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Asked: 6 years ago

Will there be another one?

Will they make another star wars game?

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From: IDarthSothI 6 years ago

They will definitely make another Star Wars game.

If you are asking whether they will make another Force Unleashed game . . . Likely. The Force Unleashed is the best selling Star Wars game ever, so there would be a good chance that they can find the motivation to make another one. As of this time however nothing official has been released reguarding a sequel or continuation of the series.

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Prob not because at the end of the game u get to choose to kill the emper or darth vader so if they did make another one the game wont no who u killed .

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more then likely not unless..... SPOILERS

they do something with marris brood,juno eclipse, or Rahm Kota

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There is a chance, but it depends on who it is on. Starkiller could somehow have the force revive him or something

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There is no official word or even rumors at this time. They can easily make a sequel & just focus on anither charecter or even time.

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Yes but if they make a sequel they could make up another main character.

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They are shipping a new release of FU known as the Ultimate Sith Edition. It has the previously released downloadable content as well as new levels on Tatooine and Hoth that continues the story along the storyline that you sided with the Palapitine and goes forward into A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back from there.

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Its possible, they could make a game set during the clone wars.
The newset DLC does set the stage for further DLC continuing the alternate story, if you've completed the Tatooine DLC you should know what i mean.

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They have announced The Force Unleashed II at the VGAs this year so yeah there will be. For more information try

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