Question from blackhen56

Asked: 6 years ago

When I am on the Sharp Mountains the girls in my party have ailments, why?

my Polka has a dark aura around her and my Salsa has an ailment that makes her not move until it has been 1.2 seconds of her turn? It is really weird and it wont go away and Fredric and Beat don't have it only the girls, please help.

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From: Kljt 6 years ago

Salsa is probably wearing the Skull and Bones, an item that has the Stop effect on. Polka is wearing an accessory or item that gives a Darkness effect. If you unequip this stuff, the effects should go away.

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polka has a dark aura probably because you have the darkness brooch on her. salsa is "stopped" because she has the bones and skull armor on. check the bottom bar of your screen that tell you the stats of the equipment. it will tell you if it has an "effects" per equipment {such as: HP regen 10%, burst, stop, etc.).

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Remember to always check the "bonus" of your equipment!
Especially on weak characters.

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