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How do I solve chamber 18?

I got to the part where there are the turrets and I dispatched of them but I can't get the energy ball into the receptor.

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KCF0107 answered:

It is confusing, but let me see if I can put it to words. From the entrance to that room, on the left wall there should be a marking indicating that an orb will hit there. It seems you know where the receptor is so make another portal to lo line up with it. You need to wait until the orb goes through both portals. This is the tricky part and you need to be quick. Near the receptor is a small pillar with a switch on top. On the left side of the wall has a part sticking out of it. You need to place a portal on that and another on the left side that you can just walk through. You need to jump and press the switch mid air and the orb should hit the receptor. If this was too confusing, try a guide or find a video.
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pikafox85 answered: <-- This is your definitive answer to any and all portal puzzles.
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