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Where can you find Claves 7 souls?

I want to know how to find Claves 7 souls.


Lloyd13Z answered:

The 7 soul shards are in the Extra Dungeon, the Mysterious Unison. You unlock it by using the hero's Crest you recieve from beating Legato in the Double Reed Tower of Sand. The door is in the Noise Dunes of Sand, just move left or right three times (in the same way) and you get there.

The seven shards are spread throughout the entire dungeon. It is very large, and I suggest you use the images in the FAQs section to find them (the maps include the locations). There are only two tricky ones, the rest are in chests or given. One you have to pay 99,999,999 Gold. that seems like a lot, but in the later floors, you will fight a type of monster that drops 1,500,000 each. The other is the boss at the end of the dungeon, he is extremely difficult, but it's a standard boss fight.

Hope all that helps!
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