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Asked: 6 years ago

Am I getting gypped here?

OOC: Ignore my other question. I worded it wrong. There's the real question.

I'm in Mysterious Unison on Floor 11, fighting Astral Lieds to get money to buy a Soul Shard off Mute way back on Floor 6. Now, the guide says I get 1,500,000 just for beating one of these enemies, but here's where I get frustrated. I'm really only getting 3000000 (not sure where to separate those zeroes with a comma, so I'll just leave it as is) from it. Here's where my question comes in. Is the guide wrong, or am I getting gypped?

Accepted Answer

From: cairnmaker 6 years ago

You have your answer right there. You get 1.5 million per Astral Leid, they come in packs of 2 so you get 3 million per encounter. It's actually super easy to cap out just fighting them and avoiding everything else. I ground on them on floor 10 until I had the 99,999,999 I needed to buy the shard then only fought them on my way to the bosses on floor 10 and the final floor and was capped out again.

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