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Asked: 5 years ago

Level 256?

I have been seeing these crazy people on xbox live and they are level 256 is this only for special people or do you have to do a certain thing to become level 256?

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From: Mischiviktus 5 years ago

No, this is an error that occurs when a the player does an action that I will not explain (to prevent it from continuing) and it causes the character to become a level 256. On a side note, this is going to be patched eventually, and anyone who HAS a 256 character, intentional or not, will be banned. It is against the EULA of the Xbox 360 as it is a bug that people are exploiting, thus it is in a sense, illegal. If you have a 256 character, I 100% suggest deleting it or they'll either or both ban your xbox live account and xbox 360 (they can, tey can prvent you from using the xbox 360 by banning it).

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No. there just hackers.

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The people that have lvl 256's hacked the game. Its going to be patched though, and as the above poster said, everyone that has one will be banned.

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They don't ban for exploiting anymore. What they will do though, is delete all your achievements - resetting your gamerscore right back to 0.

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heres how you do it and how people do it
in the stage with the huge fish(this has to be unpatched) you get the boomarang right before he gets up throw the boomerang and it will get stuck causing 1 damage and giving you 1exp every 0.01 second im pretty sure

if you want to get it delete the patches go offline then do it go back online and repatch and then you have a 256
Alternative use a hack bot to change the levels the max level is 256 you can also get a infinate amount of magic sterngth crete you own items as much helath as you want

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