Question from skycody515

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the AUDI R8?

I beat Darius but didn't get it.

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From: niks_creed 5 years ago

Actually, Darius' audi is unlocked but you cannot use it in career mode. You can only use it in events like quick reace or personalized race (at least I think I spelt them right cause my version is in italian).

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I thought that it would be unlocked after beating the game. When I beat the game, it said that it was unlocked, but I could not find it anywhere. Did Audi revoke EA's prviledges to use the car in the game or something? This is BS!

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U can just spwn it with a savefile editor in the carreer by default u cant rce with it u can race with it in the quick races

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