Question from Seth_220022

Asked: 5 years ago

Why can't I get the Zebra animal Orb?

Everytime I go on the desert chase level to get the zebra orb, i catch up with the Saracen easily, my agility is high enough to do so without the camel but when I get to him I can't knock him off. My attacks do nothing, not even hit him, they just pass right through him. Is my game glitched or am I just being really stupid? Please help!

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For some reason, that enemy sometimes spawns without a hitbox (that or he loses the hitbox after attacking him). Keep trying.
If you still can't hit him like that, try riding on the camel to reach him.

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you need to ride on a camel you shoot him down then just try killing him but if that dose not work I don`t know what to say

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Are you sure you have not already unlocked Zebra? After unlocking him the Saracen becomes impossible to attack.

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For me I used an arrow to knock him off then killed him and collected the zebra.

I dont know if you can just hit him off.

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When you see the guy with the zebra you need to run through the map and when you see him you should use your bow and arrow or your sword to knock him off and then you gotta kill him and not let him get away!

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