• Achievements

    Bomber HunterShoot down 4 bomber planes in 194015
    Complete 2001Complete 2001.30
    Formation BusterShoot down all the planes from a single formation 3 times in one game.10
    Missile Attack 1Shoot down 10 bombs in 1910.10
    Missile Attack 2Shoot down 20 homing missiles in 1970.15
    PerfectionReach 2001 without losing a life.20
    Reach 1940Complete 1910, making it through to 1940.20
    Reach 1970Complete 1940, making it through to 1970.15
    Reach 1982Complete 1970, making it through to 1982.20
    Reach 2001Complete 1982, making it through to 2001.20
    Rescue MissionRescue 10 parachuters in one game.15
    Smooth OperatorReach 1940 without losing a life.15

    Contributed By: Crazy Jezus and Guard Master.