annihilator with Pegorino? 1
Auto-Lock? 1
Can i play gta 4 without a hard drive attached to my xbox 360? 3
Can players be selected in a Ranked match? 2
Cheats? 6
Do i need a new disc if it has a ring on it? 2
Gta4 can t play it? 1
How can I get more than one person to play on one xbox? 2
How do I climb "Down"? 3
How Do I FIx The "Disc Unreadable" Error? 2
How do I unblock the blocked achievements? 4
How to download and use save games for the game? 1
I can not connect to games on xbox live? 2
I installed this game on my harddrive? 5
Is it possible to system link this game? 1
It keeps telling me unable to load save? 1
My game won't save anymore? 1
My GTA IV multiplayer always creates a new game and designates me as host? 1
None of the friends is answering phone calls? 2
Playboy X text messge problem? 1
Possible Rolled Over Glitch? 2
Problems With Getting Phone Calls? 1
Problems with the Load? 1
Question about saving with cheats? 3
Setting time? 2
So how do I spare/execute someone? 5
Why can't i manually save? 1
Why can't I turn on police or friendly fire in a private free mode? 3
Why cant I turn on cops in party mode? 1
Why does the game keep freezing? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (freezing)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me unable to load game? 2
Why does the screen spin? 1
Why when I try to load lost and Damned it says Downloadable content not available? 2
Why won't it load TLAD? 1

Other Help Answers
gta4 car spawner (TBOGT, TLAD)? 0
What is required for 100% completion of the game? 0
(create your own qHow much money do u need to get in multiplayer to get to level 10 ?uestion) 2
After "Paper Trail"? 4
Afterwards ? 2
Alex? 4
Annihilator? 3
Are the Assassin missions still available after the story? 2
Are there any stats on stamina,muscle,wepon or driving like there were on San andreas?? 5
Are you able to pull people over in a car? 1
At the end of the game....? 2
Brian Random Encounter Help? 1
CAN anyone make a list of inernet cafes in gta 4? 3
Can GTA IV work in XBOX 360 'S' ? 1
can I go in any building in liberty City? 5
Can i play with a friend. not online? 2
Can i still use those parking spaces? 3
Can u go san andreas And vice city in the game? 3
Can you buy a house? 1
can you get a bycicle? If yes where? 4
Can you get drunk alone? 3
Can you hookup a trailer to a simi? 1
Can you play online with players with a PS3? 1
Can you randomly make a cheat code here? 5
Can you run over people? 4
Can you upload your music to the radio in the car? 2
Car on happines island? 5
Carmens icon doesn't come up? 1
Cheat code input? 2
Comprehensive proof? 1
Cool websites and phone numbers? 1
Customize main character? 1
Do I actually do something in the cabaret? 2
Do you have to kill 20 people or finish 20 missions in vigalante? 5
Do you think GTA IV is the best grand theft auto? 2
Does anybody know where all stop signs are? 2
Does anyone still plays it ? TLAD version dlc 1
Does it work? 1
Does she have a name :(? 6
Fixing clunkers? 1
For what is the love web page? 1
Garage icon read description below cant put all info here? 1
Girlfriend Gifts???? 2
Grand Theft Auto? 2
GTA 4 DLC Question? 2
Having problems with the mobile phone? 2
Hookers? 2
How can i get car packages and the drift mode? 1
How can i go inside the airport without the security seeing me? 2
How can I open my cars roof? 6
How come episodes of LC mess up gta4 saves? 1
How do i brake necks? 2
How do i get a Police Maverick Helecopter? 9
How do i get all ilands open? 6
How do i get ragdoll mode in gtaIV on xbox360 ? 1
How do I get rit of Michele? 2
How do i go in the buliding i destroyed in the begging of the game?) 2
How do I go out with Dwayne? 5
How do I host a Ranked match online? 1
How do i link up to the social club when i already have it linked to another game? 1
How do I play on Xbox live? 3
How do i start a new save file? 2
How do I unlock Stevie? 2
How do you do the stun punch attack? 2
How do you get money? 3
How do you hang from helicopters and cars? 4
How do you unlock safe-houses? 3
How do you work convertable? 1
How is this possible? 1
How long does it take for someone to reply to your email? 2
How many different Seinfeld events are there? 9
How many misions are their? 2
How many pool halls are there? 3
How many random characthers are there? 3
How much people can a bus Carey? 1
How to get away from 6 star wanted level? 2
How to open all areas by rding a motorcycle between the opening on algonquin bridge ? 1
I Can't do Brucie's Car missions? 1
I can't find Jeff for the second encounter? 2
I didnt get stevies messages? 4
I heard Jimmy Hopkins is in here does anyone know where? 1
I need help dating in the game? 5
I need some help with "Fly The Co-op" Achievement (Xbox 360). Can you help me? 1
I pressed Date on Sobohoe and i missed the first date and i cant the Date button is gone now, I cant redate her? 3
I sereiously need help im going out of my mind!!!!! can you help? 1
I wont let me stop watching TV? 2
If I achieve right now the Key To The City achievement...? 2
If you get the achievments that the cheats block before they block them, can you use them? 3
In the next GTA...(?) 1
Is Alex the "party girl" in women seekiing for men? 1
Is anyone writing a 100% guide? 2
Is it dramatic if your paint chips melt or do u just dry it down ? 4
Is it possible to delete entered cheats? 2
Is it possible to get the bag as a clothing? 2
Is it really violent? 2
Is playing to rank 10 worth it ? 3
Is that what I think it is? 2
Is the zombie skin only available online? 3
Is there a cheat for an infurnus? 1
Is there a way to fix the pay n spray glitch? 3
Is There Any Way to Make the Death Scenes Faster or Slower? 1
Is there car mod and music injection? and one more 1
Is there nudity? 1
Is there only one Inferners car in liberty city which is the one Bernie gave you? 1
Is there Vice City in Gta 4? 2
Is this Gam e usable for multiplayer on one console online? 1
Is this game worth paying for? 5
Kate After You Win? 2
Little Jacob Gun Glitch? 3
Locations of all Resident Parking? 1
Lots of Banshees? 1
M 15+ version to U.S.? 2
Mission problem, "Was it worth it?" mission won't start! 1
Missions? 1
Multiplayer cheats? 4
My x box doesnt work it go 4 red lights and then it dont turn on? 3
No call from Jimmy Pegorino? 2
On gta4 is there a way to block some of or all the adult content with a parent code etc? 5
Online Compatibility Question? 1
Parachute? 1
Patrick Mcreary missions not unlocking? 1
Payback Mission??? 1
Pigeon ? 1
Plane Hanger? 1
Problem's with Alex? 1
Random Strangers? 1
Re-spawning pidgeons? 1
RIP Roman Bellic?! 3
Screen size? 1
Should I get this game? 1
Song that plays on The Beat or Massive B that goes, " Tip toe real slow, look up the stairs aint no one there" 1
Strange Graphical Glitch? 3
The chopper bike named zombie where can i get it? 5
The lost addition need a new save? 2
The Lost And Damned? 3
The stores in Alconquin??? 1
The swing glitch. i know how to do it but i dont know were it is? 2
There is a garage icon on the map but it wont open when im near with any car? 1
Want this song so much? 1
Were is xbox live on the start menu? 2
What am i doing wrong for one man army? 2
What cheats affect the missions? 2
What do I do with all this money? 3
What does N.O.O.S.E stand for? 2
What does the membership number mean on millionairs club section on social club? 1
What happens when a friend is injured? 4
What is "beast mode"? 1
What is the achievement at 100% completion? 5
What is the Car Wash for? 5
What is the name of the song while it loads GTA 4? 1
What is this? 2
Where are all CAR dealers locations? 1
Where are stevies cars please tell exact location or try? 1
Where are the missions? 3
Where can I find a forbidden building? 2
Where can i find Jimmy Hopkins? 5
Where do I bring Stevie's cars? 1
Where is Eddie Lowe located at? 1
Where is Francis located? 3
Where is the Donut place In GTA 4 i saw it on the GTA computer Where is It? 3
Where is the swingset? 1
Where something is? 2
Which docks will you find Lola the lollipop girl in GTA4? 2
Why cant i clear stars when i call kiki? 6
Why does the screen spin when your playing? 1
Why is it that only cops and security drop their guns when you shoot their gun? 1

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