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In the cheats section someone said you can get the super gravity gun, but first you must enter the console (~) and typ sv_cheats 1

Is this possible on the xbox 360?

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No, it isn't. It's part of the cheats for the PC version of Half-Life 2. I don't exactaly know what they're doing here though.

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No, sorry

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Yeah, it's only for the PC version of the game. You can't do it on Xbox 360.

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I'm sure it is possible as from what I've read you get the super gravity gun at the start of a level and all you uneed to do is enter a command to switch maps. If you want to do it on 360 you'll need to be able to get your orange box save file transferred to PC and alter your usersettings file so you can allocate a button to the command - this is just changing controls really, just a little more advanced. Other than that there's no way to do it on 360. The Super Gravity Gun is just the blue version anyway, you'll unlock it in the story in HL2 as you go along. You'll get it at some point in HL2 and at another point in HL2 Episode 1. You won't get it in Episode 2.

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Ive seen questions like this too i mean how the heck could you do that so my answer is NO!!!!

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No, its not possible to open sv_cheats, you need to have the computer version to access it.

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