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Getting the Pacifist Achievement?

I can not figure out how to get the Pacifist achievement in Half Life 2 Episode One. How do you pass areas like where you have to get past a barrior or get the elevator moving again without killing the stalkers that keep regenerating the orb docks? It seems like killing them is the only way to get past these areas. Any Help?


homestyles answered:

It's okay to kill the ones on the elevators. They do not count. Just avoid killing any of the other ones. Basically, you'll get the achievement as long as you only kill the enemies that you absolutely MUST get rid of to move forward. With a little patience, these are not hard to discover. Hope this helps!
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SebPastyman answered:

As the achievement is to not kill any while disabling the core meltdown, this means that the only Stalkers that must not be killed are the two that are in the core chamber. The rest (reprogramming the roller mine, the elevator journey) are allowed.
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Buster77FA3 answered:

When alex says to go get those blue things, killing the stalkers that are preventing you do not count as kills. When you get to the citadels main reactor core, There are stalkers shooting there laser things at the energy balls you throw into the cores, If you want the achivement , Move fast, i got it on my first try.
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2kman answered:

When you first enter the room with the core there's only two stalkers. You take one ball of energy and fire it at the respective container and run across and you do the same with the next, then the last one you must quickly shoot the balls into all three containers and press the button and run across the bridge. And then you just go do the rest and you should get the achievement
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