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Asked: 6 years ago

Can someone help me with the Kings Scepter?

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From: mr_trivia 6 years ago

You can also get the King's Scepter in the new King Pack.

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Yea i could help here is my gamertag GT:MasterChief2263 next time make a post of it.

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So far there are is only one proven way to get it - Trading...
If your on insane mode, try letting the bee keepers on flowery field kill the king...

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Your going to have to trade. I have tried on Insane mode and the beekeepers don't kill the King.

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Could somebody help me with the saber and alien lance?
my gt: kidm0

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The only way to get the kings scepter is to beat the game and unlock Insane Mode. After that make your way to the Flowery Field level and allow the bees to kill the king, he will drop his scepter after that. Other than that, you can have any person who already has it swap weapons with you.

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I have every weapon in the game, if anyone wants to get any weapon, post a message here:

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