Question from Ichigo_kurasaki

How do I do the Partygoer Achievment?

Do you just stand there or is there some secret to doing the party escort submission position? Or do you just continue on?

Ichigo_kurasaki provided additional details:

So I just use the gun to continue on? I did this once before (More like 5 times before) but I never got it, why?

Accepted Answer

zr122 answered:

When you are on the path into the fire, look upwards. You'll see a ledge on the far wall directly across from you that you can open a portal into. Shoot the other end onto a nearby wall and jump through. Wait there until you get the Achievement, and then proceed.
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RollDatKatamari answered:

It's a story-related achievement, I believe. Just continue on in the game.
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jackwinz1 answered:

Theres a huge hole some where near the wall on the otherside of the pit with fire, thats where you gotta go.
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Eclipze_ answered:

Yeah this has happened to me too i've completed portal and didn't get the achievement for it either yet although i have the first advanced map achievement which you cant get till after you finish it. im gonna go back through it and try finishing it again and see if that works any one know of any fixes that have been released??
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Eclipze_ answered:

oh and just found this in the FAQ by Ayelis

* Partygoer: Make the correct party escort submission position decision.

You accomplish this achievement in level 19.
After you portal out of the firepit, fling yourself back across the firepit
using a very high portal. The achievement didn't register for me until I picked
up the barrel at the end of the hallway to the left.

ill try it in a bit see if this works
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Eclipze_ answered:

Once again no luck here just tried it might still work for you though
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VanNicky75 answered:

When GLaDOS tells you to lie down and "a party asistant will arrive to escort you to your party" then fling yourself to the ledge.
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