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Like 75% He becomes a friend after the Three Leaf Clover Mission. He likes bowling, darts, pool, show, strip club, and drinking (use a cab). Call him between 3PM and 6AM.

Little Jacob

Retail Therapy Hang out with him enough and you can buy guns at a discount, after the mission Shadow. Call between 1pm and 4am.


Free Taxi Rides after mission Mr Bellic. He is the easiest to please and unlocks at 60%. You can call him anytime for the following: Bowling, Strip Club, Drinking, Pool, Show, Darts A special note on Eating, at first he'll go anywhere, but later he likes the classier places, but he does enjoy a tasty burger at Burger Shot.


That's how we roll, the most entertaining character in the game, prefers the high end when it comes to cars, restaurants, ect. He rises at 7am and hits the sack at 1am.


After "The Holland Play" he is available between 11am and 3am for bowling, drinking, strip club, or eating. Call him up after 60% and select backup for some goons to help you during missions.


One Hundred and Eight

In a game of darts, score 180

Pool Shark

Beat a Friend at pool: do it during on of the "bro-mances" or man-dates

Gobble Gobble

This is a tricky achievement, as it requires luck and some skill, but mostly patience. During your current bro-mance, hit pause, check you tube, and keep trying.

Genetically Superior

Brucie will invite you to singleplayer street races. Bring a fast car but they repeat in the same neighborhood so once you memorize a couple of the routes, they typically just increase in the number of laps. As in any race, take the corners carefully, the leaders will crash, so drive fast but patiently, too much aggressiveness will be penalized.

Order fulfilled

complete all 10 exotic export orders this is easier than previous versions of gta, since you are given both a picture and map point of where the car is located. Just drive back as unscathed as you can

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