Question from firebomb1993

How do you destroy that mini teleporter in kliners lab?

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Ghostdude40 answered:

What I did was take what I believe was part of a computer and put it in the part that didn't have a cage around it then used it. If it doesn't break it the first time try adding things and use it until the thing does break. It could take a while though. Hope I helped.
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0roguecrippler0 answered:

Put something on each side and hit button. Rinse and repeat.
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VanNicky75 answered:

Just use over and over and it should fizzle and explode and you get the "What Cat?" achievement.
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dalunaticc answered:

All you have to do is stand in the left teleporter,crouch down and turn it on. It will break on the first try.
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oneyoshi79 answered:

No! Almost all of you are wrong! To get the achievement, you must put any object on each side of the teleporter. Then the teleporter will fizzle and possibly make a tiny explosion. Then the achievement message will pop up. I hope
This helps you in your achievement hunting!
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oneyoshi79 answered:

Oh and you must press the button.
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ieatpie333 answered:

All i did was just shoving stuff into the teleporter (like books and stuff) until the teleporter broke.
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2kman answered:

You take crap and just keep teleporting them and eventually it blow up
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platinumkiwi answered:

Just find a bunch of junk, teleport them, and repeat until it does the little explosion thing or whatever.
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craigstod answered:

You can either put two objects in each side of the mini teleporter(Which is right next to the door that you enter/leave through) or you can stand on it, crouch and press the button, this should work and you should get the achievement(What Cat ?)
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mysteriousben answered:

In Dr. Kleiners lab there is a small teleporter with a cactus already on one side. Just use that teleporter over and over again with the cactus and evenutally it will explode giving you the achievement.
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Daragon2007 answered:

I just threw a HE grenade in it the leleport it and, 3, 2, 1, BOOM!
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jamesbawndbiach answered:


Just Sit down on the mini teleporter,
2.Press the Button will break.
4.You will earn the "What Cat" Achievement.
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