Question from timerider4

Team Fortress 2 commentary locked?

It says I need to "complete a chapter to unlock its commentary", like it says on the Half-Life 2 commentary. I've used it before without problems. Has anyone had this happen, or know how to fix it? The game is installed on the hard drive but I think it was like this before I installed it.


Majin_vegeta_ answered:

That has never happened to me.. bro might be a glitch
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HeroOfTime777 answered:

Try playing on all the maps in the game and see if that works.
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darkcoz941 answered:

I noticed this too, but when I completed Half-Life 2, they were available. Maybe that's the reason.
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DeadestRocket answered:

Well I think it means you have to complete half-life chapter 1 or 2 , and yes I have got orange box!
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