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How do I beat the Fire Dragon w/ Sock Puppet?

I tried the strategy in the FAQs, but no matter what my arrows, or attacks never reach the dragon as they're aimed too low, and I do no damage whatsoever.

I'm merely trying to figure out how to hit him, as I already have a strategy to avoid both the flames and bolders that works greatly with no damage whatsoever.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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MaJiiKx answered:

I always use the sandwiches then just stay in the air and keep pressing x
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mr_trivia answered:

If you're using a character with actual magic, such as the four starting characters, then you should be able to stand on the ramp out of the flames' reach and shoot magic projectiles across the screen. You may have to jump to ensure the attack hits the boss and not the smaller enemies.
If you're using a character with the skill set of the Gray Knight (raining arrows and throwing bombs), then you could run up to the dragon's face, use jumping attacks, and run back to the ramp when he's about to breathe fire. To be honest, I haven't been able to beat this boss with the Gray Knight yet, but only because the smaller enemies keep interfering.
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bull123654 answered:

You should use the gray night to defeat them it is so easy
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S_Khaar answered:

I had trouble with this fight the first few times also and playing through that lvl again was NOT fun...
The best way i found to do it was to stock up 9 sandwiches and stand on the ramp, wait until the dragon just finishes breathing fire then use the sandwich and jump in the air and keep hitting Y until you see the boulder start to come down the hill.
As soon as you see the boulder coming down the hill run underneath it and back up the hill until the dragon stops breathing fire. Then just repeat, shouldn't take anymore then 4 or 5 times depending on how many points you have in strength.
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flameonfish answered:

I used the blue knight with full magic. I would either use the ice fist jump to get to him and then attack or i would use it so i could rain icicles on his face.

Another strategy i used is a character with super high agility(agility only gets really good the last couple points) to shoot arrows at him. They hit him but it might take a while
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xshdwknightx answered:

The sock puppet cannot be hurt. To beat the dragon you can either use a sandwich and hit it or repeatedly jump up and attack its chin. The dragon will breath fire, simply walk up the ramp but not far enough to get attacked by the sock puppet. When the boulder bounces down towards you, you just have to time it correctly and walk under it.
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