Question from Younghickory11

Can someone trade me the Rubber-Handled Sword??

Why hello!
I have, I believe every single weapon in the game.(even dlc)
Would anyone be kind enough to spare the sword to me?
GAMERTAG: Younghickory11


PsYcHo_BrOwNiE answered:

U can,t trade wepons on CC
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killamaeglwn answered:

First, ask this on the board.

Secondly, I would gladly help you. GT is Maeglwn. Add me. I also have a post on the board about this, and there are about 20 other people who can play with you on insane if you want as well.
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CanIHavACookie answered:

I can get u all swords including dlc and beat the game on in insane mode gt: blaze tactics oh yeah i hav xbl
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Bobbazoid answered:

Just ask me. Bobbazoid. I'll help.
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