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Import Tuner Challenge FAQ

Table of Contents
1. About The FAQ
2. About the game
3. Version History
4. Car List
5. Rivals
6. Wanders
7. Achievements
8. Copyright


1.  About

This FAQ is about Import Tuner Challenge, whether they are part of a racing
team or wanderers, this FAQ will list all of the information that you'll need
to take them on.  This is my first FAQ, so this is a work in progress, now, on
 to the guide.  This Guide does contain Spoilers, so read at your own risk.


2. The Game

The game is a sequel of sorts to the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series of racers from
the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 days.  You start of with a small amount of cash
to purchase a car and then drive the highways of Tokyo battling other racers
for cash to improve your ride's performance.  There is also a very deep
customizing of parts as well, very similar to Forza Motorsport's depth.


3. Version History
Version 1.0: 8/23/07:  The First Version of this Guide.
Version 1.1: 4/7/08:  Added Achievements and minor tweaks to the guide.
Version 1.2: 4/9/08:  Minor tweaks again.  Started compiling the list of Rivals
and wanderers.
Version 1.3 6/13/13:  Wanderers and Rivals completed. Formatting adjustments.
Final version.


4. The Car List

The meat and potatoes of any racing game, are the cars.  These are all the cars
in the game.  The list is broken down as follows:

Name:  Name of the car and manufacturers designation

Drive Type: Where the Engine and Drive Wheels are, FR is Front Engine,
Rear Wheel Drive, 4WD is Front Engine, 4 wheel drive.

Engine Type: What type of engine, L is Inline, RE is Rotary, V is V block.

Aspiration: Whether the car has a Turbo or is Naturally Aspirated(NA).

Displacement: The Engine's displacement.

Max Power:  The Peak Power of the engine.

Max Torque:  The Peak Torque of the engine.

Mass:  How much the car weighs.

Length: The length of the car.

Width:  The width of the car.

Height:  The height of the car.

Cost:   How much in-game credits the car is.

Normal Cars:

Mazda RX-7 Type RS / RD3S
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type:  RE
Aspiration:  Turbo
Displacement: 1308cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 6500rpm
Max Torque: 231.5lb-ft / 5000rpm
Mass: 2821 lbs
Length: 168 in
Width:  69 in
Height: 48 in
Cost:  4,680,000 Credits

Mazda RX-8 Type S  / SE3P
Drive Type:  FR
Engine Type:  RE
Aspiration:  NA
Displacement:  1308cc
Max Power:  250 PS / 8500rpm
Max Torque:  159.1lb-ft / 5500rpm
Mass:  2888 lb
Length: 174 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 52 in
Cost:  1,500,000 Credits

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR / CT9A
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement:  1997cc
Max Power:  280 PS / 6500rpm
Max Torque:  295.1lb-ft / 3000rpm
Mass:  3108 lb
Length:  176 in
Width:  69 in
Height:  57 in
Cost:  4,800,000 Credits

Nissan 180SX Type- X / RPS13
Drive Type:  FR
Engine Type:  L4
Aspiration:  Turbo
Displacement:  1998
Max Power:  205 PS / 6000rpm
Max Torque:  202.5lb-ft / 4000rpm
Mass:  2689 lb
Length:  177 in
Width:  66 in
Height:  50 in
Cost:  1,360,000 Credits

Nissan Cima 450VIP  / GNF50
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V8
Aspiration:  NA
Displacement:  4494cc
Max Power:  280 PS / 6000rpm
Max Torque:  332.7lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass:  4012 lb
Length:  196 in
Width:  72 in
Height:  59 in
Cost:  2,450,000 Credits

Nissan Fairlady Z  Version ST / Z33
Drive Type:  FR
Engine Type:  V6
Aspiration:  NA
Displacement:  3498cc
Max Power:  294 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque:  258.2lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass:  3284 lb
Length:  169 in
Width:  71 in
Height:  51 in
Cost:  1,980,000 Credits

Nissan Fairlady Z Version R Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-Bar Roof / GCZ32
Drive Type:  FR
Engine Type:  V6
Aspiration:  Turbo
Displacement:  2960cc
Max Power:  280 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque:  286.4lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass:  3439 lb
Length:  177 in
Width:  70 in
Height:  49 in
Cost:  3,560,000 Credits

Nissan Silvia Spec-R  /  S15
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type:  L4
Aspiration:  Turbo
Displacement:  1998cc
Max Power:  250 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque:  202.5lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass:  2733 lb
Length:  174 in
Width:  66 in
Height:  50 in
Cost:  1,580,000 Credits

Nissan Skyline Coupe 350GT Premium  / CPV35
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V6
Aspiration: NA
Displacement:  3498cc
Max Power:  280 PS / 6200rpm
Max Torque:  267,6lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass:  3395 lb
Length:  182 in
Width:  71 in
Height:  54 in
Cost: 2,000,000 Credits

Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec / BNR34
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement:  2568cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 6800rpm
Max Torque: 289.3lb-ft / 4400rpm
Mass: 3439 lb
Length: 181 in
Width: 70 in
Height: 53 in
Cost: 5,120,000 Credits

Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec  / BNR32
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2568cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 6800rpm
Max Torque:  260.4lb-ft / 4400rpm
Mass: 3306 lb
Length: 178 in
Width: 69 in
Height: 53 in
Cost: 4,240,000 Credits

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C  / GDB
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: F4
Aspiration:  Turbo
Displacement:  1994cc
Max Power:  280 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque:  311.0lb-ft / 4400rpm
Mass:  3064 lb
Length: 175 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 56 in
Cost: 4,800,000 Credits

Subaru Impreza WRX Type R STI Version / GC8
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: F4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1994cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 6500rpm
Max Torque:  260.4lb-ft / 4000rpm
Mass: 2777 lb
Length: 171 in
Width: 66 in
Height: 55 in
Cost:  4,150,000 Credits

Toyota Aristo V300 / JZS161
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2997cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 332.7lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass: 3703 lb
Length: 189 in
Width: 70 in
Height: 56 in
Cost: 2,250,000 Credits

Toyota Celsior C-Spec F Package / UCF31
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V8
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 4292cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 316.8lb-ft / 3400rpm
Mass: 4122 lb
Length: 197 in
Width: 72 in
Height: 57 in
Cost: 4,020,000 Credits

Toyota Crown Athlete G Package / GRS184
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V8
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 3456cc
Max Power: 315 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque: 277.7lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass: 3615 lb
Length: 190 in
Width: 70 in
Height: 57 in
Cost: 2,000,000 Credits

Toyota Supra RZ / JZA80
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2997cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 332.7lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass: 3328 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 5,050,000 Credits

Toyota Supra 2.5GT Twin Turbo R / JZA70
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2491cc
Max Power: 280 PS / 6200rpm
Max Torque: 267.6lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass: 3373 lb
Length: 181 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 51 in
Cost: 1,940,000 Credits

Custom Cars
Skull Bullet / Concept-X
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2197cc
Max Power: 462 PS / 6500rpm
Max Torque: 448.4lb-ft / 3000rpm
Mass: 2597 lb
Length: 178 in
Width: 72 in
Height: 57 in
Cost: 14,000,000 Credits

Snake Eyes / A80CuSE
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2697cc
Max Power: 567 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 674.3lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass: 2996 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 14,000,000 Credits

Emperor / GDBCuEM
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: F4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement:  2193cc
Max Power: 812 PS / 8400rpm
Max Torque: 536.6lb-ft / 7600rpm
Mass: 4596 lb
Length: 175 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 56 in
Cost: 17,500,000 Credits

Crimson Devil / GDBCuCD
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: F4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1994cc
Max Power: 576 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque: 636.8lb-ft / 4400rpm
Mass: 2757 lb
Length: 175 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 56 in
Cost: 16,800,000 Credits

White Charisma / FD3SCuWC
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: RE
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1308cc
Max Power: 612 PS / 8400rpm
Max Torque: 377.6lb-ft / 8400rpm
Mass: 2568 lb
Length: 176 in
Width: 86 in
Height: 48 in
Cost: 14,8000,000 Credits

Melancholy Angel / SE3PCuMA
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: RE
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 4830cc
Max Power: 603 PS / 8400rpm
Max Torque: 385.5lb-ft / 5600rpm
Mass: 2598 lb
Length: 172 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 52 in
Cost: 11,500,000 Credits

The Rook / A80CuRO
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 3057cc
Max Power: 532 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 632.6lb-ft / 3600rpm
Mass: 3029 lb
Length: 174 in
Width: 69 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 15,800,000 Credits

The Bishop / A80CuBI
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2997cc
Max Power: 549 PS / 7200rpm
Max Torque: 410.6lb-ft / 6400rpm
Mass: 3062 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 15,800,000 Credits

The Knight / A80CuKN
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2997cc
Max Power: 580 PS / 7200rpm
Max Torque: 433.5lb-ft / 6400rpm
Mass: 3095 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 15,800,000 Credits

Blood Hound / J161CuBH
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L6
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 2997cc
Max Power: 436 PS / 7600rpm
Max Torque: 303.8lb-ft / 6800rpm
Mass: 3333 lb
Length: 189 in
Width: 70 in
Height: 50 in
Cost: 5,700,000 Credits

Midnight Cinderella / SE3PCuMC
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: RE
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1308cc
Max Power: 398 PS / 8400rpm
Max Torque: 254.6lb-ft / 5600rpm
Mass: 2627 lb
Length: 175 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 52 in
Cost: 6,500,000 Credits

Silvery Nobleman / FD3SCuSN
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: RE
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1308cc
Max Power: 404 PS / 7600rpm
Max Torque: 280.9lb-ft / 7200rpm
Mass: 2539 lb
Length: 170 in
Width: 73 in
Height: 48 in
Cost: 6,800,000 Credits

Rolling Guy No.1 / 86TCuGU
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1587cc
Max Power: 261 PS / 6600rpm
Max Torque: 217.0lb-ft / 5200rpm
Mass: 2010 lb
Length: 165 in
Width: 63 in
Height: 52 in
Cost: 1,000,000 Credits

Rolling Gal No.1 / 86LCuGA
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1587cc
Max Power: 358 PS / 6600rpm
Max Torque: 303.8lb-ft / 5200rpm
Mass: 1946 lb
Length: 165 in
Width: 63 in
Height: 52in
Cost: 2,000,000 Credits

White Fairy / ECCuWF
Drive Type: FF
Engine Type: V6
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 3808cc
Max Power: 329 PS / 5750rpm
Max Torque: 325.5lb-ft / 4500rpm
Mass: 3157 lb
Length: 179 in
Width: 72 in
Height: 53 in
Cost: 9,000,000 Credits

Naniwa's Warship / CT9ACuWS
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1997cc
Max Power: 469 PS / 6500rpm
Max Torque: 520.8lb-ft / 300rpm
Mass: 2797 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 74 in
Height: 57 in
Cost: 9,200,000 Credits

Death Driver / SE3PCuDD
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: RE
Aspiration: Turbo
Displacement: 1308cc
Max Power: 446 PS / 8500rpm
Max Torque: 282.1lb-ft / 5500rpm
Mass: 2685 lb
Length: 177 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 52 in
Cost: 8,200,000 Credits

Matterhorn / Z33CuMH
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V6
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 3498cc
Max Power: 370 PS / 6400rpm
Max Torque: 325.5lb-ft / 4800rpm
Mass: 2956 lb
Length: 169 in
Width: 71 in
Height: 51 in
Cost: 11,000,000 Credits

Rolling Master / 86LCuRM
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: L4
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 2853cc
Max Power: 299 PS / 6600rpm
Max Torque: 253.2lb-ft / 5200rpm
Mass: 1882 lb
Length: 165 in
Width: 63 in
Height: 52 in
Cost: 2,000,000 Credits

Stalking Hammer / UCF31CuSH
Drive Type: FR
Engine Type: V8
Aspiration: NA
Displacement: 4292cc
Max Power: 437 PS / 5600rpm
Max Torque: 491.8lb-ft / 3400rpm
Mass: 3710 lb
Length: 197 in
Width: 72 in
Height: 57 in
Cost: 8,800,000 Credits


5. Rival List
The list is in order of Night, Midnight, Daybreak, then followed by team name
then which part of the highway they run on.
Note:  This list is a work in progress and will be updated as time permits.



Rolling Guy:  A team comprised of AE86 drivers that originally raced the
mountain roads.  They are an old and well known team in the C1.  The current
leader took over when the first leader, his older brother, left the team.
They fiercely compete with the love for their car and perfectly honed skills.
They are a sharp contrast the power centered tuning that is more popular in the

Rolling Guy Number 1
Name: Akira Kobayakawa
Job: Convenience Store Manager
Car:  Rolling Guy No.1
Profile:  He bought an AE86 in honor of his big brother and then inherited the
team leadership from him.  His knoledge of tuning has earned him the trust of
the of the other members.  His machine's tuning isvirtually perfect. Designed
as it is for city driving, it can defeat more powerful rivals. His bold lane
lane changin combined with the vehicle's fine handling can make fools of his
Rumor: -

Rolling Guy Number 2
Name: Haruhiko Miyake
Job: Courier Business
Car: Corolla Levin
     AE86L 3door GT Apex
Profile:  Recruited by the former leader of the Rolling Dudes, he got a job
wit a freight company just so he could be behind the wheel even at work.  His
macho personality makes him popular with guy fans, but most ladies seem to find
this a turn off.  He drives a light weight vehicle with strong susspension and
is even better at cornering than the leader himself.
Rumor: -

Rolling Guy Number 3
Name: Hiroshi Takayanagi
Job: Researcher
Car: Corolla Levin
     AE86L 3door GT Apex
Profile:  After studying cutting-edge physics in graduate school, he focused on
driving theory to impress girls.  He first got behind the wheel to apply what
he had studied.  He lacked driving skill in the beginning, but has learned a
great deal from others.  Unfortunately, he puts a little too much faith in his
own unproven theories, keeping him frim being as good as he could be.
Rumor: -

Rolling Guy Number 4
Name: Takashi Yoshimura
Job: Actor
Car: Corolla Levin
     AE86L 3door GT Apex
Profile:  He joined at the same time as Rolling Guy No.3, but wasn't as
popular. A recent graduate of acting school, his driving has changed to due his
exposure. Rolling Dude No. 4 spends his acting salary to tune his vehicle, but
he focuses on appearance over performance, so it is not all the good.
Nevertheless, he wins a good deal of races due to his good luck.
Rumor: -

Rolling Guy Number 5
Name: Mamoru Mitsuike
Job: Illustrator
Car: Corolla Levin
     AE86L 3door GT Apex
Profile:  Rolling Dude No. 5 is a portrait artist who makes his living drawing
people on the streets or at department stores. He was recruited by the team
leader who also shares a love for the AE86.  Despite constant pressure from his
wife to drop racing and focus on his art, he continues to pursue his dream. The
only change to his car is the exhaust manifold given to him by the leader.
Rumor: -


Changing Stage: A team comprised of editors and writers of the car magazine
"Changing Stage".  Their vehicles tend to be tuned for general use because the
members race outside the shutoko as well.  The team members have flashy driving
style and fancy exterior to appear photogenic for their magazine.

Fantastic Phoenix
Name: Yukihide Asakawa
Job: Editor
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  Yukihide has been into cars since his school days.  He's only driven
a Sylvia for the past 10 years and knows everything there is to know about the
machine.  He has a wide range of driving abilities and is not limited to the
Metro.  The Illusory Phoenix is known for waiting to catch up in the second
half, but Yukihide's temper can kill his chances if he loses it.
Rumor: -

Rising Bear
Name: Naoya Tamura
Job: Writer
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  A writer with a wide range of interests including food and movies as
well as cars.  He got his car from his senior classmate and spent months fixing
it.  By reinforcing it with various used parts, he has created a machine that
exceeds the original.  This car has a reputation for its tight handling around
corners.  Don't count this one out, no matter how far ahead its competition may
Rumor: -

Flash Blood
Name: Akira Okuyama
Job: Photographer
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  A car fan since his school days, Akira watched other mechanics and
was able to learn to turn a cheap car into a racing machine.  Akira wil not be
satisfied until he has fully studied the Metro and knows everything about
himself and the competition.  He hasn't quite developed his own style yet, but
his competitiveness is second to none.
Rumor: -

Pink Lily
Name: Kazunari Yuri
Job: Printing Company Worker
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  After a tragic loss to Snake Eyes, Kazunari's team broke up.  But he
kept driving.  He now lives together with his young wife and their 3 year old
daughter.  Formerly known for his aggressive driving, he now races with a more
defensive strategy.  He blocks the enemy until they get frustrated and give up.
It seems like the birth of his daughter has softened him up a bit.
Rumor: -

Sweet Monster
Name: Suguru Momoi
Job: Editior
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  Though new among the editorial staff, his chief editor, Fantastic
Phoenix pulls no punches with him.  Suguru's goal is to become a chief editor
and his dedication matches his sensible driving style.  But he rarely takes
risks that could earn him a better record.  He plans to do more in the future,
but for now he has swapped his car's muffler and put in better brake pads.
Rumor: -

Digitial Killer
Name: Hiromichi Tono
Job: Deputy Editor
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:  Niromichi is a skilled driver, but he is totally hopeless when it
comes to computers.  He has a PC, but it too proud to ask others for help, so
it simply sits on his desk gathering dust.  He has his own style of tuning his
machine, and consequently runs into constant trouble with it.  He used to be
much faster but now even the newer members are passing him by and turning on
the pressure.
Rumor: -

Perfect Beginner
Name: Seiichiro Okui
Job: Writer
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Seiichiro started to write articles at Rising Bear's suggestion.  He
knows a lot about cars and is as fast with words as well. However, his shyness
makes him chicken out at corners, giving his rivals an edge.  He had a well
tuned vehicle outfitted with high quality parts, but wound up passing it on to
a friend. Now he is left with a car that has less than impressive performance.
Rumor: -


Speed Planet:  An University Automotive Club.  The members are students in a
near by private university.  They have defeated rival from other colleges but
due to their young age still lack experience and stability in their
performance.  They fund their tuning with their part time jobs so their
vehicles are highly tuned.

Jet Shaver
Name: Masao Kamiya
Job: Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  Masao is the highly opinionated president of his school's auto club.
There used to be over 30 members, but his forcefulness wound up driving away
most of them. Now, there are only 7.  Masao tends to try whatever comes to
mind, so he often goes in the wrong direction.  Nevertheless, his incredible
cornering ability has made him a legend amon university auto clubs across the
Rumor: -

Ferocious Asteroth
Name: Ryuichi Maezono
Job: Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  After joining his university auto club, Ryuichi's dreams were quickly
dashed by the selfish club president and timid vice-president. But he still
couldn't bring himself to quit because of his love for cars.  The car he drives
is a hand-me-down the he has grudgingly re-tuned it into a decent machine.
People think he's a bit rough because of his tendency to get into fights.
Rumor: -

Drifting Striker
Name: Takeshi Sonekawa
Job: Student
Car:  180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: His first love was soccer club, but he was recruited by the auto club
and soon became vice-president responsible for the management and other desk
work.  This left little time for him to drive or work on his car.  Still, his
reflexes make him a good driver and he excels at following and waiting for the
chance to strike.  His cornering can be scary due to his car's weak suspension.
Rumor: -

Shikki The Whiz Kid
Name: Yuko Shikishima
Job: Student
Car:  180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  Yuko was born and raised in Nagoya, but moved to Tokyo for college.
Even though it took 3 years to get anywhere, she never lost sight of her goal
to be successful on the Metro.  She believes that Jet Shaver needs to stop
clinging to the leader position and retire for the sake of the team.  She is
obviously strong minded and this is evident in her driving.  Maneuverability is
her forte.
Rumor: -

Tragic Red Point
Name: Kanji Yoshimura
Job: Student
Car:  180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  Kanji has earned the nickname The F King from his inability to get
more than a 50% rank in any class.  He is desperate since his parents have
threatened to kick him out if he doesn't graduate in 4 years.  His machine has
excellent cornering performance but he lacks the technique to take advantage
of it.  Instead, he tends to cut corners disastrously close.
Rumor: -

Slow Starter
Name: Tomoyoshi Okazaki
Job: Student
Car:  180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  Tomoyoshi didn't join the auto club until he was a junior.  He hardly
liked cars, but did it to gain the attention of a girl he liked.  He worked
hard and practiced so that the other members were impressed.  He even learned
how to tune his machine and is now a qualified mechanic.  But he's the only one
who doesn't that the girl he's after already has a boyfriend.
Rumor: -

Eternal Student
Name: Ryohei Motoike
Job: Bank Clerk
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile:  Ryohei enrolld in the university at the same time as Jet Shaver, but
has already graduated.  He still comes to the club almost every day and has
good financial resources because of his job.  He outfits his car in the latest
parts, but doesn't have the skill to really make use of them.  His pride also
causes friction with the current members.  Rumors say he has a crush on Genius
Rumor: -

Wild Clapper
Name: Hajime Shiroi
Job: Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile:  This extremely motivated sophomore used to compete for the first slot
on the team but has fecently fallen into a slump.  He got interested in cars by
driving radio controlled ones as a kid.  His machine is well tuned and his
technique isn't bad, but he just doesn't seem able to win.  How can do so well
in the time trials, but so poorly in actual races is a mystery.
Rumor: -


M.O.E.:  A team made of three racing video game fans out to make a name for
themselves. Decided to form their team while discussing cars in a maid café.
They train mainly through simulations, which results in trouble gaps between
virtual metro courses and real ones.  Their team name was taken from its
members initials.

Gothic Path
Name: Kiichi Misawa
Job: System Engineer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-SPEC II
Profile: Kiichi startd out as a game geek so obsessed with games that he would
forget to eat and sleep.  Trained as a system engineer, he heard that a sexy
car can make you popular with women, so he rushed into buying a BNR34.  He
organized a team and met Heretic Canopus at a match.  He's head over heels for
her, but she yet to acknowledge him.
Rumor: -

Black Zero Fighter
Name: Rei Ohtaki
Job: Game Tester
Profile: Great at shooting and action games, he has even earned the nickname
The Shooting King of Akihabara.  He drives the Metro in his special FD with his
game-honed vision and reflexes.  He bought the FD for no reason other than
because it's cool.  But he uses its maneuverability to weave through traffic.
Now, if only he could somehow stop being late...
Rumor: -

Professor Logic
Name: Motomichi Emori
Job: Care Manager
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: An intellectual who likes solving puzzles, he has participated in the
M.O.E that his classmates started.  In gathering info for the team, he has
learned quite a lot that his rivals want to know. One tidbit of info he's
learned is that Heretic Canopus, who Gothic Path has a crush on, is really a
man.  To tel or not to tell...
Rumor: -


R. Gangs:  A team of AE86 drivers much like Rolling Guy, although the two teams
do not seem to interact.  They use their size to an advantage and do well in
the corners but have difficulty keeping up in the straight aways.
They are an old team that knows the Shutoko very well.  The team tunes their
cars very well and never has problems with them.

Chilling Drift Dancer
Name: Toshiki Kawakami
Job:  Freelancer
Car: Corolla Levin AE86L 3door GT APEX
Profile: Chilling Drift Dancer founded the R. Gangs afte rbeing inspired by the
Rolling Guys at C1.  He has longed for an 86 since childhood and worked at a
part time job to afford a good used car.  After a lot of tuning, he finally
wound up with a well balanced machine.  He'll take on any challenge even if his
opponent has a high powered machine.
Rumor: -

Hell's Bartender
Name: Tadashi Kuroi
Job:  Discount liquor store clerk
Car: Sprinter Trueno AE86T 3door GT APEX
Profile: Hell's Bartender used to be a famous bartender, but he ended up
to a day job to have more time for racing.  He's trying to improve his car's
stability by adding struct bars and stabilizers in the front and back.  He also
added high performance brakes.
Rumor: -

Professor Speed
Name:  Noritaka Motogami
Job: Software engineer
Car: Corolla Levin AE86L 3door GT APEX
Profile: Professor Speed is an indispensable member of the team.  He's
for all the settings and uses computer simulations to create the perfect car
for a
driver using gathered data and complex theories.  He has a quiet personality and
doesn't give much advice, but he can get heated in discussions about cars.
Rumor: -

Wind Impala
Name: Go Harada
Job: Freelancer
Car: Corolla Levin AE86L 3door GT APEX
Profile: Wind Impala is a fierce racer who loves speed.  he takes corners
unreasonably fast and turns out just in the nick of time.  He has run into his
share of walls, but somehow has managed to avoid getting seriously hurt.  Even
so, he has reinforced the car's body just in case.  Now he is working on
torque to lower the 3rd gear and raise the 4th gear.
Rumor: -

Rain Drop
Name: Sho Utagawa
Job: Moving company worker
Car: Sprinter Trueno AE86T 3door GT APEX
Profile: A hard-core Kansai native who hates the fake Kansai accent used by
people, Rain Drop joined the racing world because of his brother. He moved to
to chase after success independently from his brother.  Obsessed with braking,
claims that one's ability can only be measured by the black marks engraved in
Rumor: -


Racing Storm:  A team that has grown large through repeated mergers and
takeovers.  Thanks to this their member relations are weak.  Divided into two
groups, one of which follows Red Sunfire and is into serious racing, the other
follows Tactical Oasis for fan driving.  These groups are constant at end with
each other.  Although their cars and skill are all over the place, their
passion for races is strong.

Red Sunfire
Name: Takeaki Raika
Job: Fire fighter
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-Bar Roof
Profile: Red Sunfire became a fire fighter but could never up his passion for
cars. He bought a Z32 despite his wife's protest and, with the help of an
associate, turned it into a monster machine capable of reaching 200mph. His
speed on the straight stratch between Tatsumi and Ariake is incredible, and
like his job demands, he can stay cool and make snap decisions under pressure.
Rumor: -

Tactical Oasis
Name: Tohru Mochizuki
Job: Water department worker
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: A former pro racer, he left the racing world after fighting with his
coach. Began working at the Water Bureau thanks to a friend bu began racing
on The Metro after being unable to contain his urge to drive.  Was purely a
performance racer, he now focuses on fun. Keeps his power at a fair level and
enjoys back-and-forth with opponents.
Rumor: -

Hell's Salesman
Name: Noriyuki Miyakabe
Job: Car dealer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Hell's Salesman pushes his luck more than any other racer on the Metro.
His name comes from his profession as a car dealer. However, he sells decent
and provides good service, so his reputation is actually not that bad. He thinks
that the maintenance he does on vehicles is his best sales pitch. His own car is
tuned well enough to make it easy for anyone to drive.
Rumor: -

Burning Candy
Name: Emi Ichisawa
Job: Works at a candy company
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Burning Candy works at a chocolate factory, but she's a far cry from
sweet. If she has beef with another racer, she'll insult them over the PA or do
whatever is necessary to humiliate them. her main focus is on acceleration and
her machine is tuned to the point where one small mistake could result in death.
Rumor: -

Decadent Sultan
Name: Mamoru Mutsu
Job: Pachinko parlor worker
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: This detached, irresponsible father is always scowling at Red Sunfire.
However, his driving technique is very good. The tuning, on the other hand, is
sloppy and it's a miracle that he can get any speed out of it. He is far better
at racing than he is at picking up women, and the most he can out of them is an
angry stare.
Rumor: -

Split Motion
Name: Kanade Kanai
Job: College student
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Split Motion lives life to race. He respects Red Sunfire from the
of his heart and is always teased by Tactical Oasis because of his passion. He
doesn't spend much time at school and works a part time job for tuning money.
Although he is handsome, he is dedicated to racing and doesn't pay attention to
Rumor: -

Mood Swinger
Name: Tsutomu Ebikawa
Job: Food researcher
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Mood Swinger vacillates between serious driving aand driving for fun.
indecisiveness has led both circles to give him the cold shoulder. He doesn't
to just sit and wait to see how things turn out, but is torn between both sides.
Rather than try to improve on his technique, he depends on his car's
so he spends a great deal of money on parts.
Rumor: -

Claim Breaker
Name: Michiko Negoro
Job: Department store worker
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: In charge of customer relations, he is smooth-talking and pursuasive.
skills are highly valued by the team and he is good at taking care of tense
with others.  Upon joining, Red Sunfire approached him about a small fire at a
he was once assigned to. He is serious about racing and never cuts corners, but
sometimes he overexerts himself.
Rumor: -

Bargain Dot Com
Name: Fujio Kumai
Job: Department store worker
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: Bargain Dor Com was transferred to the Nihonbashi branch of his
store and joined the racing team after meeting Claim Breaker. He isn't used to
the Metro yet and is having a tough time getting adjusted. He has recently
changed his car and the tuning is only temporary. He is eager to get better and
faster, but what he could really use is some patience.
Rumor: -


Cupid Arrows:  A team composed solely of women.  They are both skilled and
serious about driving, which is why other teams acknowledge their superiority.
While they didn't have many mechanically inclined members starting out, they
now possess knowledge far above that of average street racers.  They started
out by not wanting to lose to men, but have now softened and race for fun.

Dazzling White Fairy
Name: Yoko Koizumi
Job: Artist
Car: White Fairy ECCuWF
Profile: 3rd generation leader. She favors anime-style dress and hanging around
parking lots at night. She has 2 kids and a passion for interior decorating.
Others criticize her saying that her car would be faster if she used her money
for tuning, but she insists it's strength is in low to mid speed ranges and it
isn't a disadvantage.
Rumor: -

Moonlight Child
Name: Kimiko Fujisaki
Job: Homemaker
Car: Eclipse GT
Profile: A female driver who is legendary for never losing when the moon is out,
Moonlight Child has an innocent personality and a young appearance. She seems to
enjoy pushing to the edge of spinning and her car has an overly-tuned
If she's clearly better than her opponent, she may slow down to match the foe
sake of thrills.
Rumor: -

Silver Impact
Name: Aki Higashi
Job: Accountant
Car: Eclipse GT
Profile: Silver Impact treats the new leader, Dazzling White Fairy like a
She's very attractive, but hasn't had any luck with relationships. She just sold
the old car she loved just because everyone else was getting something new. Her
driving style is never rough and doesn't block her opponent because of her soft
personality. She has good drifting and grip skills.
Rumor: -

Heartbreaker 246
Name: Takako Muto
Job: Parts maker worker
Car: Eclipse GT
Profile: A female racer who gets more and more aggressive with each heartbreak,
Heartbreaker 246 has just seen the end of a 3 year relationship. The demands on
her machine by her brutal driving have created a vicious cycle of high
costs for her.  She drives extremely close to her competitors at the last minute
and really turns on the pressure.
Rumor: -


SS Limited: 4 door sedan team that has close with the Max Racing.  The team
shows an ability to pull the full potential of their car and race side by side
with sports cars.  The team has a long history and performs very stably.
The team members are growing older and need to members but they are having
difficulty recruiting new members.

Evening Star
Name: Miyako Takahashi
Job: Shift worker
Car: Crown GRS184 Athlete G Package
Profile: After quickly becoming a first class sedan driver, she honed her
skill behind the wheel of an 86 and seems to have carried it over perfectly to a
machine with almost double the weight. The tires, torque, and suspension have
been improved to make her car as sharp as possible. Seeing the large body with
the rear sliding lightly out is a sight to behold.
Rumor: -

Heaven's 4 door
Name: Junichi Kimura
Job: Public bath manager
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Junichi is extremely stubborn and insists on driving a 4-door. His
stubbornness has also earn him a core role on the team. There was a rumor that
his charisma would make him the next leader, but he has traded in the role in
favor of a leisurely life with his car. He is aggressive on the road and doesn't
hesitate to pass other vehicles.
Rumor: -

Black Rain
Name: Sanpei Sugiyama
Job: Freelancer
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: His trademark is a craggy face so scary it makes children cry. His
reputation as a driver is not very good thanks to his tendancy to move in front
of drivers to block them from passing. He chose a sedan with a normally
disadvantageous body weight because it is easier to block with. he increased the
torque and reduced the weight to improce his chances by any means possible.
Rumor: -

Shutoko Red Flash
Name: Takahiro Eguhchi
Job: Nighttime construction worker
Car: Crown GRS184 Athelete G Package
Profile: Though he spends his spare income on tuning his car once a month, he
can't take advanatge of the improved performance due to his unrefined technique.
He's recently been hanging around the Maintenance Garage Akibara which is
managed by the Mogul of the New Kanjo Line. He does put in constant effort, so
he should become a good driver someday.
Rumor: -

Sports Car Killer
Name: Akira Shimamoto
Job: Parking lot manager
Car: Celsior UCF31 C specification F package interior slection
Profile: He was a good young man who liked cars, but one day he was injured
during a race. Since he's wanted nothing but revenge whenever he sees an
racer. When he sees a speeding sports car, he'll challenge them no matter who
the driver is. This has led him to doing the same thing as the racer who caused
his accident.
Rumor: -

The O.G. Star
Name: Torakichi Yamada
Job: Courier business
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: He was the leader of SS Limited but was taken from the Rolling Guys
when he fell in love with the current leader, the Evening Star's talent. He
knows more about the details of the Metro than anybody else and he tries to
stop people from driving carelessly and harssing others, but he himself
sometimes ends up harassing people when he gets too excited.
Rumor: -

Chemical Ito
Name: Akira Ito
Job: Science student
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: He's very quiet and doesn't have many friends. He uses his knowledge
of science to explore the use all various agents such as oil additives, fuel
substances, and liquid wipers. He managed smooth acceleration and deceleration
by reducing the weight of his car, but this led to a lack of body rigidity and
a machine with no feeling of stability in its handling.
Rumor: -

Excite Carmine
Name: Hajime Tsurumi
Job: Salaried worker
Car: Crown GR184 Athlete G Package
Profile: He originally liked sports cars, but had to switch to a 4-door sedan
after he got married and had children. Because this car's built for a
ride, it has soft suspension and lousy cornering. He hasn't been able to show
ability on the C1 because his gear settings emphasize high speed. He drives
patiently and has the ability to nail his opponent when he needs to.
Rumor: -


Tri Edge: A CT9A team in the same vain as Top Level.  Due to their lack of
professional and Rally drivers they do not perform as well.  Their cars are
tuned for maneuverability specifically for the Kanjosen.  They clash with The
Pleiades over their preference in their cars.  There are rumors that the team
was formed by admirers of Top Level.

Roaming Patriarch
Name: Mikio Shibuya
Job: Lawyer
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Has a bad reputation thanks to his history of changing teams and never
staying in one place for long. He was never accepted by any team, so he decided
to form his own team Tri Edge. He has been a close rival of Sleeping Lion, the
leader of The Pleiades, since they were students. He doesn't have any friends
outside of racing and has 5 cats to fill the loneliness in his life.
Rumor: -

Roaming Flag-Bearer
Name: Shun Tsusa
Job: Accountant
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He has been racing on the Metro for a long time, but never had a real
interest in contests of power or defeating Speed King. He wanted to enjoy races
as pure sport, but suffered after being caught up in the high-stakes world of
winning and losing. He joined a team beacause he was impressed by the words of
Roaming Patriarch, who said The path is not seen, but is created by you through
the race.
Rumor: -

Wandering General
Name: Yusaku Tabuchi
Job: Dentist
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He met Roaming Patriarch after becoming isolated from other racers due
to his insistence on an overpowered strategy. He joined the team because he was
impressed by the words of Roaming Patriarch, who said Logic is developed through
practice. It's not something to be rigidly maintained. He develops his own logic
through races but it's too sublime for most to see.
Rumor: -

Distant Call
Name: Kiyoshi Ibuki
Job: Tax accountant
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: You can't get rich talking to people about their taxes day in and day
One day, he was driving the Metro while angry and ran into a car in a battle and
he damaged his opponent's car. He joined the team as he was impressed by what
Roaming Patriarch said, Anger is not something you use against others, but
you keep inside and use for inspiration.
Rumor: -

Lonely Ghost
Name: Akira Wakutsu
Job: Patent attorney
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: So quiet that people have rarely paid attention to him. He went to see
average team on the New Kanjo Line, but returned home because no one talked to
Just when he was starting to doubt his self-worth, he met Lead of the Lost, who
challenged him to a battle. He joined because of the words "Existance is not
that is known. It's something that is experienced."
Rumor: -

Stardust Giant
Name: Kazuyoshi Toda
Job: Veterinarian
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Obessive compulsive, when he gets an idea, he has to try it out
This has caused people think him unscrupulous. Also, he gets calls for
during battles which made some think him anti-social. He took care of Roaming
sick cat and joined the team after hearing: Try to understand eacho other, no
how much time you spend together.
Rumor: -


The Pleiades:  A team of Imprezza Drivers.  Most of the members come from
off-roading background.  They enjoy living on the wild side and dislike the
smug and proper "Another Star".  They truly believe that the Imprezza is the
fastest car on the shutoko.  The members train day and night in order to prove
this to everyone else.

Sleeping Lion
Name: Eiji Suganuma
Job: Curator
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: Due to his interest in cars, he works as a museum curator handling
operations such as gathering info for the museum, preservation, and display.
He's good
at quick racing using the maneuverability and stability of AWD. He started a
team for
people who like the Impreza, but it was pointed that the Another Star team was
already using a similar concept.
Rumor: -

Number Two
Name: Masaji Tezuka
Job: Hood specialist
Car: Impreza GC8 WRC typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Since childhood, he has never been first in anything. He has been
hard with the belief that his hard work would be rewarded, but, he lost by a
in the battle with Sleeping Lion to see who would be leader. So, he's the Number
2 position in The Pleiades. Lately he's become involved in support activities as
one of the staff.
Rumor: -

Sangai Dasher
Name: Tsuguo Yamagishi
Job: Tree doctor
Car: Impreza GDB WRS STI spec C
Profile: He's always been a nature lover, and often protests against events that
harm nature. One day he rented a car and went up to the mountains to investigate
the effect of exhaust fumes on trees and realized going off-road was fun. He
also found out that domestic ares designed to lower polution, so he changed his
mind and became more involved in battles as a sport.
Rumor: -

Thunder Eagle
Name: Daisuke Fujimura
Job: Weather forecaster
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Predicting the weather is easy for him, since it's his occupation. His
prediction abilities are also highly valued by the team. He once dreamed of
participating in rallies, but had to give it up due to his poor vision. He's
trying to get to the point where he could use his data and not depend on his
eyes, but after a girl told she thinks men with glasses are hot, he's
reconsidered it.
Rumor: -

Highway Pandemonium
Name: Takuma Sasmoto
Job: Tour conductor
Car: Impreza GDB WRS STI spec C
Profile: Normally he's taking care of inconsiderate tour passengers all day, so
when he gets in a battle he drives really fast to work off the stress. However,
this always bothers him when he gets home, because his rough driving affects not
only his opponent, but also his team. He keeps thinking next time I'll drive
good manners but as soon as he grabs the wheel his bad personality takes over.
Rumor: -


Another Star:  A team of Subaru drivers:  Many of the members have driven in
rallies and have impeccable skills.  They view Top Level, who drive Mitsubishis,
as their rivals.  They have suffered from insufficient number of members in
the past managed to stay together to work on their skill and speed.  The
Survival of the team owes greatly to the charismatic leader Blue Speed.

Blue Speed
Name: Maoto Kohata
Job: Import auto sales
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: A very skilled driver who races in big rallies allover Japan. He wasn't
really interested in racing at first, but learned the freedom of driving through
his work. Stories of his races in Osaka where the stories about the racers
made their way to the Metro. He goes all out on the straightaways but takes a
careful line through the corners.
Rumor: -

Silver Speed
Name: Yoko Uehara
Job: Web designer
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Wanted to be like Blue Speed when he saw him racing, and is making a
effort to catch up. She's very confident in her own beauty and treats other
drivers as an enemy.  Overly beauty consicius to the point where she's happy
when she loses as long as she looks better than her opponent. Her car's light
and suspension settings make it an exquisite drift machine.
Rumor: -

Razor Miura
Name: Koji Miura
Job: Funeral home
Car: Impreza GC8 WRC typeR STi Version VI
Profile: He acts like he's a cool nihilist, but when the women racers talk they
just looks weird. He participates at the local GYMKHANA competition in addition
to the Metro. He puts his life into tuning the parts you can't see. His car has
very sharp cornering, but he has to spend a lot of time and money to make up for
the stress placed on the car as a result. He likes quick races.
Rumor: -

Red shout
Name: Mitsue Takahashi
Job: Freelancer
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: An artistic lady who dreams of being a singer. She runs a crisp race
shouts out loud when she passes or is being passed. She goes by the saying, The
true battle is with yourself, and is not interested in racing gossip. She's a
genius at reading the lines and gets obsessed to the point where she will cut
her opponents.
Rumor: -

Battle Scratch
Name: Takeshi Fujiike
Job: DJ
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Thanks to his work, he has to have music with a fast beat to keep his
focus up. He's strengthened the body in order to protect his audio equipment,
and is legendary for his SENNA-like accelerator pumping. However, they can tell
he's a minor player because of his reckless driving. Unfortunately for him, this
takes some of the mental pressure off his opponents.
Rumor: -


Top Level:  A team composed of former rally drivers and Mitsubishi cars, and
rivals with the Subaru team Another Star.  Their motto is Clean Driving and
they prohibit any extreme driving that doesn't consider other cars.  Possesses
many female members and a bright atmosphere, but they are looked down on by
other devoted teams for being too light.

Tarmac Suzuki
Name: Kenji Suzuki
Job: Home center staff
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: A famous driver who left records in the rally world. He was driving all
over the world for a long time when he realized he was more interested in
against people than driving through nature, and switched to the Metro. He's
by the increase in the of women drivers among racers, and becomes vulgar and oud
unconsciously at parties, etc.
Rumor: -

Phantom Babe
Name: Maki Wakabayashi
Job: Administrative assistant
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: She doesn't own her car, but chooses to borrow it from her boyfriend
his permission. This makes her unable to adjust anything without telling him
and she
leaves the tuning to him. She's confident in her appearance, which may also
her racing, as she drives very solidly. This is especially apparent in close
where she remains unfazed and pressures her opponents.
Rumor: -

Tragic Crimson Tear
Name: Seiko Motoki
Job: Unemployed
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: She entered the racing world after she lost her boyfriend to find out
attracted him. She quickly changes the car's behavior with fast adjustments in
She doesn't know the difference between jamming and blocking, so she often puts
opponents in danger. Leaves tuning to her mechanic, who leaves it alone. She
on reducing weight and the suspension.
Rumor: -

Red General
Name: Makoto Kawamura
Job: Rally journal reporter
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He met Tarmax Suzuki and joined the team soon after. He challenges
racers who
are conceited and doesn't attack aggressively, preferring to draft them and
apply pressure.  His settings are for speed, so that he can take advantage when
opponents slip up. He's not set for top speed, so he falls behind on
Rumor: -

Constant Makine
Name: Tomio Makine
Job: Works at a car accessory shop
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He knew Tarmax Suzuki from his rally days and invited him to the
Metro. At
first he wanted revenge because he couldn't beat him at the rallies, but now
frustrated because he can't him here either. He tried to start over but couldn't
find a sponder and is now stuck. He has great technique and got his nickname
because his lap times never change.
Rumor: -

Midnight Calm
Name: Tomoko Nakajima
Job: Advertising agency
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: She looks cold but is really very sensitive. She's teased a lot by
because cries easily at really emotional movies. However, she's done a lot of
in snow and has a technique to recover quickly when her car starts to slip. It
like she drives intensely, but her strength is that she's very relaxed in her
Rumor: -


Name:  Shiro Sasaki
Job:  Drink Manufacturer
Car:  Bloodhound J161CuBH
Profile:  One of the former 13 Knights.  Thanks to Snake Eyes, they all quit
one by one, and now he's the only one left.  He's got a mature technique and
an ageless aggressive style that many racers long for.  He's really good at
rattling his opponents when he's behind the waiting for them to make mistakes.
When he's ahead, he increases his lead little by little with his miraculous
Rumor: -

Silent Cassiopeia
Name:  Iei Sai
Job:  Hotel Manager
Car:  Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile:  A Hong Kong hotel magnate who learn the trade from his father.
A hidden passion for driving beneath a cold exterior.  He utilizes his
business skills of information gathering and analysis when battling.  He knows
Skull Bullet through business, and they also race together.  His nickname is a
female Greek god, which makes people think he's a woman, but it's really from
his hotels' name.
Rumor: -



Fresh Market:  A team started by men who driver the fresh fish from the port
to the fish markets.  Being truck drivers they tend to tune their vehicles to
minimize roll.  The team puts a great amount of importance on driving
courteously.  Currently their biggest problem is that fishy smell that gets on
their clothes transferring over to their car seats.

Big Steer
Name: Tadaharu Doi
Job: Courier-Delivery Service
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT PREMIUM
Profile: Tadaharu is a professional driver in the courier business.  He's been
carring fish for over 17 years in an exclusive contract with the fisherman,
Lucky Flag. He has recently hired a pupil and purchased a G35 for leisure
purposes.  The car has a sturdy suspension and can hug turns tightly, gibing it
a good winning percentage.  Used to driving trucks, he oufitted his G35 with a
truck steering wheel.
Rumor: -

Golden Rookie
Name: Ryota Mabuchi
Job: Assistant Driver
Car: RX-7 RD3S Type RS
Profile:  Ryota joined the courier business as an assiant driver and became
Big Steer's pupil.  He drives an FD normally, so his technique is better than
the team leader's, but he lacks endurance for long drives.  His lack of focus
also causes him to get into many minor accidents.  He recently began to work at
a gym to improve his energy and hopes to improve his concentration over time.
Rumor: -

Lucky Flag
Name: Noritsugu Fukatsu
Job: Fisherman
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Lucky Flag is indebted to Big Steer, his childhood friend, for
delivering for him when no one else would. His sense of balance, trained from
years at sea, allows his soft suspension to ride the Metro in style. But
though the way it sticks to the road when it corners is amazing, it has a 40%
loss in the power of its suspension due ot the rigid weight of this beloved

Sumo Wrestler from Sagami
Name: Toyokazu Sekiguchi
Job: Chanko Restaurant Manager
Profile: Toyokazu joined a professional sumo team with high hopes, but was
injured and forced to retire early. He then opened a restaurant instead, where
he crossed paths with Big Steer who invited him to join the team. He ended up
closing his restuarant in favor of the Metro. While he has a long way to go,
one thing he has behind him is in indomitable spirit and patience.
Rumor: -


Cat X Cat:  Black cat, who raced alone for years, recruited a community college
student to form a team.  Although the team is new the teammates show excellent
chemistry while racing together.  Their vehicles are not high powered but tuned
for maneuverability.  They are not known for the perseverance and tend to quit
the race as soon as their loss is confirmed.

Black Cat
Name: Mamiko Takaya
Job: Club Hostess
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Black Cat made her first run on the Metro when she was 19. Since then,
she has become and idol to other drivers. She has a flashy, outspoken
personality and has been driving together with White Cat since crossing paths
with her at a club 6 months ago. Her car performs better than it ooks thanks to
an improved clutch and better torque. Watch out for this one's crisp steering.
Rumor: -

White Cat
Name: Arisa Nojima
Job: Junior College Student
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: White Cat attends a preppy women's university in Tokyo. Her True
passions are clubbing and racing. She began driving with Black Cat after she
rescued her from a fight at a club. While she knows little about cars, she is
learning from her guy friends. She atrracted attention on C1 despite her lack
of experience. She must have a talent for driving.
Rumor: -


Phase X:  A team composed solely of teenagers with a go-for-it atmosphere.
Their leader, Wild Bird, assembled the team from the middle school classmates
and acquaintances.  Thanks to this, the team enjoys strong bonds despite a
short history.  On the other hand, their funds and experience are abysmal.
Now driving as much as possible to make up the loss.

Wild Bird
Name: Katsuhisa Hamaike
Job: Freelancer
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile:Once a bully, he completely turned around after reading a book his
teacher recommended. He has chosen to live his life according to the motto of
Master One Thing! He purchased a car from a used car shop owned by his friend's
father and learned how to tune by reading books. His true skill is being able
to tune his machine to get maximum efficiency out of cheap parts.
Rumor: -

Flying Octopus
Name: Seiji Nunokawa
Job: College Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Flying Octopus and Wild Bird have been friends childhood and have a
mutual respect. Flying Octopus is modest despite his intelligence and family
weatlth. He isn't really that interested in cars, but feels that he has to
finish what he started. His car is pretty much standard,but he's made some
improvements to its specs. His driving skill is excellent and he never
Rumor: -

Melancholy Jupiter
Name: Shin Meguro
Job: Freelancer
Car: SILVIA S15 spec-R
Profile: A co-worker and friend of Wild Bird, Melancholy Jupiter is gentle with
a deep inner strength. He gives advice and tune ups when asked. His family owns
a car repair shop, so he has a lot of experience. He has only made minor
adjustments to the engine and suspension, but the machine is very fast.
However, his weak finishes keep him from winning most of his races.
Rumor: -

Stray Dog
Name: Etsuya Nakahara
Job: Freelancer
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Anothre of Wild Bird's teammates, Stray Dog is like the team mascot.
He is charming and liked by everyone. On the other hand, he is very sensitive
and often gets hurt in no-win situations. The previous owner outfitted his car
with used parts that make it harder to drive. Still, he has crazy driving
skills and loves to scare his competition with is total disregard for others on
the road.
Rumor: -

Tangerine Red
Name: Takeshi Suzaki
Job: DJ
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Tangerine Red is a famous club D.J. in the Shibuya area. He went to
New York on his own after Junior High and developed his own driving technique
by hanging around with street racers. He lost to a Japanese racer overseas and
is now seeking revenge. His car has a great sound system that attracts alot of
attention and he refuses to sacrifice performance for power.
Rumor: -

Angry Mars
Name: Mamoru Meguro
Job: College Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Angry Mars is Melancholy Jupiter's brother. Wilder and more trouble
prone than his sibling, if not for his brother's help, he would have been
kicked out long ago. He may be better than his brother when it comes to tuning,
but some say his driving ability isn't as good. However, he is practicing in
private and may soon surpass his brother in driving as well.  Cornering is his

Super Sideburns
Name: Tatsuji Minamikawa
Job: Dancer
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A classmate of Angry Mars known for his wicked sideburns, he dreams of
being on Broadway. He calls his driving style, "Screw Driving Method," and has
reduced the weight of his car to achieve quick steering and immediate response.
Like Angry Mars, he has great cornering ability, but his engine is getting weak
and doesn't give enough when it's need most.
Rumor: -


Max Racing:  A team composed solely of 4 door sedans.  Shares a strong intimacy
with its SS Limited affiliate.  Races around the metro with large-body
high-power tuned cars.  Has been around a long time, but member relations have
become shaky since beginning.  In particular, High Speeds Blue Thunder, White
Blade, and Blood Rain call themselves The 3 Musketeers and don't get along with
the others.

Golden Beast
Name: Masaki Koizumi
Job: Rental Video Store Worker
Car: CELSIOR UCF31 C specification F package interior selection
Profile: Golden Beast was overshadowed by the former team leader until he was
suddenly appointed to replace him. He only wants to gain the respect of his
peers, but he feels that he is falling short. Since his first car, a Celsior
given to him by his family, he has exclusively driven VIP cars.  You'd never
guess how he drives from his personality.
Rumor: -

Bloody Rose
Name: Omohiko Ashura
Job: Anime DVD Specialty Store
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: After losing his position as leader to Golden Beast, he took the
opportunity to start from scratch and even changed his machine. He also changed
hsi store to an Anime DVD specialty shop and has had much success. Normally a
gentle person, behind the wheel he transforms into a pushy and overbearing
beast and will do anything to keep his line.
Rumor: -

Crazy Hooligan
Name: Daisuke Iiyama
Job: Hardware Store Manager
Car: ARISTO JZS161 V300
Profile: Craz Hooligan joined the team at the same time as Golden Beast and
doesn't get well with the curent leader. He dramatically reduced the weight and
increased the engine of his huge sedan so that it now has awesome acceleration
that is threatens to blow the engine. This driver has great cornering ability
and takes advantage of his opponents when they flinch.
Rumor: -

Blue Shadow
Name: Takaki Wada
Job: Worker At A Food Company
Car: ARISTO JZS161 V300
Profile: Blue Shadow is the brother of Highway Bomber. He has been driving for
a while and thought the Knight was after him for his repuation, but they were
only looking into his wife's love affair. He has great power drifting skill,
but doesn't use his car's full potential. He often cracks at the pressure from
intense wheel spin on corners.
Rumor: -

Black Panther of Death
Name: Masaki Tanaka
Job: Works For A Toy Manufacturer
Car: CELSIOR UCF31 C specificaion F package interior selection
Profile: Masaki totaled his favorite car in a bad accident. It took him 3 years
to tune up his new car while struggling to pay off the loan. He's been learning
the new machine's limitsby trial and error and has finally tuned it for speed.
It is now fast on straightaways and downhill, but painfully slow on corners.
Still, he insists that sports cars should be made for one thing only: speed.
Rumor: -

High-speed Blue Thunder
Name: Masanori Takaoka
Job: Venture Capital Firm President
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Blue Thunder calls himself one of The 3 Musketeers of the Highway.
He started his own business and it has finally started to take off.
Unfortunatly, this means that he doesn't have as much time to drive lately. On
the other hand, he now has the means to improve his machine. Finally he can
improve its suspension. He is well mannered and has many friends, however some
take advantage of his good nature.
Rumor: -

High-speed White Blade
Name: Ryuta Kan-no
Job: Works For A Parts Maker
Profile: Another of The 3 Musketeers of the Highway, White Blae immersed
himself in the driving world as soon as he got his license. He works as a full
time demo car test driver and was attracted to 4-door sedans after watching
Blood Rain. His strength is his knowledge of parts and cars, but his love for
his machines prevents him from taking needed risks.

High-speed Blood Rain
Name: Akihiro Miyashita
Job: Company Executive
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: The man who got White Blade interested in 4-door sedans, he joined the
team and became one of The 3 Musketeers of the Highway. Once the boss of a gang
in his home town, he takes good care of people but can be hot-blooded and out
of control. He loves his car and takes great care of it, but has completely
sacrificed cornering performance in favor of sheer power.
Rumor: -


Strong Formation:  A team that consists of players of a corporate American
Football team.  The numerous members are physically strong and love cars.
To prevent injuries that could effect their games, the all wear protective
gear.  They are particularly good in battles were they go up against one

Reliable Center
Name: Masashi Ukida
Job: American Football player
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: A cheerful center from the American football team, the Crimson
Founded Strong Formation as a recreational team for the other players and it
became one of the best teams on the midnight new Kanjo Line within only one
Divided his 11 members on the Metro into Offense and Defense using terms from
Rumor: -

Offensive Lineman
Name: Yoshihiro Hozumi
Job: American football player
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: He's the commander for Offense 5 which includes Dashing Quarterback,
One-Shot Fullback, Fleet Wide Receiver and Maneuverable Running Back. He's good
at recruiting and his reputation with the older members is pretty good. But the
new and yougner guys avoid him because he doesn't nurture people well. In
he talks little and does what he needs to do.
Rumor: -

Dashing Quarterback
Name: Motoaki Oshima
Job: American football player
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: He's a gaudy, attention-grabbing dandy in both his main job and the
racing world. He trains quietly without drawing attention because he hates
people watching him get ready. He produces good results while still being
A hard worker, he's not satisfied with his current psoition in Offense 5, and is
working on his racing skills.
Rumor: -

One-shot Fullback
Name: Yoshimasa Togo
Job: American football player
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: He has a bit of a dangerous personality where he rolls his battle
opponenet with his overwhelming power. His motto is More power, more torque.
He has no equal inside the team, especially on the attack. However, he sometimes
loses control and brings destruction upon himself. Two years ago, he received a
6 month suspension from the leader because he totaled his car during a battle.
Rumor: -

Fleet Wide Receiver
Name: Takuro Tsutsumi
Job: American football player
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He receieves warm yet strict instructions from other team members just
like Defensive Back because he's the youngest in the team. Transsferred to
Offense 5 because he loose temper and aggressive tendencies, his strategic
shine when he finds a chance to get away from his opponent. Thinks Defensive
as a rival and possesses cool-thinking observation skills.
Rumor: -

Maneuverale Running Back
Name: Masao Fujisaki
Job: American football player
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: Adept at both defense and offense. His car's strong point is it's low
speed maneuverability and turning, in addition to being tuned for top speeds.
However, it is not good at mid-range speeds. It's an extreme performance car.
young and his team has high expecations since he's got a wide range of skills
which he uses for football. He's the vangaurd of Offense 5 of the Road Cruising
Rumor: -

Supreme Linebacker
Name: Takehiro Kamizaki
Job: American football player
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: The leader of the Defense 5 which forms a defensive line with 5 people,
including Defensive Linebacker, Defensive Back, Preeminent Middle Guard and
Perfect Nose guard. He seldom participates in most races thanks to his
position, and only takes the wheel when he has to. We can tell he's an
from his smart driving but there are many areas where his techniques are
Rumor: -

Defensive Lineman
Name: Yoji Numata
Job: American football player
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: The ultimate weapon on defense, he has the best skills in Defense 5 and
prefers a car with settings that emphasize maneuverability and acceleration,
go together with his tough looks. He learned his strategy of blocking from the
front from Supreme Linebacker, and it seems a natural fit for his personality.
loves Reggie White, master of defensive line.
Rumor: -

Defensive Back
Name: Katsuyoshi Iijima
Job: American football player
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: A cheerful center from the American football team, Crimson Strongarm.
Founded Strong Formations as a recreational team for the other players and it
became one of the best teams on the midnight new Kanjo Line withing one year.
Divided his 11 members on the Metro into Offense and Defense using terms from
Rumor: -

Striking Middle Guard
Name: Masaru Meguro
Job: American football player
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: He is like a brother to Perfect Nose guard, and coined the "Perfect"
in his name in order to encourage his friend. He takes good care of the members
the team and is considerate in following up and supporting others. Proud of his
own agility, he emphasized maneuverability for his car. He is flirtatious with
the girls, but deep down is a strongly principled person.
Rumor: -

Perfect Nose Guard
Name: Eisaku Asaoka
Job: American football player
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He's the vanguard for Defense 5, which lays in wait at parking areas,
and is lead by Supreme Linebacker. He's one of the most fearless on the team
and will dive into anything that catches his interest. Good at gradually
pressuring his opponent while determines the challenger's ability however, his
technique needs improvement in many areas. Often told by his leader to Build Up
Your Experience!
Rumor: -


Road Concerto:  A team formed by classical musicians.  They all have graceful
technique that even their opponents have to admire.  The member are rather
standoffish and do not involve themselves in each other's business.
On the other hand each members are very loyal to each other and will challenge
anyone who beats their teammate.

Galactic Concerto
Name: Hiromichi Tsuduki
Job: Conductor
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: He started racing on the Metro to make a change in his life while
struggling in a local band, but has just barely started to get recognition in
society. He purchased his new car with an advance on his pay. Although he asks
others to do the tuning, his orders are very detialed. He keeps his image of
ideal racing in his mind at all times, and races like a miracle when the image
and reality coincide.
Rumor: -

Remorseful Waltz
Name: Makto Kubou
Job: Cellist
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: He's been taking cello lessons since he was a child and is a world
renowned talent. His career as a racer is longer than Galactic Concerto and
ever since high school, he's been heading down to the Metro in a car he's
from his friend without asking. When he has the upper hand on his opponent he's
a force to be reckoned with, but when he gets behind he'll lose his nerve.
Rumor: -

Angry Variation
Name: Ai Motosuji
Job: Pianist
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: She was brought up like a princess with special schools and germ-free
culture, making her ignorant of the world's harsh realities, but she's
tough all the same. When she felt a 200mph battle for the first time, something
inside her chand. She's always late on the brakes and has no fear of speed.
Despite her crazy driving, she gets upset if opponents drives rough.
Rumor: -

Provocative March
Name: Hiroshi Orimoto
Job: Percussionist
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: He has a cheerful personality and devotes himself to creating
atmosphere in the orchestra. His relationship with Galactic Concerto has
survived since they were young. His car stresses speed, and when he gets
ahead of his opponent, he'll feint left and right as if he's provoking him.
His car's close to stock since he doesn't do much in the way of modifications.
Rumor: -


Second Chance:  A team of men who have endured hardships in life.  Each of
the members seek to win battles against the odds to regain confidence in
themselves.  Every member takes racing seriously and values each and every
race.  The team members have a strong bond with each other and tune the cars
themselves.  Their driving is stable but nothing amazing.

Grieving Prophet
Name: Tomo Nishiogi
Job: Lawyer
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version GT
Profile: When he took a big politician to court, they made a story about him
a corrupt lawyer. He was driven into a corner after dealing with the media. But
he's been impressed with King Speed's racing. Three years ago he decided to pull
himself out of the line of media fire. He's tenacious in batle, with an engine
that is set to accelerate steadily when it's needed.
Rumor: -

Passionate Guardian
Name: Kengo Kurita
Job: Medical doctor
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He was fired from a famous hospital when he tried to press charges
against the cheating direcor. He then ended up working at a declining hospital
in a low class area on the ouskirts of Tokyo. He began to feel a sense of
satisfaction by being able to work in an area where he was needed. The car he
got from his father runs like a new car despite having been used for more
than ten years.
Rumor: -

Twilight Saint
Name: Suguru Yatabe
Job: Ramen restaurant manager
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Graduating from high school, he learned the business living in a
well-established ramen restaurant. After ten years, he was finally able
to get his own restaurant. When he was thinking about going home and closing
his shop, one of his customers encouraged him not to give up, and he decided
to hold out. He drives the Metro looking for that customer, in order to
express his thanks.
Rumor: -

Angry Martyr
Name: Akiyuki Shiroyama
Job: Teacher
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: He was popular among his students and his reputation with his parents
was good too. But after a jealous colleague spread rumors about him, he ended
up losing his job. Later, he heard the story of his younger classmate who
became famous, and was inspired. He took his car and put it together
almost by himself from scratch, and set it up to do well in the low/mid
speed range.
Rumor: -

Mocking Saint
Name: Mirei Okuda
Job: Model
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Worked as a model for magazines since high school. There was a time
when she was called The Jewel of high school girls but she has been out of
work thanks to a scandal with a musician. She tunes a car that was given to
her during her peak herself. Good at clearing the corners by taking a careful
line and suddenly pulling away from her opponent on the straightaway.
Rumor: -

Hopeless Seeker
Name: Kazufumi Iseya
Job: Music composer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He chose the path of a composer because he was praised by his music
teacher when he was a child. There is a rumor that a number of his good songs
were created in his car. He was suspected of plagiarism three years ago and
hasn't received any work since. He has returned to his work for the first
time in a while. However, he occasionally produces and unbeliveable miracle.
Rumor: -

Troubled Follower
Name: Hiromitsu Kuromaru
Job: Composer trainee
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Got into many fights as a child and one day he landed in juvenile
detention, which led to a fateful meeting with Hopeless Seeker. While
Hopeless Seeker set down the path to becoming a composer, Hiromitsu left
detention and resumed his studies. He bought a car with the cash he saved
from a part time job, and drives it with no tuning skills. Grieving Prophet
thinks he has potential.
Rumor: -


M.E.: The official team of the tuning shop "Akihara Speed Factory".  Every
machine is tuned perfectly thanks to the professional efforts of its members;
however, they are lacking in drivers and falling behind in their ranking.
Their leader is their prized tuner and president, New Kanjo Line Mogul.
The former head of his college car club, he made his new team after losing to
Speed Planet.

New Kanjo Line Mogul
Name: Kenji Akihara
Job: Tuning shop manager
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He was president of a car club when he was in school. He went to work
his father's car maintenance shop after graduation. Thanks to a business
he now owns the tuning shop of his dreams. He's got good technique and tuning
He has a demo car for his store that is a well-engineered, high powered car that
can still accelerate well in the low/mid speed range.
Rumor: -

Spring Memory
Name: Koichi Hoshi
Job: Freelancer
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: From his appearance, you'd guess him to be an absent-minded university
student but, he changes into a smart driver as soon as he gets behind the wheel.
Discovered by New Kanjo Line Mogul, he works as a part time mechanic in the
Akihara Speed Factory and does the test driving as well. On the Metro, he drives
the demo car. He constantly collects data to determine the limitations of the
Rumor: -

Love Fantasy
Name: Masanobu Shiina
Job: Bank clerk
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: New Kanjo Line Mogul's junior. He was the ace of the car club but lost
the position thanks to his selfishness. He keeps driving on the Metro while he
works after graduation. He achieves sharp cornering by reducing the weight of
the car by changing the aerodynamics to FRP. When behind in a battle, he uses
careful observation to reverse the scales and come from behind to win.
Rumor: -

Quicksilver Labyrinth
Name: Maya Inomura
Job: Freelancer
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Spring Memory's supposed girlfriend, she's started coming on to Love
Fantasy since she joined the team. Her lack of knowledge about cars is
but her racing sense is good. She inconsciously changes how she races based on
opponent. The power of her car is kept down to increase maneuverability. Its
has been strengthened but the overall weight reduced.
Rumor: -

Risque Cat
Name: Namie Aikawa
Job: Part timer
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: She joined the team at the invitation of her brother after her divorce
from the Platinum Prince. She takes care of her only son while working part
time at a cafeteria. She overwhelms her opponents with almost masucline,
strenuous driving. Although her car's unbalanced, with unstable power, it's
easier to drive than a car with good tuning.
Rumor: -

Dancing Heroine
Name: Moe Noguchi
Job: Maid coffee shop worker
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: She works for a Maid Cafe in Akihabara and she goes stright to the
Metro after the cafe closes. She talks quietly at the cafe for business
purposes, but her real personality is quite masculine. If passed, she'll
pursue the car everywhere, cursing all the way. Very fierce at catching up
on the straightaway. However, cornering is not her strong point, and she
often ends up being overtaken.
Rumor: -

Naive Downtown Boy
Name: Motozumi Aikawa
Job: Scriptwriter
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Risque Cat's brother. he received an award in a scenario contest when
he was about 20, debuting as a scriptwriter. His works include a very popular
show that describes the friendships among racers, and he has many fans among
real racers. The main character is an actual racer who doesn't like fevered
battles thanks to his mild personality, and he knows when to quit.
Rumor: -


Rings:  A Long-running team currently on their 6th leader.  They have a law
that states new members must beat all current ones in battle before joining,
in order to keep up appearances.  Stand play during battles is also prohibited.
Recently their stoic nature has begun to change.  Determined not to rely on
their cars' performance, they constantly think about technique and balance.

Lone Jackal
Name: Mune Miyazawa
Job: Tuning shop management
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: The sixth leader of Rings. He's trustes by the previous leaders and
continues to train on a daily basis to keep their place as the strongest team
on the Metro. He was finally able to acquire a tuning shop and knows a lot of
people. He lowered the suspension a bit and bumped up the gear ratio. He really
takes off in the straightaways, which tends to demoralize his opponents.
Rumor: -

Stunning Tail Slide
Name: Goro Kishi
Job: Stationary manufacturer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Known for his way with women as well as for his racing skills. He
have more money or better looks, but the girls still go for him anyway, which
the other racers admire him, though not without a fair amount of envy. Looks
aren't deceiving, what you see is what you get. It's not just about speed, but
he also has cool techniques like a tail slide.
Rumor: -

Yosuke the Shooting Star
Name: Yosuke Arai
Job: Restaurant worker
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Part of the team before Lone Jackal became the leader. He's respected
the team as someone they can go to for advice. He wasn't satisfied with the new
leader, but now they understand each other. Focused on stiffening the body, and
thinks safety is the most important thing when going fast. He doesn't over do it
in races because defeat becomes sure when you run out of room in your soul.
Rumor: -

Hamada the Customizer
Name: Satoshi Hamada
Job: Curry shop management
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: He's been on the team longer than anybody else. He's the one who
Lone Jackal as the leader, and they have a good trusting relationship. When it
to tuning, he's not stuck on his own style. He's good at battles with mid-range
speed, but he only shows up on the Metro 2 or 3 times a year in a car with
those settings.
Rumor: -

Silver Angel
Name: Yoko Murakami
Job: College student
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: Known among the team as the spoiled girl, she's rude to Hamada the
which worries the other members. But, they've got a sibling-like relationship
and he takes care of her car's tuning. Her car is well balanced and
maintained by the best tuner on the Metro, and it rarely breaks down.
Despite her personality, she has a very serious attitude toward racing.
Rumor: -

Supersonic Demon
Name: Takafumi Iijima
Job: Construction equipment worker
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He was once in the top 5 on the Metro but peaked. He has issues with
Lone Jackel because he was very good friends with the old leader. Since he
can't be a leader based on his ability he would like to move to another team,
but the others don't want a racer who's on the decline. His mentality, however
has not declined.
Rumor: -

The Sensei
Name: Akihiro Goto
Job: Works at a printing company
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Responsible for training new team members because of his reliable
racing and his talet at taking care of people. He teaches at his own pace,
so rather than going into detail, he prefers to teach by example. He's
been able to reduce overall weight for his car, which yields higher speed
and stability and makes it seem like running lightning on the C1.
Rumor: -

Mynah Bird
Name: Hitoshi Mitamura
Job: Works at a printing company
Car: RX-7 RD3S Type RS
Profile: He's called Mynah Bird because he says what he's been taught is
just like a myna bird. But, he's almost passed The Sensei, a master driver.
His growth was also helped by having a junior. He gets the steady performance
as taught by his master in a car on which he increased the torque. His
next goal is more recognition as a driver. He drives with Stunning Tail Slide.
Rumor: -

Domino Spectrum
Name: Ryukoh Murakami
Job: Student
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Silver Angel's brother. He's humble compared to his sister, so the
older members like him. He's still inexperienced and still makes lots of
big mistakes. Repaired his engine overnight, sadly, after he blew it. When
his team offered their help, he stubbornly refused. He has a good feel
for tuning, and Hamada the Customizer asked why he won't be his apprentice
but he'd rather drive.
Rumor: -


2Limit:  A serious team from Yokohama.  A doctor at a large hospital leads the
team and the other members are also in the medical field.  They strive for
speed but also decorate their cars well.  The team members have excellent
concentration and work well together.  They frequently give health advice
to the often unhealthy Shutoko racers.

Roaring Tusk
Name: Naoya Hanemura
Job: Medical doctor
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: The oldest son of Tadashi Hanemura, the owner of Hanemura General
A surgeon who just finished his internship, he looks like he's a snob, but he's
actually smart and courageous. He drives a crazy car that is able to almost
instantly accelerate to 100mph with a fully tuned engine and enhanced clutch. He
has good reflexes that allow him to handle his car.
Rumor: -

Feelgood MD
Name: Yasushi Mitsukawa
Job: Medical doctor
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: A good friend and rival of Roaring Tusk since medical school. He's
cheerful, likes jokes, and is popular among the female nurses. Enjoys taking
his powerful car that's built for high speed trials and having fun cruising
the continuous corners on C1. The team members worry about his sanity, but
despite his looks, he has a reputation for subtle techniques as well as
operating skills.
Rumor: -

Solid Shark
Name: Tony Takazawa
Job: Security guard
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Of Japanese descent, he works as a security guard at Hanemura General
Hospital. He's been with the team the longest. Until recently, he covered
up his racing on the Metro, but he heard that Roaring Tusk is trying to be
known as the fastest driver around, and decided to come out of the shadow.
He has full control of his smooth engine, and he pressures his opponents
by taking a daring line.
Rumor: -

Pain Train
Name: Satoru Miyama
Job: Nurse
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: A caring (male) nurse who is loved by everyone. He'll occasionally
gather the kids in the hospital around and sing and play his guitar. The
car is a memorial to his father, who died 2 years ago. Originally, he wasn't
very into the Metro, but he gradually became more involved. His skill is
still immature, but he has talent. He tries to not annoy his enemy and
waits for them to get careless.
Rumor: -

Gold Digger
Name: Yoko Sugita
Job: Nurse
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: The poster girl for Hanemura General Hospital, she runs the front
desk with a smiling face. She wants to be a true life Cinderella story, so
she will try to close to a patient if they seem to be rich. She's loved cars
since she was a child and got her car right after got her license. She's
slowly getting her car tuned at a friend's shop and has a competitive model
on her own.
Rumor: -


Secret Code:  A team of spies from various countries.  All of them have a great
deal of experience and can not be intimidated.  Their vehicles contain various
equipment for gathering information.  The members come from different countries
and background but get along very well.  They try to be clandestine but can
not help but be noticed with their high level of skills.

Roaring Green Flame
Name: Matthew Strager
Job: Secret agent
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He looks like an IT worker, but that's just his cover. In reality, he's
a spy for another country and travels all around the world on business trips
various spy activities. He's received special training for his missions and has
high level of technique. You'd expect his car would be equipped like a car in a
spy movie, but surprisingly it just has standard options.
Rumor: -

Crimson Cloud
Name: Mark Hudson
Job: Secret agent
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: At first glance he appears to be a classy gentleman, but he's a total
and has been a spy for 20 years. He's been exposed to danger a lot in his job,
of it related to women, so he doesn't get much sympathy from his organization.
He's been driving Nissan Z-cars since the S30, and switches whenever a new
model comes out.
Rumor: -

Green Rock Chameleon
Name: Terry Chan
Job: Secret agent
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: An asian secret agent. Good at disguises and has been several hundred
different people. He wanted to be an actor when he was a student, but then
something happened that motivated him to become a spy. Even though he's set
a number of records on the Metro, most people don't know it's the same person.
He's got an adjustable stabilizer that he can adjust from inside the car.
Rumor: -

Lady of the Purple Seas
Name: Magie Rose
Job: Secret agent
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: She's a European secret agent who uses her looks as a weapon. All her
male racing aquaintances always lose. There were rumors that she was putting
something in their coffee, but it was later found out that they were affected
by her beauty. She'll follow relentlessly if she gets behind and has the
patience to wait for an opponent to lose their concentration.
Rumor: -


Be Legend:  A team composed of famous, skilled street racers.  However, they
are all past their peak and many of them once left racing for all kinds of
reasons.  Their team was formed by Supersonic Napoleon out of people with
varying problems.  They call their team the street racer rebirth factory and
encourage each other to overcome their age handicap.  Soon rose to the top
thanks to their old skill.

Supersonic Napoleon
Name: Yuji Kakioka
Job: Theater director
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Stared a drama group when he was a student. At first nobody wanted to
come and see him, but now his shows are sold out within a few hours. He brings
his surreal kitsch type world view to racing on the Metro. He drives an R32
with turbo boost, and uses a strengthened twin plate clutch. He drives wildly
to mess up his opponent's rhythm, and maintains an ideal line through corners.
Rumor: -

Lightspeed Goemon
Name: Katsuya Kogi
Job: Calligrapher
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He got his nickname because people think he looks like the master
Goemon Ishikawa. He was influenced by his grandfather, who was a noted
and entered the world of calligraphy himself. He's put a lot of work into his
paint job and is well received among the finsish detailing crowd. He likes
racing himself and often comes to the Metro to work off the stress of his work.
Rumor: -

The Performer
Name: Yuta Moriguchi
Job: Voice actor
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He works on all types of programs, from English launguage movies to
kid's shows. He became well acquianted with the creator who gave him advice
that he used for his current settings. He will get into the dialog from a show
while he's driving. He also runs into a lot of fains at the parking areas.
He's got a sensitive personality, so he can't use his abilities when he
gets unsettled.
Rumor: -

High Maintenance
Name: Chinatsu Moriyama
Job: Lawyer
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Studious since childhood, she passed the bar exam after graduating from
a famous university. She's got good looks and is popular with the clients but,
she's stubborn and she'll sometimes casually say things that hurt people. She's
got a low capacity for relationships and sometimes panics if she's alone with
a man. Becomes smarter and able to think quicker the faster she drives.
Rumor: -

Shiodome Genghis Khan
Name: Shunsuke Kitami
Job: Rancher
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: His wife's family owns a big ranch in Hokkaido. After getting married,
quit racing, was adopted by his wife's family and started work as a rancher. At
first there were many times when he didn't know what he was doing and wanted to
run away, but now he's grown accustomed to the ranch life. He used to race on
the Metro when he lived in Kanto, giving him a long career as a racer.
Rumor: -

Ryoma of the New Kanjo Line
Name: Daigo Kaneyama
Job: Trading company manager
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: A member of the drama company that Supersonic Napoleon presided over.
did various things, from acting to being a sound technician, but he left when
he got married. He still asked if he'll come back from time to time, and he's
not sure what to do. He's very creative in his tuning and if he's serious about
it he could become very fast.
Rumor: -

Weekend Marco Polo
Name: Naoki Fujimaki
Job: Sailor
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: He's driven the farthest of anyone on the team. He's spent most of his
life at sea and on The Metro. He's rough, but has a good heart and can often
be seen at the parking areas giving advice to new racers. he drives lightning
quick for his large body and does not slow down when taking corners. It's been
weel maintained and is able to run well against the new high powered machines.
Rumor: -

Blooming Riot
Name: Yusuke Tachigi
Job: Physicist
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He's got such a toned body and good looks that nobody would ever guess
he's a scientist by looking at him. He races in a 4 door sedan that's got a lot
of acceleration and maneuverability due to it's light weight and lets him
pressure rivals with dynamic driving. He says he came to the Metro for research.
Causes more trouble for the people around him then anyone else.
Rumor: -

Extreme Newton
Name: Yasuhisa Edashima
Job: Drama company member
Car: Celsior UCF31 C specification F package interior selection
Profile: He works for the drama company that Supersonic Napoleon presided over
the lead actor. He looks up to Ryoma of the New Kanjo Line as his senior, but
doesn't think highly of him as a racer. Lately he's been able to live on just
acting, but he used to need a part time job as well. He's proud that he was able
to hold onto his car at that time.
Rumor: -


Midnight Cinderella
Name:  Mitsue Hayashibara
Job: Translator
Car:  Midnight Cinderella / SE3PcuMC
Profile:  She has a long racing career on the metro.  Even veteran driver are
pressured by her well honed skills and perfectly tuned machine.  She knows
racers in America from studying abroad.  She's the most charismatic of all the
women drivers, and people ask her lots of questions.  She's got a refreshing
personality, and says what comes to mind in a way that doesn't make her a very
unique woman.
Rumor: -

Azure Sniper:
Name: Washihito Kazama
Job:  Casino Manager
Car:  Impreza GDB WRX STI Spec C
Profile:  A former rally driver, he's got good judgment and technique.  He's
customized a rally car and tuned it to run on the Metro.  He has the nickname
sniper because of his one shot knock out that makes his opponents very nervous.
He works out each day to build his endurance.  Women are attracted by his good
looks but he says he's not interested in the their volatile moods.
Rumor: -



Desire:  A goth type team that unleashes flashy colors on the Metro.  They seem
hard to talk to, perhaps because of their highly conspicuous outfits., as they
have little contact with other racers.  However they also have a number of
hidden fans thanks to their looks.  They're not the fastest, but they possess
more technique than one would think.  Thought to be a 3 girl team, but...

Betelgeuse of the Night
Name: Reira Tomokawa
Job: Fashion designer
Profile: Her racer dad got her interested in cars at an early age and as soon
as she got her liscense, she secretly started to drive her dad's car. She began
designing clothes as a hobby and caught the eye of a famous company and used
her income to buy a car. Her driving isn't smart like her dad's, but she
doesn't tune the machine enough. The only modifications she makes are to its
Rumor: -

Grieving Astellion
Name: Hoami Fukuto
Job: Domestic Help
Car: SILVIA S15 spec-R
Profile: A fan of the clothes that Betelgeuse of the Night designs, they met
online and soon became good friends. Grieving Astellion has a license, but is
shy and never thought to tune cars for battle. Now, she's become so involved
that she is the team's official mechanic. She drives to intimidate her
opponents, but has never thought to change mufflers or adjust suspension.
Rumor: -

Heretic Canopus
Name: Jun Morihashi
Job: Hair & Make-up
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A cousin to Betelgeuse, Heretic Canopus joined the team when she was
asked by her uncle to watch out for her cousin. Guys often try to talk to her,
but she stares them down until they back off.  She sacrifices power for other
specs and continues to figh no matter how far behind she may be. She responds
well to pressure and is better at cornering than most others on the team.
Rumor: -


Family Business:  The grandfather, a former test driver for Nissan, created a
team fearing that his son's family was growing apart.  He enlisted all the
members of his son's family to join the team to force them to interact with
each other.  The grandfather acquires cars for cheap through his connections
and has them teched out by old school mechanics that worked for Nissan for

Name: Shintaro Hirohata
Job: Driving School Instructor
Profile: Godfather started "Family Business" in an effort to preserve his son's
marriage. He used to be a test driver but is now a driving instructor. At 62
years old, he drives a 30 year old S30 and what he lacks in power, he makes up
for with experiences and mental strength. He is first and foremost a loving
grandfather, but he won't hold back on the road.
Rumor: -

Outside Garter
Name: Kohjiro Hirohata
Job: Automobile Mechanic
Car: FAIRLADY Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-Bar Roof
Profile: Forced to join when his brother established the team, Outside Garter
was put in charge of maintaining and tuning the team's cars all by himself. He
was never a match for Godfather and his only source of pride over his brother
was his younger, more attractive wife. Although, now they've seperated for
unknown reasons.
Rumor: -

Greatest Papa
Name: Shinsuke Hirohata
Job: Company Executive
Profile: Greatest Papa has led a sincere and honest life, earning him a postion
as a company executive. However, when he finally stopped and took a look at his
family, he saw that it was about tocollapse. His daughter had joined a gang and
his son was a shut-in. He decided to start Family Business with his dad,
Godfather. He drives a souped up Z33 and drives to inspire his children.
Rumor: -

Big Mama
Name: Misa Hirohata
Job: Homemaker
Profile: Once against the idea of starting a driving team, she was persuaded by
her father-in-law to try to save her loveless marriage and, much to her
surprise, the family is happier and she has even learning to enjoy driving.
She's been improving her machine with the money she had secretly been saving.
In fact, her car has the best specs on the team.
Rumor: -

Innocent Lady
Name: Misuzu Hirohata
Job: College Student
Car: FAIRLADY Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-Bar Roof
Profile: Fed up with her father who had neglected his family, Innocent Lady
moved into a dorm at college. She now enjoys her freedom but has joined the
family team after breaking up with her boyfriend. For now, she races to
humiliate her racer ex, but one day she vows to out-race her parents and free
herself from them as well.
Rumor: -

Quick Kid
Name: Sasuke Hirohata
Job: Parking Staff
Car: FAIRLADY Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-Bar Roof
Profile: Praised for his natural talent, he collapsed from the pressure placed
on him and holed up in his room. This didn't amke things any easier for an
already troubled family. His grandfather persuaded him to join the family team
and he has started to remember what it is like to be happy. He drives to become
closer to his family, and his driving skill seems to be getting better
each day.
Rumor: -


Cool Energy:  A team made by IT millionaires with office in the most expensive
area of Tokyo.  Their technique could be better but their abundant funding
allows them some success.  They perform well against the midcless drivers but
get beat down by the veterans.  Their yuppie attitude is unpopular among the
old school, hardcore teams.  The members are not very close to each other.

Incentive Joker
Name: Souta Sako
Job: IT Firm President
Car: ARISTO JZS161 V300
Profile: A multimillionaire who works hard for his company, Incentive Joker
lives in a multi-story condo that costs more than 1 million yen per month. Most
of his employees are in their 30's and cause him great stress. He drives to
calm his nerves. His highly tuned machine uses titanium aircraft parts and
imported brake calipers and is worth as much as a high-end sports car.
Rumor: -

Manhattan Dreamer
Name: Yuichi Gun
Job: Investment Firm Advisor
Profile: Manhattan Dreamer's company has expierenced huge growth, but for him,
racing fills an emotional gap that the "good life" can't provide. Before he
knew t, he spent several million yen on his car. Still, he considers it a good
investment and never forgets to take good care of the body, brakes, and
anything else crucial to his survival.
Rumor: -

Jet Black Trader
Name: Teruaki Atugawa
Job: Securities Salesman
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: A success in his professional life who's marriage ended in failure, he
ran into the team leader, who was a junior of his at the university, and joined
the team. His first car was an import that cost millions, but he traded it in
for something different. Lately, he's so obessed with racing that he doesn't
get any work done. He doesn't seem to care much either.
Rumor: -

Margin Zero
Name: Tatsuro Sotozaki
Job: IT Firm Worker
Car: CIMA GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Margin Zero helped found the company 5 years ago along with the
leader. After all his hard work, he's finally got a handle on management. Now
he makes a great salary and is very successful. For a while he and the leader
had been drifting apart, but even this seems to have improved. He's been
gaining experience behind the wheel and getting used to his car too.
Rumor: -

Avenging White Knight
Name: Shinya Aragaki
Job: Investment Firm Advisor
Car: CELSIOR UCF31 C specification F package interior selection
Profile: Avenging White Knight has a great rivalry with Manhatten Dreamer both
at work and on the Metro. He hasn't been able to get a company of his own
running and tries to make up for this on the road. Unfortunately, neither he or
his car has the endurance and he rufuses to listen to others' advice. He often
starts off in excellent shape but has trouble going the distance.
Rumor: -


Twister:  A team based on focusing on Mazda cars, it's members share a love for
Rotary Engines.  Named for the way their cars seem to twist around consecutive
corners, but also used sarcastically should one of them spin out.  The team's
history goes back a long way.  While other teams from their era may have faded,
they continue to survive.

Blazing Mirage
Name: Kazuo Kasai
Job: Trading Company Employee
Profile: Blazing Mirage mastered driving and tuning when he fell in love with
the RE that he bought cheap. As he became more and more obsessed with driving,
he lost his wife and went deep in debt. He is a good driver, but doesn't have
the focus to compete in long races. Still, he is able to miraculously adapt his
cornering to nearly any situation.
Rumor: -

Smiles Free
Name: Yasuyuki Sakairi
Job: Hamburger Stand Manager
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: This FD driver has a trademark friendly smile. He was born in the
Kansai area, but relocated to Tokyo 7 years ago for his job. He is a hard
worker with a good reputation. The FD he drives is a hand-me-down from his
brother and has a durable body and tight suspension that makes for a smooth
ride. Smiles Free is good at cornering at high speeds with precise steering.
Rumor: -

Sweet Blues
Name: Suzuna Kawamoto
Job: Domestic Help
Profile: Sweet Blues seems to drive by instinct, but she lacks concentration,
so her driving is erratc. She likes Blue Rider, but is tired of waiting for him
to make a move. So she told him that if he won a race, she would consider a
serious relationship with him. Her driving skill is improving, but her mind
keeps drifting back to her love troubles.
Rumor: -

Blue Rider
Name: Tadashi Mochida
Job: Works At A Software Company
Profile: Blue Rider can't stand to lose and will only when he has a clean shot
at the flag. He values fast acceleration, high mobility and hard braking. He
was insterested in Sweet Blues for a long time and finally told her how he
feels. She told him that if he wins, she'll consider a serious relationship.
However, this only fed his complex and now he's more reserved than ever.
Rumor: -

Shooting Star
Name: Daisuke Makihara
Job: Salaried Employe
Profile: Shooting Star lost his focus for a while after his hero retired, but
he got over it and has begun to drive again with an upgraded machine and
renewed vigor. Shooting Star is a drifter who works his way to the top in
rallies, but his greatest skillis in navigating turns. He tuned his engine to
near perfection and is known for his steering and acceleration.
Rumor: -

Baron Kagetsu
Name: Nagahide Kagetsu
Job: Royal
Profile: Born into a well-known wealthy family in Japan, Baron Kagetsu bought a
car on his 18th birthday. This was ment to be his ticket into the racing world,
but after borrowing an FD from a friend, he didn't want to go back. His
original car has amazing acceleration, but is difficult to tune.  It is also
slow on corners and tends to fishtail on straightaways.
Rumor: -

Shutoko Showers
Name: Shiro Hosoyama
Job: Singer
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Unable to sell his CD's, Shutoko Showers has found himself in Baron
Kagetsu's care. He joined to make his patron happy and was initially worried
about losing his support. But his popularity and creativity have both improved
since then, along wih his skill. He is a hard worker, but doesn't have enough
money for tuning since he makes barely enough to survive.
Rumor: -


Far Away:  A team of middle aged drivers.  They are here to show the youngsters
what real racing is.  They cover for their lack of stamina with their abundant
experience.  Their cars have been finely tuned over the years and are very
complete.  The team is famous for its accurate and steady racing but on
occasion they have been known to battle rough.  They hate being treated like
old men.

Maximum Eagle
Name: Renji Kunimachi
Job: Antique dealer
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: Struck it rich on an investment a while ago and thought he was set for
easy retirement, but he's now eating up the money. A lot of people around him
driving imported cars but he was driving a 1970 Supra. He has a high powered car
that can accelerate from the low/mid speed range to 150mph almost instantly. The
sight of him taking a corner while decelerating is beautiful.
Rumor: -

Mysterious Hawk
Name: Tsutomu Noborikawa
Job: Fine arts dealer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Although he's not in Japan most of the time because he's traveling
the world, he goes to the Metro as soon as he's back. He won't wait to give a
racer with bad manners words of warning. His nickname is Dad thanks to his
personality. Although people though he was tuning to provide terrifying
he has only adjusted the basic engine tuning and reduced the weight.
Rumor: -

Riverside Crow
Name: Arnold Watts
Job: M&A consultant
Car: Fairlady Z FCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: Although he always does risky stuff at the parking areas and gets
jeers from
the people around him, he shows his genius in body tuning. He founded his
company when
he was 30. He raised it purely with good instinct and words. He's been tuning
cars and his favorite quote is Whether You Can Utilize the Car or Not Depends
on the
Body. He claims he made the body of King Speed's car.
Rumor: -

Melodious Condor
Name: Keiichiro Yoshida
Job: Musical instrument store owner
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Quiet but good natured, and always smiling. Riverside Crow always
mocks him,
but he never gets upset. He has a detailed knowledge of suspension tuning, and
he can
guess the spring rate for the back and front just by watching a race. As is
the suspension of his car has been almost totally adjusted, and the engine is
almost normal.
Rumor: -

Woodpecker Syndrome
Name: Keisuke Taira
Job: Bank clerk
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: He has a vibe that makes him difficult to approach and is not good at
or listening to jokes. But he's not always serious and, in fact, has a rather
side as well. He was obsessed with his car as a student, but stopped racing
he began work. His passion for racing was revived when his son became hooked on
a racing game. He purchased a new car without telling his family.
Rumor: -

Miraculous Flamingo
Name: Kaname Takami
Job: CG designer
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: Switched from a woodblock print artist to a CG designer and attracts
attention to his graphics that have blended with the heart of Japan. Moves
and can talk to anybody. He tunes his engine himself but is has been a long
time since he last did it, creating a problem with durability. His speed on
the straightaways is good but slows down when exiting a corner.
Rumor: -

Penguin Drive
Name: Kansuke Matsudaira
Job: Political secretary
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: While being a secretary for an assembly member in Nagoya, the party
discovered him when he came for support and he was lured away to Tokyo. He knows
the reason for this isn't his ability but thinks that his superious want a
connection to the tuning industry. He hasn't made up for the weak points of a
sedan, but his ride is very stable. However, he needs to adjust the
Rumor: -

Gloating Dove
Name: Robert Blester
Job: Soldier
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: An American army mechanic with native American ancestry. He's pretty
good at car maintenance and takes care of all his teammates' cars. He's
somewhat of a trickster, and all the members of the team have been pranked
at least once. He pursues the joy of driving as well as speed. His way
of racing is normally quiet, but if he gets angry he becomes aggressive
and unstoppable.
Rumor: -

Albatross on a Moonless Night
Name: Kohzo Kamikita
Job: Handicapper
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: The oldest member of the team, he has yet to show his age and has a
fierce vitality. He gets no complaints about his technique because he's
driven his car for more than 30 years. Also, his car has less power than when
it was new. The car itself is well-seasoned, but new parts have been added.
He's very careful about his maintenance and has surprisingly little trouble
with his car.
Rumor: -


Danji:  A team of burly men from Kyushu.  All the members are large men driving
large sports cars who often frighten people with their imposing physique.
Contrary to how they might look, they are all good natured men.  They aim to be
the fastest in Shutoko but secretly also want a cool Tokyo girlfriend.

Wild Man Hayato Satsuma
Name: Seiji Hyuga
Job: CAD operator
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Used to race primarily on mountain passes in Kagoshima before a change
heart. He wants to show the weak Tokyo racers the true spirit of Kyushu men,
which brought him and his Danji all the way to The Metro. Almost gave up on
the Metro's tight corners, hidden up-downs, and unbeliveably bad road
conditions, but decided to keep up his efforts thanks to the support of his
Rumor: -

Roaring Volcano
Name: Shingo Kimura
Job: Tax accountant
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He hails from Kagoshima prefecture. He's older than his friend, the
Wild Man Satsuma Hayato. He supported the team in as a consultant. He's
normally quiet and mature, but when he's racing his true feelings surface and he
overpowers his opponent. His takes off like a rocket when he floors it. Lately
he's more involved in the races than with his real job.
Rumor: -

Genkai Seashore
Name: Koh Todoroki
Job: Construction worker
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He's from the city of Kokura. He has developed his stamina as a
construction worker, so he is well suited for long battles. The other members
admire him because he always goes for a close win always trying to stretch
his limits and improve. He's worried that someone will reveal that Kokura
is not on the Genkai Sea, and that others will think he may not be as hardcore
as they think.
Rumor: -

The Unknown Saga
Name: Jiro Minowa
Job: Nondestructive inspector
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: From Saga prefecture, which became popular thanks to a famous
comedian. He doesn't talk about himself, so the other members are always
speculating about him, but he's actually the only son of a local big shot.
He ran away to rebel against his dad who was satisfied with small town
things and wasn't interested in things outside the prefecture.
Rumor: -

Zephyr Tree Monkey
Name: Yoshitomo Nagata
Job: Pharmacist
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: Hails from Kumamoto prefecture. Believe in the Monkey. If you do, you
will have Happiness, is his motto, and true to his word, he loves monkeys.
He has 3 ceramic monkeys mounted on his dashboard. He drives fast and likes
to weave right and left when passing through traffic. His weaving when
challenging his opponents can be a problem, as he tends to lose control
and then pray to the monkeys for help.
Rumor: -

Dejima Trial
Name: Koji Igusa
Job: Real estate appraiser
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Hails from Nagasaki prefecture. He's not the type to be complex
or routine and is always looking for something new. Whenever there is a
new piece of equipment, he's sure to try it out on his car whenever he can.
He's humble about being rich and has an unpretentious personality that
everybody likes. But the goddess of victory isn't looking favorably on
him and his losing streak shows no end.
Rumor: -

Nichinan Phoenix
Name: Kaoru Hisasaka
Job: Construction operator
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Hails from Miyazaki. He's a nice guy with a tan a fresh smile and
sparkling teeth. He married a lday from Hokkaido and left his newlywed bride
behind to go race. It doesn't matter if he's racing, he still answers the
phone if she calls, causing him to suddenly slow down. Incidentally, the
Phoenix in his name isn't the bird, it's Greek for Date Tree.
Rumor: -

Hell's Hotspring
Name: Mutsu Kayama
Job: Outdoor instructor
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: He's the 2nd son of a family that owns a hot springs resort in Beppu.
His parents are opposed to him racing, but he joined while doing field
research for hot springs. He is a man of conviction. When he decides
on a line, he pursues it even if it appears to be too tight. But, he always
comes up and apologizes for his disrespectful behavior.
Rumor: -


Red Pollution:  A team of foreigners that driver rough and high powered sports
cars.  The cars are tuned for power with out a consideration for the endurance
of the vehicle.  Consequently the cars have problems frequently.  The members
do not interact much with each other and mostly drive on their own.  The team
only gathers once or twice a year.

Mad Stranger
Name: Terry Sommers
Job: Casino dealer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Owns a casino bar in Roppongi. On the surface, it seems that he runs a
clean game, but there are rumors that it's not a so clean beneath the surface.
At first he seems to be a nice guy, but watch out when he gets angry. He uses
black market SPL parts and tunes everything from the engine to the suspension.
He tries to win using vicious methods that others would never consider.
Rumor: -

Pride Killer
Name: Kom Hornell
Job: Novelist
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: He used to race for the team that had the worst reputation on the
but he betrayed his leader and changed to his current team. He flattered Mad
and wants to move into a leadership position. He tuned his vehicle to accent
acceleration, and blocks once he gets in front. If his opponent tries to take
lead, he'll pull into them even though it might cause a crash.
Rumor: -

Jungle Tequila
Name: Anne Giacomo
Job: Fashion model
Car: Fairlady Z HCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: She uses off-color humor that makes even men blush. She thinks it's
and sexy but it's closer to sexual harassment. But at work she pretends to be
innocent and virtuous. She ordered a top brand bucket seat to go along with the
sexy body she's so proud of. Her engine has stable torque no matter what the
speed and she makes her foes run into her.
Rumor: -

Spark Moon
Name: Mike Akiba
Job: Restaurant ower
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Though he appears frail and weak, this is just for show. In reality, he
would betray even his own team. He regularly advertises bad parts as if they're
valuable and sells them at high prices. If he ever gets caught, he plays to
their emotions to get out of trouble. He also finds cars that are weaker
than his and then pressures them until they make a mistake.
Rumor: -

Unsinkable Giant
Name: Michael Jean
Job: Sailor
Car: Skyling Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: A racer from Nagoya, he was put out on the strongest foreigner team in
Tokyo, but was amazed at how aggressively they race. His style is always in
opposition to Mad Stranger, but nobody takes his side, making him and outcast.
He'd like to change teams, but people look at him differently just because
he belongs to Red Pollution, and won't accept him on his own terms.
Rumor: -

Driving Sir
Name: Cain Geitest
Job: Interperter
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2b2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He has unsavory ties with Pride Killer from the previous team. He brags
about being a knight in his home country of England, but thay may not be true.
He pretends he's an elegant gentlemen, but his violent temper surfaces when
his car gets a scratch. Some racers have even left the sport after battling him.
He's gone through 7 cars, and has had opponents pay for all of them.
Rumor: -


Oberon:  The leader Oboro has been driving the Shutoko for five years but does
not have much of a presence.  They seek to make a name for themselves in the
recent generation change of the Shutoko.  Oboro challenges people from nowhere
and gets ahead before they know it.  It's hard to say if that's really fair
but their battle records are quite impressive.

Baffle Coptor
Name: Shoma Suzuki
Job: Wildlife photographer
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Quiet, bashful and shy around strangers, he's only really comfortable
hiding in the bushes looking through a viewfinder or sitting alone in the
seat. Although he's been racing on the Metro for 5 years, nobody really took
notice of him until recently, and now he has more associates and is becoming
more of a team, causing him to associate more with other's now.
Rumor: -

Demon Path Asura
Name: Tatsumi Sato
Job: Hunter
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: As hunter, he has a habit of hiding his tracks, an when he realizes
he also realized he had no friends. He challenges other to races where he can be
the hunter, and when the opponent thinks he's not there and leaves, he smiles to
himself and considers himself the winner. One day he battled Demon Path Asura,
was able to track him and beat him up.
Rumor: -

Kabukicho Screamer
Name: Toshifumi Tanaka
Job: Sandwich board advertiser
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR Version VI
Profile: Normally he doesn't stand out, but as soon as he puts on the
advertising board
he becomes excited, which lead him to become on of the most famous sandwich
advertisers in Kabukicho. He gets nearly 800,000 yen per month from his job,
and uses
this abundance of money to tune his GC8 to peak performance. Thanks to his long
days, he lacks the stamina for long battles.
Rumor: -


Blood Tears:  One of the top class teams in the shutoko.  As Snakes Eyes goes
around destroying teams, they managed to get the lead with their high
performance vehicles.  They have a reputation of being rough drivers that to
anything to win.  For this reason they don't get along with Freedom Light.
The cars are also very fashionable with their black based paint job.

Relentless Racer
Name: Yasushi Ogata
Job: Hustler
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He comes to the Metro from the Northern Kanto regrion and has a beef
Harvest Waltz. Both came to the Metro at the same time and are racing to see who
can put together the stronger team first. He's put a load of money into his car.
He used to spot welding to improve the body stiffness and has a suspension
on traction to crte a powerful ride.
Rumor: -

Green Snatcher
Name: Yoshio Yano
Job: Wieght-lifter
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: Relentless Racer's disciple. He believes in his experience more than
and will battle anyone without hesitation. Talented at tuning, he takes care of
of the member's cars. He's good at short battles, but will take heat
just in case the battles goes too long. He has patience to wait for a chance to
Rumor: -

Name: Mitsugu Fujikura
Job: Stunt man
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: He isn't very outspoken because he's the youngest on the team, but he
has good
skills. He avoids the strong blocks easily, and he won't let them by if he gets
He seeks to achieve total speed through balanced tuning. The suspension is set
with a
rear wheel drive-like feel. Created a car that is light weight and highly
by using carbon materials.
Rumor: -

Name: Kanji Shimabukuro
Job: Noh actor
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: Has a very feminine face and a quiet personality. However, he has a
very sharp
tongue which always make Undying Duelist nervous. He practies diligently and
shouts as
loud as the engine during a race. His car is heavy, but he has reduced the
wieght in
detail and improved his cornering. It doesn't matter if he's ahead or behind, he
simply drives at his own pace.
Rumor: -

Tricky Rental
Name: Ryota Shimozuki
Job: Advertisement planner
Car: Impreza GDB STI spec C
Profile: Always joking around, so much so that nobody's ever seen him with a
face. He's on the Metro each night in a GDB he borrowed from a friend on the
staff. In exchange, it's well taken care of by a shop, so there's no trouble.
are times he's lost by listening to the wrong information, but he mostly sticks
the basics and has moderate times in any stage.
Rumor: -

Old Roller
Name: Takaya Azumi
Job: Software developer
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: Resembling a scholar more than a racer, he's not good with people and
usually alone even in the parking areas. However, he loves the team twice as
as the others. He's very detailed in his tuning, often driving for a little bit
and then stopping to make an adjustment. Changes settings all the time so there
no set specs in order for him to make adjustments quickly.
Rumor: -

Manga Marauder
Name: Kiyoshi Tabata
Job: Cartoon writer
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: He started drawing cartoons in elementary school and earned the
newcomer award
when he debuted at age 18. In hopes of sparking a comeback, the editor
suggested he do
car related cartoons. He started to race to get research for this, but has spent
quite a bit more time behind the wheel than behind the pen. He has done a lot of
research into drawing cartoons, so he a lot of knowledge.
Rumor: -

Sankai Southern Cross
Name: Mitsuyoshi Seki
Job: Announcer
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: He got a job at a local TV station after graduating from university.
As a
reporter, he has done everything from cow milking to bungee jumping. The car's
great shape when it was given to him by his senior, and he's done little to
change it.
He won't give up if he's behind, but once he's ahead he'll sometimes make
from the pressure.
Rumor: -

Metal Blaster
Name: Masakazu Matsubayashi
Job: Toy store manager
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: He really like Sci-Fo movies since childhood and this influenced him
to get
his current job. He prefers refined driving to power, and doesn't shove his
in order to take the lead. He likes to draft the opponent waiting for a chance
when a chance appears, he's gone.
Rumor: -

Name: Katsumi Mikuriya
Job: Therapist
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: A famous therapist who has published several books. He's been on TV
and is
a very popular personality. He's always got a soft smile and never gets angry,
everyone likes him. He just recently joined the team and although his ability is
lower than the other members, his racing is quite good. He knows his car well
that he's able to get sufficient performance out of it.
Rumor: -


Freedom Light:  A team known for their exceptional skill and speed.  They prize
fair driving and are enemies with Blood Tears.  Although their team is still
new, they have battled and beaten many older skilled teams.  Their tuning
level is also high and their cars are built for performance.  Possesses many
highly talented members who exhibit extra-ordinary driving.

Harvest Waltz
Name: Nobuo Nogata
Job: Dancer
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: His father used to be the leader of the largest, most power team in
and worked as a tuner after he retired. As a result, he was always close to cars
as he was growing up. He picked up his first wrench when he was 12, and has been
working on cars everyday since then. He learned how to race cleanly from his
and gets upset when he sees dirty racing.
Rumor: -

Bayside Typhoon
Name: Ryu Tsuchimori
Job: Radio personality
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He works at a large radio station. He used to have a very popular
radio program and a fulfilling life, but one day, he asked himself "What do I
want to do?" and quit. He then started a mini FM station with some friends.
He's a
good support for Harvest Waltz, and he has a car that holds to the road and
lose traction at high speeds even when taking corners.
Rumor: -

Thrilling Noise
Name: Tomohiro Katsuta
Job: Adventurer
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: A natural adventureer who's faced many places, from snowy mountains,
to the
deep sea, to the jungle. He set out for strange lands with his farther and
at age 14. His perseverance shows in his driving. In order to avoid problems,
very methodical about his maintenance. If he feels that something is wrong, he
will stop
driving instantly. Now, he goes all out wherever he possible.
Rumor: -

Rotary Blues
Name: Manjiro Kiniwa
Job: Japanese theacher
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: This popular teacher has overhauled the engine and made a car that has
power to own the straightaways. His ability to corner elegantyly while running
light in
the rear is highly praised by racers on the other teams. Harvest Waltz doesn't
like this,
so he's changing to a more hard line racing style.
Rumor: -

Street Sage
Name: Tadashi Teruya
Job: Construction manager
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He is mature for his age and gives advice to people who are older than
Usually looks after a number of people, so when he can get away in a car by
it's like an oasis. If he finds a weakness he'll fix it ASAP and verify the
while racing the next day. He is careful in his battles and won't use a
until he's 100% sure it will work.
Rumor: -

Fuel Control Specialist
Name: Akikatsu Tobe
Job: Auto mechanic
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: He's been at his current job for over 10 years. He knows everything
is about cars. He's more knowledgeable about fuel control than just about
Hes' good at racing where you have to hold your speed, and does well enough,
but he's
not quite to the point where it's stable yet.
Rumor: -

Lunatic Lullaby
Name: Satoshi Myogaya
Job: Children's nurse
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: The children love his bright personality. He was dumped by his
of 3 years, and he took the wedding money he was saving and bought a car... He
the attention of Harvest Waltz while still a beginner, and was soon recruited.
He makes
big mistakes due to his inexperience, but knows how to drive a tuned car and is
to have a bright future ahead of him.
Rumor: -


Juicy Heaven:  A female only team famous for their skill as well as their
sexiness.  They stand out among the male dominated Shutoko and have a strong
following.  People are quick to notice their good looks but they are quite
skilled drivers as well.  The team members leave lecherous follower far behind
in their high performance vehicles.

Seductive Amethyst
Name: Aina Mohri
Job: Counselor
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Lived in America from age due to her mother's work. She studied
there, and when she returned to Japan she started working at a counseling
center in
Omotesando in Tokyo. She hasn't seen her father for close to 20 years, since her
mother got divorced when she was a child. It's rumored that the way she drives
the hearts of her opponents.
Rumor: -

Beautiful Moonstone
Name: Sachiko Mohri
Job: Esthetician
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Half Japanese and half German, she has had a complex since she was a
because she doesn't look Japanese. Had a boyfriend 20 years older than her in
but he suddenly died 2 years ago. The car she now drives was the last present
he gave
her, and she believes that the best way to honor his memory is for her to do
her best here.
Rumor: -

Passionate Topaz
Name: Miki Nishiyama
Job: Hostess
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Took over the debt of her boyfriend and quit her junior college to
work in a
bar. Before she knew it, she had become a first class hostess who knew that she
the best. However, that doesn't mean she's stuck up, as she still gets along
with others. She heard that the ex-boyfriend who left her the debt raced on the
so she got into racing to get revenge.
Rumor: -

Volumptuous Aquamarine
Name: Yasuko Muto
Job: Bus guide
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: She was born into a rich family that anyone would envy, but her father
cheated when she was in high school and they lost everything. Luckily, he
father had
a lot of dealings with foreign countries, and she learned a lot of languages
growing up.
She became a bus tour guide for tourists coming from overseas, and became a
racer on the
Metro to learn more about Tokyo.
Rumor: -


Aquarium:  A team of singles.  It was started as a light hearted singles club
but has become a serious team over time.  The team has a rule of having to
leave the team once getting married.  They try to meet other singles by
battling them but have a tendency of beating them down mercilessly.  They go
back and forth between wanting to settle down and wanting to be the fastest
in the Shutoko.

The Philosopher
Name: Motokazu Hanemura
Job: Surgeon
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: A famous surgeon who's name is known worldwide. He's the leader of
and the brother of Roaring Tusk. He usually has at least 3 girlfriends at any
time, with his personal record being 5 at once. Has a very strong rivalry with
brother. He's driven a GT-R since the BNR32, but since his brother changed cars
feels he should upgrade.
Rumor: -

Shocking Express
Name: Masa Nomoto
Job: Dairy farmer
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Lives 2 hours by train from the city, in small town with nothing but
and fields. he's been driving the mountain passes for a while, making him quiet
good at
racing. He's put a lot of money into his car, and everything from the engine,
to the
suspension, to the body, is perfect. He's finally found a girl who he thinks he
marry, and there are rumors that he might quit racing.
Rumor: -

Innocent Rogue
Name: Maiko Fukiishi
Job: Department store worker
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Works at the cosmetic counter at a famous store in Ginza, where she's
doing well.
She has high standards and is having a hard time finding the right guy. She
first drove
a tuned car on the Metro and people think she has talen and potential. She's at
disadvantage on the Wangan Line because she places emphasis on acceleration and
she does
this rapidly out of the corners.
Rumor: -

Mad Tripper
Name: Tetsuo Kumada
Job: Lawyer
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: When it comes to the law, there's no one better, but it in matters of
love, it's a
different story. He has a fear of women, so cars and the law have been his life
for 34 years.
Lately he's gotten to the point where he's at least able to greet the women
racers. He
drives a fully tuned JZA80. It's got lots of power and torque, and can battle
like you
wouldn't believe.
Rumor: -

Pop Heart
Name: Atsuhsi Tobata
Job: Song writer
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spe C
Profile: Writes songs for idols all the way to popular ballads. A bit of a
redneck, he's not
popular with the women, but he's a romantic at heart. He's been driving since
he was
young, so he has good technique. His srong obessions about his tuning can
be a problem. On top of that, he's got a weakness in his mentality where he
mistakes if pressured by his opponents.
Rumor: -

New Wave Forever
Name: Masahiro Sai
Job: Magazine editor
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: He's the editor of a men's weekly journal, which keeps him busy and his
life shceduled down to the minute. He'd like  to get married, but doesn't have
many chances to meet people. He's registered with dating sites online, but he
thought it would be good to have similar hobbies, which led to his joining the
team. he doesn't have much time to practice, so his technique is unrefined.
Rumor: -

Triple Axle
Name: Natsuki Motoi
Job: Newspaper reporter
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: A former figure skater, she got injured before the Olympics and was
not able to compete. She married a co-worker when she was 24 and got divorced
3 years later. As her child got older, she felt the need for a father figure
and joined the team soon after. She's having a hard time finding a guy because
she has a fairly masculine personality.
Rumor: -

Bubly King
Name: Tomonori Midorikawa
Job: Event producer
Car: Cima GNF50 450 VIP
Profile: He's still lives like he was before the economic bubble. Even though
his income is down, he hasn't cut back on his lifestyle, and has racked up a lot
of debt. He's always on his phone in the PA talking with somebody about how good
the economy is. He's got a lot of high priced parts on his car, but lacks the
skill to use them, giving him too much power in the corners.
Rumor: -


Platinum Prince
Name:  Toshihiko Kugyoji
Job:  Company Executive
Car:  Silvery Nobleman / FD3ScuSN
Profile:  The scion of a wealthy big business.  Snake Eyes took out his team,
so he's out solo for revenge.  He lost his brother in an accident, and his wife
left him, so now racing is his only reason for living.  He has a reputation for
theory-based racing and inputs lots of data gathered into his car.  He's good
at cornering but better at straight speed.  He's aggressive and changes lanes

Garnet Dawn
Name:  Akane Sasahara
Job: Jewelry Designer
Car:  Skyline GT-R V-Spec II BNR34
Profile:  A jewelry designer who travels the world with her beauty and business
sense.  She's raced on circuits since her teens and is as good as the
professionals.  She specialized in acceleration and last second turning.  She
knew Skull Bullet in New York and he joined the team because he liked her
ability.  She has feelings for him, but hasn't realized it.  No one's brave
enough to tell her.



Moon Tribe:  A team that consists of young men that live near Shibuya.  The
members are popular with the female driver for their delicate good looks.
Their vehicles tend to emphasize looks rather than performance.  Even in their
races they strive to drive beautifully rather than fast.  The members have the
worse endurance and concentration due to their nocturnal life style and
terrible diet.

Revolver Heaven
Name: Hiroshi Masukawa
Job: Bartender
Car: Skyling GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: The son of a politician, Revolver Heaven has been seen sports cars
outside since he was a child. He liked cars as a kid, but his interest faded
as a teenager. Several years later, his friend bought a car and he recovered
his passion. He bought a machine of his own and started driving it after his
friend's help on tuning it.
Rumor: -

In the Purple
Name: Shun Ohmura
Job: Fighter
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: A champion of a martial arts school located in a back alley of Shibuya,
Tokyo, In The Purple helped Revolved Heaven out of some trouble with thugs. He
at his request and brought the driving skills he learned from his job as a
His fighting spirit extends to the Metro and he has the confidence to drive an
instead of a more powerful machine.
Rumor: -

Insomniac Crow
Name: Tomoichi Haruyama
Job: DJ
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Insomniac Crow grew up with Revolver Heaven. He has a tatoo of a the
on each arm and works as a DJ. He usually drives a black van, but on the Metro
he sports a fully loaded black RX-8 with neon pipes and deep echoing bass. It
looks like he's just going for appearance, but he has some serious specs on his
machine and even secretly uses NOS.
Rumor: -

Hesitant Stoneface
Name: Eiji Shioi
Job: Club Owner
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: The owner of the club where Insomniac Crow often plays, Hesitant
works as a mixer but has been racing for longer than he's been mixing. He spent
teen years driving every night and pretends to be mature, but he's still a brat
at heart. His sister is totally fed up with him. At first glance, you can see
car is tricked out, but it's true secrets lie beneath the hood.
Rumor: -

Amazing Blue
Name: Yoichi Chin
Job: Second hand store
Car: Supra JAZ70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: Amazing Blue is a strange youth who lives a secluded life in the midst
a big city. He isn't very social and speaks so quietly that he is hard to hear.
the other hand, he is a tuning genius and gets his parts from a secret source.
He is
also sketchy when it comes to money and has a reputation for charging too much
to his teammates. His trick extend on the Metro too.
Rumor: -

Empire Butterfly
Name: Junpei Yokomine
Job: Professional golfer
Car: Fairlady Z33 Version ST
Profile: Empire Butterfly looks like an innocent child, but don't it fool you.
His tricks
often enrage his opponents. He tends to fall back and sting when is opponents
their guard. He is persistant and will keep trying until he can win
consistantly. His
car isn't bad at all, but he doesn't bring out its full potential.
Rumor: -

Crescent Samovar
Name: Ken Kido
Job: Novelist
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Crescent Samovar bought his car with a cash prize from a literary award
and started to drive the Metro. He met the leader while gathering materials.
he lacks experience and tuning skill, but has been able to win with luck. He is
brave and some say it's a matter of time until he hits it big. Sometimes he gets
caught up in the moment and stays out driving all night.
Rumor: -


Barnism:  A team of musicians that blast hard rock at very high volumes and
race with a rock and roll style.  Due to their creative differences there are
constant problems between the members.  Their love for racing is quite
apparent.  The team dislikes Moon Tribe for what ever reason and they are said
to drive three times as hard when racing against them.

Crying Singer
Name: Mou Kusuhara
Job: Musician
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: He'll do anything to stand out and he started to race the Metro because
he heard other band memebers talking about it. Naturally his car is as flashy as
he is. With the help of Twilight Guitarist, he finished tuning up his machine.
has no technique, but his passion shows through in his aggressive driving.
Rumor: -

Twilight Guitarist
Name: Ichiro Yoshi
Job: Musician
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: Twlight Guitarist made his debut during the band boom, but went solo
the band broke up. He can't sell as many CDs he'd like and works in a small live
house. He races a 1970 Supra that has been carefully presurved. His tuning
is solid and people think he has more talent for racing than Crying Singer. His
driving is very efficient and he keeps a solid grip on truns.
Rumor: -

Believing Bassist
Name: Kenichi Handa
Job: Musician
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Believing Bassist used to play in the same band as Twlight Guitarist.
quiet, once he's behind the wheel he becomes a lion. He used to drive sports
cars but
wanted a change. He is always tuning and tweaking his car and has been known to
not emerge from his garage for days. He never hesitates to push people and has
earned a reputation as a racer with a heart of stone.
Rumor: -

Strange Drummer
Name: Noboru Himo
Job: Musician
Car: Celsior UCF31 C specification F package interior selection
Profile: Strange Drummer knows all about every type of music and every type of
He has gone through several machines and now uses a 4-door sedan. He hasn't
yet gotten used to the new vehicle, so can't show his true ability at the
He has made some minor adjustments to the suspension and likes to drive
his card hard.
Rumor: -

Indulgent Dream Child
Name: Yuzuru Wakai
Job: Musician
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: The keyboard player in Crying Singer's Band, Indulgent Dream Child
delicate classical melodies and is sometimes overwhelmed by the flood of
emotions. His emotional weakness makes him a target for abuse in both the
band and racing team, but he somehow seems proud of his role. He can't
stand to let his car stay dirty.
Rumor: -

Little Venus
Name: Michiyo Hagiwara
Job: Musician
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A vocalist with a beautiful voice and looks to match, Little Venus
joined the team at her ex-boyfriend's invitations. She has even sung as a
backup singer in a liver concert. She's a complete novice at driving, but
she has natural sense and rhythm. She's not afraid to speed either, and
will really push it when it comes down to the wire.
Rumor: -


Nayuta:  A team that values numerical values.  In order to join the team one
must prove that they have a statistic that is better than anyone be it torque,
weight, etc.  The members compatibly tune their vehicles with vigor but seem
to overemphasize their machine performance over technique.

Ultimate Core
Name: Noboru Nishizawa
Job: Company executive
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: He's an excutive for the leading IT firm in Japan and is spoiled to the
point that he gets bored when the business is running smoothly, so he races on
the Metro. One day he was at a PA discussing specs and people started gathering.
They then formed the team Nayuta. The car he spent so much on is not just the
powerful one on the team, but in all the Metro.
Rumor: -

Miracle Trickster
Name: Yuta Suemori
Job: Works for a trading company
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He works hard and is the top trader at his trading company. His
is a little dangerous because he only feels joy when he's in the 200mph+ world
the car he's so proud of. His motto is Strength = Agility = Top speed. He's
to decide whether to focus on aerodynamics or weight reduction.
Rumor: -

Shot Down Star
Name: Yoshinori Ozaki
Job: Programmer
Car: RX-7 RD3S Type RS
Profile: Acts like an assistant leader, and was a central man prior to the
of the team. His car has the kind of torque where he can hit top speed from any
condition. He's a hard worker and tries to have consistent battles by studying
course daily and polishing his driving.
Rumor: -

Step Up Winner
Name: Shinpei Kazama
Job: Works for a boutique
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Came to the conclusion that the shortcut to top speed was to reduce
after studying the deterimental effects on the body of increased weight due to
power. He joined Nayuta in order to prove his theory. He's in conflict with
Slip Slap's
logic that adding weight to increase the aerodynamics works against being
Rumor: -

Slip Slap
Name: Futoshi Yamamoto
Job: Internet designer
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: It's said there's nobody better at gags and at slipping the tires than
him. He used
to be on another team, but he was scouted by Ultimate Core for his consuming
with aerodynamics. He dreams of a car with aerodynamics that resemeble a
formula 1
racer, and his motto is The persuit of speed is the fight against wind
Rumor: -

Lucky Gentleman
Name: Yukio Ito
Job: Die maker
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: He thinks that it's fire and air that move a car, and so he drives a
car that
is totally focused on intake and exhaust. He's started making his own mufflers,
but is
still not happy with the results. He's a gentleman and will help solve problems
for other teams. He's also famous as the luckiest member of the team, having
won lottery
and sweepstakes prizes 18 times.
Rumor: -

Smiley Grappler
Name: Takamasa Suzuki
Job: Salesman
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A skilled salesman who can always be seen smiling, he is also a 3rd
dan in Kenpo.
He's recieved lots of advice from his team that has enabled him to build a very
quick car
since he joined. There's no give in the handling, so if he moves the wheel even
a bit it
quickly changes the line. The steering wheel, which he controls with strength
through Kenpo, transfers much of the road's feel directly to him.
Rumor: -

Over Defense
Name: Yuki Mizumoto
Job: Security guard
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: His car specializes in braking which is the most important trait to
have for
racing Route 4. He has ABS and has thoroughly researched all aspects of proper
He was able to lower the stopping time from 50mph by 55% or 1.3 seconds and
reduce the
braking distance by 11.3yd by lowering the lock-up.
Rumor: -

Hardly Working
Name: Naohiro Okamoto
Job: Animator
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He's still an inexperienced racer, but was scouted by Ultimate Core
for his
potential. He lives alone off the money from his parents and by working as an
and spends a lot of time driving. Even though the money he's spending on tuning
now is more anyone else on the team, he's expected to achieve great things in
the future.
Rumor: -


Asian Ages:  A team started by Black Dragon who lost his previous team and car
to Snake Eyes.  The team consists of Chinese, Korean, Indian, and other
continental Asians.  The members are versatile and are not afraid to drive
rough.  Their cars all have high tech parts and drivers all strive to absorb
skills from rivals by studying their driving.

Black Dragon
Name: Eiki Oh
Job: Chinese restaurant owner
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Owns a chinese restaurant in Chinatown. His restaurant has been
featured many
times in magazines and on TV. He takes good care of people and is a leader
among the
Chinese racers. He has detailed knowledge of the tuning groups in Hong Kong,
and can
easily obtain high end parts through re-import. He demonstrates his good
dynamics by
driving rather than resorting to tricks.
Rumor: -

Tiger of Light
Name: Son Hojun
Job: Korean restaurant ower
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He rose like a star to the top of Korean racing. He heard rumors about
Metro while he was looking for faster opponents, and came to Japan to see if
were true. He met Black Dragon here and they became rivals. They finally ended
in a dead heat, and in the process became friends and decided to start a team.
so intense when racing that his enemies just get discouraged.
Rumor: -

Tiger of Darkness
Name: Kim Chonon
Job: Korean restaurant worker
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: Discovered and scouted while working at Tiger of Light's restaurant. He
hadn't really had any real interest in cars until then, but when he first got
out on the Metro he quickly turned in the best lap of the team. He doesn't
do any tuning. He's able to drive cars that have just been assembled with only a
few hours of practice.
Rumor: -

Yellow Dragon
Name: Seishin Li
Job: Kenpo instructor
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Has strong ties with Black Dragon due to a relationship on a prior
even though they don't talk much. He's a very quiet person who never shows
He does his own tuning and sometimes won't come out of the garage for days. He
a bit of power, but in exchange was able to drastically reduce the weight. His
steering flows like water.
Rumor: -

Elephant Emperor
Name: Salman Kapul
Job: Indian restaurant manager
Car: Impreza GDB WRS STI spec C
Profile: He came to Japan to study engineering and ended up learning about
tuning too.
He gave the company to his brother before coming back. His dream is to be the
best car tuner. He relies on Black Dragon, who he met as a student. He's great
CPUs and is asked by members for help with tuning. He's bright and positive but
really hates to lose and refuses to give up.
Rumor: -

Tiger of Wind
Name: Yim Min-Yeong
Job: Model
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: A top model in Korea, she was identified by a talent agency and came to
Japan. She found out about the Metro and spent all he initial pay on a car, did
some light boosting, and strengthened the suspension and started racing on
Route 4.
She looks like a little girl but is strong and fights back when someone races
She takes her own line. She's not fast, but she is unpredictable.
Rumor: -

Pink Dragon
Name: Reika Cho
Job: Actress
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: A fairly popular actress in Hong Hong, she loves cars and wanted to
come to
Japan when she heard about the Metro. Her car focuses on power, but she also
with skill. She still is not used to lane changes on straight runs so she only
her true potential on clear roads. Her brakes are weak for her car's power, so
doesn't slow down enough for tight corners
Rumor: -


The Bone:  A team lead by a popular actor Infernal Serpent.  The members all
work in the TV industry and met through their jobs.  Their skills are
impressive and they are some of the fastest on the Three line.  They work hard
to squeeze in as much driving as they can in their busy job schedule.

Infernal Sperpent
Name: Take Tobikawa
Job: Actor
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: A popular actor whose main appeal is his masculinity. He manages his
team with
natural leadership skills, sometimes does his own stunts and is generally good
driving. He's spent more than 10 million CP on tuning his car, and if his mind
a little he loses track of where the settings need to be. However, thanks to his
daring cornering, nobody can tell the difference.
Rumor: -

Dancing Devil Dog
Name: Shota Miyauchi
Job: Director
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: He used Infernal Serpent in a TV program before he was popular, and
have been close ever since. He's known as a huge car lover, and has driven at
20 different cars. He really loves his 1970 Supra and plunges ahead where people
would hesitate. In order to have the car handle his style of driving, he has
strengthened the suspension and body, and tuned the engine for durability.
Rumor: -

Guilty Phoenix
Name: Hiroshi Kashiyama
Job: AD
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: He races on the Metro using a car borrowed from his father. Displays a
of speed and finesse that makes onlookers forget the size and weight of the
However, he gets overwhelmed with long distances and has no time for
which causes him to slow down during important moments. He repsects Dancing
Devil Dog
and would like to follow in his footsteps.
Rumor: -

Golden Unicorn
Name: Kyoichi Nijimura
Job: Producer
Car: RX-7 RD3S Type RS
Profile: Used to have the skills to be a leader in the time trials. Easygoing
to the
point of being jovial, it's hard to imagine he was ever at the top level of
His car is merely average thanks to his busy schedule, which doesn't allow him
for customization. He will sometimes add new parts, but he can't show off his
true ability.
Rumor: -

Silent Aligator
Name: Ryota Tanabe
Job: Photographer
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Known as TanaRyo at work and really struggled before he made it as a
photographer. If you're not careful, you'll end up sitting with him for hours
at a
restaurant listening to his tales of heroics. He made his name in the 0-400m
when he was younger, and came to the Metro a few years ago. At first he
struggled with
cornering, but now he's able to take a clear line.
Rumor: -

Red Lion
Name: Shoji Sogaya
Job: Makeup artist
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: He was discovered by a world famous artist when he was 19 and began his
career soon after. He also learned the joy of racing from his mentor, an
car lover. Infernal Serpent got word of his skill soon after. He doesn't use any
extra parts and tries to drive the best he can with a car built to match his
but he's obsessive when it comes to aerodynamics.
Rumor: -

Anchor Dolphin
Name: Tomomi Watai
Job: Stylist
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: She may look like she's not paying attention, but she's like a machine
when she opens her mouth. She loves to talk, and has been known to leave
entertainers speechless. When she was driving by herself she used to drive a
car, but now that she's on a team she drives a more powerful car. However, she's
still getting used to it and tends to let up in the corners as a result.
Rumor: -

Scramble Wyvern
Name: Jotaro Ryu
Job: Actor
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Works in the same office as Infernal Serpent and thinks of him like a
brother, thanks to his influence not just in acting, but in racing and tuning
as well. However, he is unable to imitate his personality, and backs off when
he shouldn't. He's starting to get more attention as an actor, and people are
saying that he'll pass Tobikawa someday. He has mixed feelings about that.
Rumor: -

Velvet Scorpion
Name: Tamiyuki Kishiro
Job: Manager
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Infernal Serpent's agent, he is run ragged by his selfishness.
for the team after buying a car and chasing Infernal Serpent, thanks to his
tendency to run away when things get inconvenient. He's not used to a
tuned car yet, but he drives a lot at work and has good sensibilities. He just
needs more experience.
Rumor: -


Urban Stars:  A team composed of people who are well-off financially. Pour
their money into tuning, going so far as to say Tuning is Money.  However they
also polish their technique and have become the strongest on Rte. 4.  Keeps
dressup to a minimum for an adult atmosphere.  Try to appeal to racing as a
sport for gentleman and ladies, not barbaric competition.

Immoveable Battle-Axe
Name: Hiroki Takigawa
Job: Car designer
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: The son of a famous car designer, he started his current job after
from an Italian design school. His sophisticated designs have received high
from around the world. He's liked plastic models since he was young and has
made over
3000 of them. The first model he made was a 1/12th scale model of his current
He's focused on torque and has hired a top class tuner.
Rumor: -

Burning Longspear
Name: Toru Aikawa
Job: Pro-bowler
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He gets lots of attention thanks to his height. He normally wears his
gloves when he's battling, and uses his bowling ball as ballast to balance the
He drives a perfect line, and unbeatable concentration is his strongest weapon.
example, even if he makes a mistake, he makes up for it in the next corner. He
battles to teach beginners how to race.
Rumor: -

Transforming Kusari-gama
Name: Tatsunori Mizushima
Job: Pro modeler
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He has won a famous model magazine's grand prize a number of times
with his
sophisticated models, and has been featured in international media. He's
talented with model cars, and makes them with detail more accurate than the real
think. For instance, he will not change the major proportions of the
even to get a high down force. He's good at making use of a road's unique
Rumor: -

Iron Hammer Spirit
Name: Mikihei Tangei
Job: Children's book author
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: His stories are somewhat surreal and dark. After working at a lunch
for 5 years, he quit to begin his current job. There are rumors that he's
a story based on his racing friends. He bought a car with prize money and had a
friend tune it for a week, focusing on acceleration. He knows that he's dealing
with children, so he runs a clean race.
Rumor: -

Unseen Shield
Name: Mitsunori Ubagawa
Job: Political secretary
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Became the secretary to a party in congress through his father's
He has always done things promptly since he was a child, and his personality is
suited for his work. He accelerates well from the mid-range, so much that is
amazes his opponents. The stronger his competition is the more his ability
Rumor: -

Spiral Blade
Name: Norimasa Ken
Job: Politician
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: The leading member of the party gave him the cold shoulder when he was
elected because of his carefree personality, but he became very popular by
it straight with the public. When racing, he will try to pull ahead of his
but is forced to block them after they soon catch back up. However, he defends
well that his opponents can't do anything.
Rumor: -

Whispering Bow
Name: Kenichiro Mukaibara
Job: Beautician
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: He's got a gentle manner and is able to think on his feet, and he's
the trust of the staff. He gave a haircut to Immovable Battle-Axe and was
to join his team. He flies like an arrow on the straightaways thanks to his
shifting, but he tends to let up in the corners.
Rumor: -

Unfinished Longsword
Name: Tomomasa Yanagii
Job: Movie director
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: He'd like to do a big Hollywood type entertainment movie, but he only
has received recognition for his avant-garde productions. He dreams of the day
when he can make a movie about the racers on The Metro. He's tuned his car to be
powerful, like an American car. It's got good performance in the straightaways,
but it's not great overall and he pulls especially hard in the corners.
Rumor: -

Deceiving Rapier
Name: Souichi Niki
Job: Pawn shop
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: Owns a quiet little pawn shop in an ally in the student district.
it doesn't do much business, rumors say that he's got a lot of assests. As
he's put a lot of money into his engine, suspension and body. He likes classy
accessories. His car provides a soft ride that doesn't fell like a big car, and
good engine response feels like a finely honed weapon.
Rumor: -

Black Dagger
Name: Kai Yamafuji
Job: Social worker
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Has a good natured personality, and is popular at work. He always talks
to them about cars, even though the elderly at the care center don't understand.
His luck was s obad when he was a child that people around him worried about his
chances for survival. His strategy is to watch for a chance to attack like a
knife and finish them off. Often times, something goes wrong.
Rumor: -


Rolling Gals:  A female only team that have become more prominent as of late.
It is a team of AE86 who raced in circuits.  After being made fun of for being
females racers they started competing in the Shutoko.  Each of them members
are beautiful and have high paying jobs.  This allows them to put the money
into their vehicles.

Rolling Gal Number 1
Name: Yuri Nakamura
Job: Bar assistant manager
Car: Rolling Gal No.1 86LCuGA
Profile: Leader of the Rolling Gals and is rumored to have once been a media
Normally, she appears to be a smiling assistant manager for the bar who enjoys
but put her behind the wheel and she turns into an extreme racer. She doesn't
anything and is very generous, so lots of the members trust he and call her big
sister. She doesn't use any feints or blocks and will never block her
opponent's line.
Rumor: -

Rolling Gal Number 2
Name: Amane Ishikawa
Job: Disco queen
Car: Sprinter Trueno AE86T 3door GT Apex
Profile: She's a disco queen who dances in the spotlight at a members only
Her body's in such good shape that you would never think she's had three
She wronte a book about her night life and struggles raising her children, which
became a million seller and made her life easy. She changes her mind quickly
and is
unpredictable, which confuses her opponents in battles.
Rumor: -

Ralling Gal Number 3
Name: Naoko Ando
Job: Flower arranger
Car: Sprinter Trueno AE86T 3door GT Apex
Profile: She loves flowers and is somewhat reserved, so the other racers tease
her and
call her Naocchi. Even though the teasing may appear to be mean, she really
mind and actually feels that it shows they love her. She's still fearful, so she
yields the raod to someone coming cup fast behind her. But, if she's the one
she'll draft them nose to tail and push them severely.
Rumor: -

Rolling Gal Number 4
Name: Katsumi Ikawa
Job: Aroma therapist
Car: Sprinter Trueno AE86T 3door GT Apex
Profile: Proud of her tall, slender body, she makes a consistent effort to be
In battles, she always races in a smart and stylish manner. She tends to be too
about taking beautiful-looking lines, and has lost numerous battles because of
She loves electronic poems and bad jokes, which, surprisingly, works to her
A fine assistant leader for her team.
Rumor: -

Rolling Gal Number 5
Name: Akiko Fujita
Job: Campaign girl
Car: Corolla Levin AE86L 3door GT Apex
Profile: An eccentric girl, she is the youngest member on her team. Appears to
get along
well with Rolling Gal Number 3, often going to karaoke together and singing
till dawn.
A new license holder, she still has trouble keeping her vehicle under control.
so, her technique continues to improve thanks to trial-and-erro. Afraid of the
other members finding out she has a boyfriend.
Rumor: -


Departure:  A team assembled by a car magazine project with many unique
members.  Their inability to get along stood out at first, but they now work
well as a team.  They show amazing speed while constantly seeking to perfect
pro driving.  Vehicles are tuned for total balance, not just power.  Their
leader Happy Chappy strives to have the most moral team on The Metro.

Happy Chappy
Name: Michio Tokishiki
Job: Informant
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: Became a police officer because he loved car chases, but was soon
promoted to
desk work. He then quit to pursue his dream of becoming a real racer. Although
he felt
guilty about letting down his family, he was unable to suppress his urge to
race. Attacks
opponents by following behind them until he can take advantage of their blind
While intimidating, he still drives very safely.
Rumor: -

Sweet Surrender
Name: Michika Sano
Job: High school math teacher
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: A female driver that exudes allure. Often seen annoucing her students'
test scores
over the PA during test periods, and always grades her opponents on their
performance. Perfectly translates the course into data and is always aware of
how far
she can step on the pedals while cornering. However, this approach makes it
hard to
react spontaneously, so her car is loosely tuned.
Rumor: -

Cool Site
Name: Kei Sohma
Job: Webmaster
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Webmaster of an auto site that gets 10,000 hits a day. Uploads videos
of his
driving to his site, gets feedback from other racers and makes improvements.
his team after Sweet Surrender invited him while chatting. His technique is
very good
thanks to his constant efforts, but his style lacks individuality after
listening to
so much feedback, as does his car's tuning.
Rumor: -

Great Finance
Name: Hiroshi Aizawa
Job: Stock broker
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: Thanks to the current investment boom, his work keeps him very busy,
because many of his investors are also racers, even driving on The Metro won't
let him escape his job, so he trolls Cool Site's forums for fun. Plays around
his car so much it has almost no normal parts left, but the car's overall
remain unchanged. A methodical driver with occasional surprises.
Rumor: -

Up Beat
Name: Hiroyuki Nakano
Job: Used record store worker
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: Unabashed music lover who drives all his battles with his stereo
to its max. Dreams of starting a band of racers and releasing a CD. Cares deeply
about member relations, but no one will listen to him thanks to his young age.
to keep his car light to make up for his heavy stereo system. Drives differently
depending on music listened to, making him unpredicatable.
Rumor: -


Tokio Jungle:  Car lovers from the Tokyo area started getting together and
racing the shutoko.  Eventually they formed a team.  The members all drive
difference cars but they all drive at a high standard.  The team was never
suppose to last but it has been fives years since it's creation.  They have not
desire to recruit any more members and maintain that the only members will be
the founding seven.

Name: Mistsuru Iona
Job: Auto mechanic
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX typeR STi Version VI
Profile: In charge of maintenance, but also drives and tunes himself. Married
children, he has considering retiring, but stays due to difficulty with
choosing his
successor. Refuses to drift, his car is designed for perfect grip. Uses
brakes for exact deceleration, and recovers quickly thanks to his misfiring
Able to respond flexibly to most any situation.
Rumor: -

Name: Hiroshi Baba
Job: Sports shop manager
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: A top player in his company's basketball team, he used his athleticism
rise to become a first class driver after retiring. Used to be known as the best
drifter in the country, but changed to grip-based driving after joining his
Proven himself an excellent driver regard-less of facing style. Particularly
at outrunning his opponent during tag battles.
Rumor: -

Jet Black Hot Wind
Name: Kyoji Honda
Job: Bakery manager
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: A heard worker who always drives over 300km a day. Said to spend tons
gas and parts. Finally bought his new car after scrimping for 3 years, and used
gather from his friends to make it fairly battle worthy. But, he has neglected
lighten his car, making it dangerous to enter corners at high speeds. Tends to
too early, and is often left in the dust afterwards.
Rumor: -

White Fox
Name: Toshiki Nagarekawa
Job: Pub manager
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: After constantly refusing to come back to Osaka and take over the
business, he has now been disinherited. This allowed him to break away from his
cleanly and improve his driving, although he must now rely on used parts.
Thanks to
lightening his car considerably despite little money, his acceleration and
have greatly improved, and his grip driving is fantastic.
Rumor: -

Salty Dog
Name: Katsuaki Mizushima
Job: Sports Instructor
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Consitently discouraged his best friend, White Fox, from going to
Osaka, and
their bond has only grown stronger for it. A late bloomer as a racer, he got to
current level quickly through lots of hard work. Currently trying to improve
by focusing on careful line work. Likes to follow his opponent from behind and
pressure on them constantly.
Rumor: -

Slide Freak
Name: Noriaki Higashi
Job: PC store worker
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Began racing on the Metro after transferring to Tokyo. While first
with merely learning the roads, he now knows the courses better than anyone, and
sometimes teaches them to new racers. His car is set for gentle tuning, with
capable undercarriage and an engine focused on cooling efficiecy. A master of
braking, acceleration and drift, he now focuses on grip.
Rumor: -

Running Blue Wave
Name: Koji Takae
Job: Pet shop manager
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Finally acquired a girlfriend after years of loneliness, but then
became unable
to spend his money on tuning. Also stressed thanks to suspicion of girlfriend
him. Reluctantly detuned his car after realizing the strain it's power was
placing on it
was too much. Decently fast on visiable straightaways, his deceleration and
exits hold
him back on the corners.
Rumor: -


Free Way:  A team that naturally form when GT-R drivers got together.  They
take pride in driving one of Japan's leading sports car and strive to live up
to the name.  The team trade parts among each other and work together to become
better as a team.  How ever they do not get along with other teams, especially
the Rolling Guy.

Pale Comet
Name: Haruhiko Koyama
Job: Weather forecaster
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Appears on TV thanks to his actor father. After recording his show, he
sneak out and head for the Metro in his beloved car. Discouraged because his
accuracy percentage is worse then his victory one. Intimate with a fellow TV
from his station, they often go out racing together. His car is tuned like a
and it's body is light, but the brakes have been neglected.
Rumor: -

Orange Head
Name: Tadshi Utsui
Job: Programmer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: First drove a light car with moderate power, then changed to a BNR34
great potential, changing teams in the process, and his old teamamtes now treat
like he betrayed them. Usually lives a plain life, but tries to stand out and be
flashy with his car and driving. Even his muffler was bought for sound, no
Great on straightaways, he rarely loses to same HPed cars.
Rumor: -

Silver Fox
Name: Akira Yamada
Job: Store producer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: Began driving the Metro after working on a restaurant run by a famous
Currently accepting lots of work from racers, causing him to scream with joy.
His car is
slow to accelerate, but creeps up on opponents dependably, and can be used to
keep up
pressure while racing. He then takes advantage of his opponent's opening to
them, leaving them wondering what just happened.
Rumor: -

Silent Reviver
Name: Tetsuro Kibayashi
Job: Pharmacy manager
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: A veteran who has been driving the Metro for 10 years. Once tried to
quit racing,
but was lured back by the thrill of battle. Not as fast as he was before he
quit, he
still has lots of tricks thanks to his vast experience. His engine and
are both roughly tuned. Refuses to use new parts, preferring to use his
instincts to
drive instead. His corner is a sight to behold.
Rumor: -

Ultimate Killer
Name: Ichiro Hiyama
Job: Train engineer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: After being assigned his dream job of driving the super express, he
realized that
safety is more important then speed. Since then, the Crystal Knights, who
ridiculed his
once rough driving, have been amazed. His cornering is more accurate thanks to
braking, and his win percentage has gone up, but he is now more easily affected
those who interfere with his driving.
Rumor: -

Crystal Knight
Name: Koji Mikimoto
Job: Pet groomer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: A driver who overflows with chivalry and aims to take the top of the
with clean battles and natural driving senses. Shocked at Ultimate Killer's
change in
driving style. His technique is high level with no visible weaknesses, if one
pressed to give a flaw, it would be his infleible personality.
Rumor: -

Acceleration Junkie
Name: Akihiro Fukui
Job: Auto parts store worker
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Uses his job to sell parts cheap to his racer friends, but also winds
selling them to rival teams thanks to his cheerful nature. Some of his
teammates don't
like that, but they don't say anything because of his friendship with their
Pounds the brakes fiercely once moment, then lets go and steers great the next.
A decent
racer who knows how to accelerate out of corners.
Rumor: -

Highway Bomber
Name: Yuuki Wada
Job: Tableware manufacturing working
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: Began racing after being influence by his brother in Max Racing.
Thanks to his
brother leaving his beloved sedan to the family, he was able to chose a sports
type for
himself. Unfortunately, parts and parking for the car soon put him deep in
debt. Working
more to make his payments has cut back on his racing time, making him last on
team. Hates to lose, but drives fair and steadily.
Rumor: -


Knife and Fork:  A team assembled by the owner of the French restaurant La
Liberte and his employees.  They are particular about driving manners as well
as table ones and always try to drive politely, which has earned them favor
with other racers.  The fact that everyone knows and works with everyone else
has been both good and bad for the team.  Invincible Meal has been working to
correct it.

Invincible Meal
Name: Masayuki Miura
Job: Restaurant owner
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: His restaurant La Liberte has expanded to 3 stores, with plans to
build in
Nagoya and Osaka. Racers come to his main store all the time and liven it up
car talk. Recently bought a Z33 he had his eye on, and has already worked on the
engine and undercarriage, with body tuning to be completed. All that remains is
drive during breaks to finish the last settings.
Rumor: -

Table Manners
Name: Tsutomu Kagawa
Job: Waiter
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Famous La Liberte garcon. Explains dishes to car lovers using auto
one of his duties is to back up the owner when he carelessly sets up a battle.
Although responsible for much of the team success, he remains totally modest.
to buy a Z33 after witnessing its quality in his boss' car. Drives so
chivalrously as
to let those who try to pass him do so, as well as never blocking.
Rumor: -

Romanee Conti from Yokohama
Name: Shuhei Kijima
Job: Wine Steward
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: A skilled waiter who works in La Liberte. Has won a number of awards.
much about about cars as well as about wine. picks out high-level racers at a
glance and challenges them to battles. While a sedan in a sports car-themed team
is usually considered heresy, his dynamic driving gets hi compliments from
his leader. Sometimes blocks trickily, but will never drive recklessly.
Rumor: -

Gold Curry Sauce
Name: Yuji Nishitani
Job: Chef
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: In charge of the kitchen since La Liberte first opened, he has created
a number of unique dishes. While obviously well-trained, his tendency to
make overly spicy foods after losing a battle has the owner at a loss.
Hot-headed and devoted to winning, he refuses to change his front-loaded brake
balance and maintains his solid grip racing. Set front springs to be soft for
bettering turning.
Rumor: -

Twilight A La Mode
Name: Hiroyuki Saeki
Job: Pastry Chef
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: A young pastry chef whose desserts have been called art. His artistic
sense even carries through to his racing, and causes his opponents to stare
in spite of themselves. Dislikes reducing his ride height, and his stagger
when taking corners stands out. Also tends to forcefully enter his opponent's
line. Respected by his teammates for his outstanding overtaking ability.
Rumor: -

Four Star Driver
Name: Pierre Tanaka
Job: Chef
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Both his driving and cooking were sub-par when he began working at
La Liberte, but his skills have greatly improved, and he is now essential
as Gold Curry Sauce's assistant. Currently dating Red Tablecloth and talking
about getting married and opening their own place. Lowered his height to
improve stability, toughened his springs, and prevents under steer by
cornering slower.
Rumor: -

Red Tablecloth
Name: Mami Hanatani
Job: Waitress
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: The poster girl for La Liberte. She used to go out with Gold Curry
but is now dating Four Star Driver. Once thought of becoming a chef, her new
dream is to get married and have a family. By researching the best power balance
for her car, she managed to get power above her car's specs. Drives without
epending effort. Not fast, but she is proud of her textbook-perfect lines.
Rumor: -


No Loser:  The team came in from Osaka three years ago.  After being defeated
they chose to stay until they win.  The team believes in tuning that puts the
least amount of pressure on the machine and using the full potent ional of the
vehicle.  The members get a beat down from their teammates when they loose too
many times in a row.

Unsinkable Naniwa
Name: Toshifumi Asakawa
Job: Bar manager
Car: Naniwa's Warship CT9ACuWS
Profile: Formerly in charge of Osaka Kanjo Line's best team, he came to the
in order to aim higher. A machine devotee who prizes high quality vehicles over
skilled drivers, he now rules the No. 4 Shinjuku Line with an overwhelmingly
powerful, well tuned car. He's deciding on his next target. Borrowed money to
start his bar, which is now so successful he's planning to start a chain.
Rumor: -

Chilling Nuclear Warhead
Name: Kiichi Kotegawa
Job: Car Mechanic
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: While having driven longer than Unsinkable Naniwa, he was moved by his
leader's competitive sense and love for cars to join. Extremely knowledgeable
cars, he used to work in a maintenance plant in Osaka, and oversees all work
on the teams' cars. Dislikes overly power-focused tuning, and constantly tries
strengthen a car while keeping it balanced. Jobless until recently.
Rumor: -

Chaotic Instigator
Name: Shinji Tomizaki
Job: Part time bar worker
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Became famous for his conspirciously dirty racing after meeting No
Will do anything to win, and has made over 30% of his opponents crash with
like widening his car and blocking their path. Leaves all the maintenance to
Nuclear Warhead, so his tuning and settings are exactly alike. Works for
Naniwa now, and is suprisingly good at serving customers.
Rumor: -

Sneaking Time Bomb
Name: Kosaku Hamada
Job: Building maintenance
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: The backbone of the team, his cool, smart driving has won him
victories. Respects Chilling Nuclear Warhead as a teammate, but is always surly
to the leader's favoring Chaotic Instigator for reasons he doesn't get. He
calmly at the start and goes all out at the end. After racing for 5 years, he
should start producing results soon.
Rumor: -

Invisible Reconnaissance
Name: Akinobu Hosaka
Job: Freelancer
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Joined No Loser while enrolled in college, quit to participate in away
battles, and now makes his living as a freelancer. An earnest, nice young man
by the day, a racing flying down the No. 4 Shinjuku Line by night. Loves to
read, and will always have something at hand; the unofficial info specialist
for the team. Always hungry for battle, he'll drive the No. 4 Shinjuku looking
for opponents.
Rumor: -

Fast Attack Cutting Sergeant
Name: Fumihiko Takanami
Job: Convenience store manager
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Calls himself No Loser's Cutting Sergeant. A trypical hot-blooded guy,
he'll challenge anyone on the No. 4 Shinjuku Line who looks fast. It is said
that his wild driving inspires fear in his rivals. Blunt to a fault, but is
willing to improve, his attitude has gotten him promoted to manager at his
store. Has the mental and phsyical chops to give his all to work on racing.
Rumor: -


Skull Bullet
Name:  James Begins
Job: Company Owner
Car: Concept-X
Profile: Born in America and son to a wealthy man, he had everything growing
up.  He was given his own circuit at age 19.  He helps with his father's
business and practices as a racer in his spare time.  He came to Japan to
challenge Snake Eyes.  His car's a showcase of new technology, with all the
parts carefully selected.  He traces his opponent's movements and sets the car
to automatic control.

Crimson Kid
Name: Masaji Kurosaki
Job: College Student
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: The youngest of the 3 Kurosaki brothers, he has the hottest temper of
the bunch.  He's got natural driving ability, and in a short time has put his
brothers to shame.  He modified his car to suit his technique, and it's so
picky that people can't drive it.  He attacks from the start leaving his
opponent no room to fight back, becoming bewildered as to what to do.

Golden Wisdom
Name: Masanori Kurosaki
Job: Cram School Teacher
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32
Profile: The middle of the 3 Kurosaki brothers, and the wildest of the bunch.
He's a pain in the neck even to his older brother, Iron Old Man.  However, he's
also kind to his younger brother and he has female fans.  He's got a powered-up
car and attacks using acceleration, but is poor at turning.  He's got good
senses and can anticipate his opponent's next move.  Dresses gaudily and is far
from elegant.

Old Iron Man
Name: Masakazu Kurosaki
Job: Lawyer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34
Profile:  The oldest of the 3 Kurosaki brothers.  Their parents died when they
were young, so he became like a father to his brothers.  Always calm and
collected, he's perfected his car through lots of trial and error, and it is
now at a point where it holds up well no matter how rough the battle.
Theoretically, it's his job to break his brother's fights, but he'll usually
let them fight anyway.

Dark Tengu
Name: Kenichi Mayama
Job: Dentist
Car: Impreza GDB
Profile: A small-built man, he's always walking the Parking areas hunched over.
He's a big collector of pin-up posters and anime.  He's brought down a number
of opponents with his modulating accelerator work. Once he was a clean racer,
but rumors say that his leader is inviting new members to join, which made him
worry that he might be cut from the team.  Since then he's been okay with any

King Sandstorm
Name: Yoshio Ashibe
Job: College Professor
Car: Lancer Evolution IX
Profile: Makes use of his years of experience when racing.  He's passed his
body's peak, but doesn't show it.  He not only thinks of speed , but how to
race with style.  He creates his race like a show, from the cornering to
catching up on the straightaways.  His car is dressed up as well as it
performs.  He was associated with Snake Eyes for a long time and they were once

Mad Murdoc
Name: Tsutomo Shiraishi
Job: Teacher
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32
Profile: A bright, humorous guy, he's always joking around, even when battling.
He's good at making his opponent stumble, and drives at his own pace.  He
reduced the weight and stiffened the suspension to help with his light
footwork.  He's teased that he's Snake Eye's henchman.  He's viewed as an
assistant leader, and he watches out for the Kurosaki brothers, who are always

Dirty Fox
Name: Kazumi Amachi
Job: Ballerina
Car: RX-7 FD3S
Profile: She's got a naïve personality, but shows terrifying talent in the
races.  She's gotten a dirty image because she takes a strong line and blocks,
but in truth, she's not even aware she's doing it.  Her looks have earned a lot
of male fans, but she doesn't seem to care.  She spurned Snake Eyes when he
approached her as well.  There's a rumor that she has too much testosterone.

Name: Naoki Fujimaki
Job: Carpenter
Car: Supra JZA70
Profile: The oldest member of the team, he is usually quiet and calm, but has
a funny side only he shows those close to him.  He's been driving the same car
for more than 20 years, but he's taken such good care of it, you'd swear it was
a new car.  He's not crude, but he is persistent.  He's the on Snake Eyes
trusts the most, and he's had quarrels with King Speed.  There are a lot of
mysteries about him.

Snake Eyes
Name: Hajime Hisanaga
Job: Unknown
Car: A80CuSE
Profile: Went to America 5 years ago to improve his skills and made the top
consistently.  After he returned, he got the best racers together and formed
Phantom9, making himself the leader.  He drives a monster machine that is tuned
perfectly based on his experience.  He is very confident, and becomes easily
frustrated if things don't go his way.  He came back to settle old scores.

Melancholy Angel
Name: Setsuko Kuroe
Job: Administrative Secretary
Profile: Once known as one of the 13 Lion Hearts.  Her car smells of flowers
and she always looks sad.  If she likes a guy she'll let him ride with her,
but her personality changes when it comes to battle, which drives many men
away.  She's a rear drive supremacist and scorns other cars.  She tuned her
vehicle for short battles and her races are always over in a flash.

The Rook
Name: Hiroaki Sakuraba
Job: Tax Accountant
Car: A80CuRO
Profile: He always looks sleepy, but changes abruptly when racing.  There are
a lot of believers in his racing theory.  He examines any parts he uses
carefully, and doesn't tolerate any errors.  He's reduced the weight as much as
possible to help reduce any sway, and added twin turbos for quick acceleration.
He's small, but strong, and good at long races.

The Bishop
Name: Shinichiro Kaneya
Job: Food Company Worker
Car: A80CuBI
Profile: Extremely confident, he's justified in saying he's the best.  His car
has multiple settings and is called Racing Art.  It's got power and stability,
and matches the driver's technology.  The body has been strengthened for hard
driving and doesn't flutter, even above 200mph.  If he's left behind, he will
chase down and mentally corner the opponent.

The Knight
Name: Keita Arai
Job: Detective
Car: A80CuKN
Profile: Once a policeman, he is now a detective.  They say the reason he is
racing is related to a case, which caused him to be chased by the police.  He's
considered the top technician from D3.  He used a carbon monocoque body to
reduce weight.  The engine's got good response, and the suspension and rear
spoiler give good grip.  But the steering is tight and little miss can cause
an accident.

Crimson Devil
Name: Raito Miyakawa
Job: Unknown
Profile: Formerly one of the 12 Crusaders, he's been around a long time and
knows everyone.  He's focused on power, and wants to stand out.  On the other
hand, he's not arrogant with his popularity.  He's got a great memory, and
remembers the face of everyone he's ever battled. When racing a car with the
same specs, he lets it go first and then chases it down.  He enjoys scaring
his opponents.

White Charisma
Name: Wataru Tate
Job: Unkown
Profile: So legendary that racers are scared at just the mention of his name.
After losing to King Speed, he disappeared, but later returned to the metro.
He's always thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead in battle, and his car is set to be
light and quick.  The more aggressive the opponent, the stronger he races.
He'll slip through any opening.  "Charisma" is not just a name, it's his aura.

King Speed
Name: Motoya Iwasaki
Job: Unknown
Profile: After climbing to the top, he disappeared just as quickly as he
appeared.  He then disappeared and later came back more powerful than ever.
He tuned for power, and strengthened the body and suspension to handle it.
He reads the movements of cars far ahead of him and uses that in a way that can
only be called genius.  He believes that speed is the only truth in this world.

Name: Unknown
Job: Unknown
Car: Unknown S30CuUK
Profile: Known as "The Demon of the Metro" or "The Ghost of a Legendary Racer,"
he won't appear unless his opponent has truly mastered racing. The body is a
famous old car, but there is something different inside. His magical
and cornering is legendary. If he's ahead he saps the will of his opponent and
he's behind, he keeps up the pressure.


5. Wanderers


Garage Haruo
Name: Haruo Kaburagi
Job: Tuning shop manager
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: In love with the world of tuning since his teen years, he commands
from his friends. Once thought he wanted to work with cars, but gave it up to
his family's business. For a long time, he's done private tuning work on the
and currently produces original tuning brands. Drives the Metro to advertise his
work. Drives fairly and tunes for feel, not power.
Rumor: He only battles in cars that are fully tuned.

Lonely Wolf
Name: Kosuke Fukumoto
Job: Pediatrician
Car: Skyling Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: Has few friends due to overwhelming skyness, but a very loyal driver to
those he trusts. Has driven solo for a long time, but now thinks he'd like more
friends. Not shy with kids, he is loved by his patients. Likes to shake his
opponent when battling, and focuses on strengthening the clutch and using carbon
for the body to improve speed. Not good with battles involving lots of passing.
Rumor: He won't battle anybody who's done less than 100 races.

Kamikaze Koji
Name: Koji Nakamura
Job: Gas station part timer
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Started working part-time at a gas station to earn money for tuning,
moved up quickly and now teaches new employees. Knows enough about cars to be
a professional mechanic, and can determine what's wrong with a car with one
Admires Garage Haruo, and wants to build up his own Kamikaze Brand one day.
for max speed, and blocks his opponent's path with wide-angle drifts.
Rumor: He's only on the Metro a out of every 3 days.

Immortal Jester
Name: Masafumi Takayanagi
Job: Circus performer
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: His parents were in the circus, and taught him all sorts of feats since
his childhood, giving him incredible athletic prowess. However, his frequent
school transfers as a child have made him very quiet. Became interested in cars
after his father bought him an RC car. Began driving the Metro 10 years ago,
and is now a veteran driver. Adept at acrobatic driving, and will never cheat
to win.
Rumor: Supposedly only battles cars with flashy vinyl. Appears only on

Hopeless Home
Name: Koji Watanabe
Job: Takoyaki restaurant
Car: Impreza GC8 WRX STi Version VI
Profile: A former hard-working trade company employee, he was suddenly
and is currently hugely depressed thanks to losing his new house on his 3rd day
living there. Got into Feng Shui to change his bad luck, and has lots of Feng
goods in his car, recoated his body and lucky muffler, and won't battle in bad
directions. Despite that, he has had his car's contents stolen 3 times to date.
Rumor: He'll only battle racers who've been on the Shibuya entrance more than 3

Impatient Eternity
Name: Masami Shoji
Job: Bar manager & owner
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: A night butterfly who works for the galaxy, her hard work has
rencently paid
off, and she now owns her own place. She enjoys a good rep and decent sales, but
although she now has lots of money for tuning, she also has little time for
Even if her opponent is a regular, she never holds back. Pretends to drive
in order to make her opponents drop their guard.
Rumor: She only races when the club's closed on Monday.

Impatient Princess
Name: Masaki Tanimura
Job: Domestic training
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: A pampered young girl and the only daughter of the Oote Bank
president. Ran
away from home when her parents tried to arrange her marriage. Afterwards, her
bank went bankrupt due to recession. Thought that she would like to help after
her father deteriorate from his huge debt, but she can't seem to express her
feelings to him. Adjust gears and undercarriage for straightaways.
Rumor: She'll only race cars that have traveled less then 3mi for the day.

Ignorant Fool
Name: Atsushi Nakajima
Job: Salaried employee
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Became famous on the Metro inadverently, after driving it on the way
from dates. Currently overwhelmed with challenges after changing his car to
his girlfriend. Practices every day so he can get used to his car. Tunes it to
comfort so that his girlfriend can drive it too. While set up well for
driving, his car comes alive in the corners.
Rumor: He only battles custom cars.

Wild Heart
Name: Shuji Kurihara
Job: Sports commentator
Car: Crown GRS184 Athelete G Package
Profile: Formerly an ace pitcher for a pro baseball team, he has won over 100
himself. Retired early, perhaps due to his love for battles. Became a
afterwards, and is popular for his sharp-cutting talk on TV. Aims for power in
driving, and corners wildly. But, his overwhelming power leaves most opponents
on straightaways. Tunes his body and undercarriage for power.
Rumor: He appears on the New Kanjo Line when there is a racer with more than
100 wins.

Lonely Nihilist
Name: Mami Nishiyama
Job: Pro tennis player
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Named for his tendency to never change his expression. His car, tuned
money won from tournaments, excels in acceleration, and leaves his rivals in
the dust
from the get-go. Focused on high speeds, he is polishing his blocking tech for
battles. Also intent on stiffening his undercarriage and lightening the weight.
Started racing to help his sick brother.
Rumor: Challenges cars that use the Ariake entrance.

Masked Stranger
Name: Tomoki Ohno
Job: Doll maker
Car: Skuline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: A poet as well as a doll maker. Knows 4 languages and displays his
work all
over the world. Although his career on the Metro is long, he has little
thanks to long int'l trips. A hard worker, he polishes his technique through
and error. His driving is sometimes eccentric, sometimes serious...basically,
over the place. His motto: "Like art, driving requires felling."
Rumor: He only battles cars with vertical doors.

Wolf's Requiem
Name: Kiyoshi Onizuka
Job: Appliance store worker
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: Disbanded his team after losing a friend in an accident 6 years ago,
now drives as if to atone for his sins. Many of his old teammates were deeply
moved by this, and came back to him on their own. Runs his engine almost to the
breaking point, and won't step off the gas until the last second when cornering.
Uses his emergency brake to graze the wall when turning, like he's possessed.
Rumor: He'll only battle an unmodified car.

Mosquito Lemon
Name: Sachio Toyama
Job: Writer
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: Writes the Life Advice column for a car magazine. Although his column
popular at first, he broke out after his first year, and now helps many lost
racers with their problems. However, he has actually lost sight of his own way
of life, and hasn't yet realized he desperately wants someone to help him out.
Uses the PC he bought for his web site to log data, and analyzes his own
Rumor: He appears on Route 4 when he hears a racer has sold more than 2 cars.

Iron Racer
Name: Toshio Suzuyama
Job: Company owner
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: The president of the limited company Suzuyama Dye Enterprises. Friend
many thanks to his soft-spoken nature and gentle driving style, but many don't
that he used to be known as a wild and dangerous racer. Apparently, he lost all
confidence and will to race those better then him after losing to a certain
Drives to respect opponent' driving, and is happy to win or lose.
Rumor: Never appears on The Metro when there are cars who are playing music.

Speeding Fanfare
Name: Chika Fukui
Job: Homemaker
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Her hobby is being a groupie for bands, and she's attracted to heroic,
handsome actors. She chased an entertainer who drove a sports car and started
to get interested in battles. She went home to Osaka while her husband was on
a business trip overseas, but came back to the Metro. She's good at chasing,
but loses her direction if she's ahead. She drives a stealthy car.
Rumor: She's bought more than 3 cars and is hoping for an open minded racer to

Dog Ears
Name: Hajime Jinbo
Job: Coffee shop manager
Car: Skyline Coupe CPV35 350GT Premium
Profile: He can tell just how tuned a car is from the sound of the engine. He
also telling what problems there are, and how to fix them. He doesn't have any
problems with his own car. He doesn't have much technique, but uses his ability
to only race cars he can beat. His muffles is quiet so he can hear the engine.
Occasionally he'll get challenged by an opponent who looks faster, in which
case he'll find an excuse not to race.
Rumor: He'll show up on the Kanjou Line when there's an NA car racing.

Gold License
Name: Osamu Takuma
Job: Sales person
Car: Gold License ECCuGL
Profile: Proud of the fact that he's never had an accident in the 16 years since
he got his license, even though he drives and battles every day. He's good at
stable cornering. He used to do all the tuning, but then saved up some money
and hired a pro. The HP is up and he's more satisfied than ever with the feel.
His good friend lost his gold license for a small infraction, which depressed
Rumor: He won't show on the Metro unless a wild driver like Yellow Desperado is

Caffeine X 3
Name: Koichiro Ohnuki
Job: Barber shop manager
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: He's obsessed with his lucky number, 3. He lives in the third district,
and races on Route 3 after 3 cups of coffee. He keeps saying he is 33 years old.
He used to drive an RE but switched over to a Z33. However, the feel is
and he's still not used to it. He likes driving in 3rd gear, which limits his
acceleration, and his top speed performance is lacking.
Rumor: He only shows on days with a 3 and only battle racers with a '3333'
license plate.

Tragic Matterhorn
Name: Koichi Chiba
Job: Moutain climber
Car: Matterhorn Z33CuMH WALD Continental Color
Profile: His father got him interested in Z cars and he's called Rocket Z
because of
his Z33 with special specs. He's confident in his strength, and has never given
no matter how hard the battle. He was not able to help his friend when they were
mountain climbing, and races to help forget that tragedy. Sometimes he sees the
car his dead friend drove and tears up when no one can see him.
Rumor: He'll only battle Z cars.

Tomorrow Again
Name: Tomowo Sekine
Job: Sound director
Car: Crown GRS184 Athelete G Package
Profile: He's a sound magician who works all over, from movies to games to
parks. He specializes in car sounds and has all kinds of samples; exhaust
turn signals and the sound of the doors. His engine is set for a stable sound,
in his sports games. His car has a wide power band, which confuses his opponent.
Sometimes he loses by paying too much attention to the sound.
Rumor: He'll only battle cars with top class mufflers.

West Shinjuku Assembler
Name: Shigeru Matsuyama
Job: Programmer
Car: Impreza GDB WRX STI spec C
Profile: He drives an Impreza with perfect settings, thanks to his
intelligence. He's
got a reputation for his unique sensibilities and helps out with other cars. He
always carefully takes the best line and  his shifting is spot on, however, he's
obsessed with doing it his way and the unexpected causes problems. He likes
games and always has the latest ones. he's got arcade machines in his garage.
Rumor: He wants to race cars with additional gauges.

Matashichi the First
Name: Mataemon Motomakitei
Job: Comic storyteller
Car: Skyline GTR BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He grew up in a family that had been comic story tellers for over 200
and was promoted to master story teller while still young. Racing is his only
He's a master at racing as well, and has won many times. His strength is fading
so he
might soon retire. He's knowns his chosen successor, Matashichi the Second is
weak, but he recognizes his ability.
Rumor: He's looking for a racer who's battled Phantom9.



Silent Barbarian
Name: Ryo Gushiken
Job: Barbeque restaurant manager
Car: Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: A quiet man from the southern countries. Appears intimidating but is
gentle, and doesn't care for conflict. Prefers to have a good race then to win.
methodical man, he works on his piping and can't relax if his engine room isn't
good order. Tunes for horsepower, but also keeps his body tough and his speed
Drives wildly, but not recklessly, and corners carefully.
Rumor: It seems he only battles 4 door sedans.

Rolling Master
Name: Satoru Kobayakawa
Job: Pro racer
Car: Rolling Master 86LCuRM
Profile: Former leader of Rolling Guy, he gave up his seat to his brother,
Rolling Guy
No. 1. Knows more about AE86 racing then anyone else on the Metro, and can hold
his own
against higher powered cars. Supposedly supports his former teammates in
secret. His
car is tuned for drifting, with the gears set for mid-range, and boasts a hugely
impressive record, gained with his acceleration drift.
Rumor: Shows off the fact that he drives around in Rolling Dude's custom car.

Master Position
Name: Hiroomi Onoda
Job: Scout
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Drives girls he picks up to a spot near Daiba and shows them the night
scenery. His winning line is If I win my next battle, you and I will be entwined
forever. However, he is said to have no interest in female racers. When
he hangs behind until he can pull in front at the last second to make himself
look good. Tunes his car for a soft undercarriage, which makes it roll.
Rumor: He's looking for racers who've had battles with Cat X Cat.

Yellow Desperado
Name: Daisuke Koba
Job: Advertising agency
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Normally quiet chivalrous, he turns into a lawless driver who only
rules needed to win. He has been racing for years, and is feared by his rivals
his extensive knowledge of the Metro. Has been known to brake hard in front of a
tailing opponent and make them crash into dividers by obstructing their vision,
and dislikes other obstinate drivers. Keeps his body tough and hard.
Rumor: He'll only race if the car odometer is than 124 mi.

Iron Triangle
Name: Koji Ikejiri
Job: Metal work operator
Car: Lancer Evolution CT9A GSR
Profile: Hates dishonest dealings, he will do anything when he thinks he is
Thusly, he will say things he doesn't need to, creating many cracks in his
relationships. Won't lose on straightaways, but isn't good at cornering. Unable
to turn smoothly, he always zigzags. Spends lots of money to improve his tires'
grip and his brakes' effectiveness, and chooses straight, aerodynamic designs.
Rumor: Appears on dates with multiples of 5 and won't battle unless you drive
a Mitsubishi.

Shepherd Nekozawa
Name: Isao Nekozawa
Job: Outdoor store manager
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Root
Profile: The only son of a famous mountain climber, he has climbed mountains
all over the world since middle school. After graduating college, he opened
an outdoor shop with his father's connections. A natural leader from a young
age, young racers trust him implicitly. Replaced almost all parts, improved
torque, changed weight and heating, and fashioned his car into an easy-to-drive
Rumor: He'll start the battle after passing 3 times.

Raspberry Kiss
Name: Shiho Yasui
Job: Actress
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: While happy to have become a popular idol among racers, the number of
fans who await her on The Metro every day are endless. Her busy modeling
keeps her from racing as much as she'd like, and she drives like she's taking
out her frustration on her opponent when she does. Her car looks flashy but
is tuned for solid handling, and her body has been strengthened for safety
purposes with increased spots and roll bars.
Rumor: She'll only race cars with a carbon fiber hood.

Craftsman Manabe
Name: Akira Manabe
Job: Ceramic artist
Car: Fairlady Z S30
Profile: First class at both pottery and mechanics, with famous tuners sometimes
stopping by to ask his opinions. However, he continually refuses, saying that
he's not good enough to give advice to others. Polished his driving skills by
trying to bring his latest work to a buyer as quickly as possible. Sets his
suspension and undercarriage to be soft so at not to damage his wares, and
prefers to drive straight lines with few side Gs.
Rumor: Appears on The Metro on Tuesdays and only battles cars with customized

Critical Elegy
Name: Yoshikazu Nakajima
Job: Sushi chef
Car: Lancer Evolution CT9A GSR
Profile: Hates to lose, and is never satisfied until his car is pushed to its
limit. Would like to tune more, but his profession keeps him too busy. His
main weapon is his aggressive, line-changing driving style. A theorist who
will simulate a battle in his mind before driving. Sets his machine so it can
respond to any situation. His car is easy to drive, but is limted in ability.
Rumor: He only races cars that are lowered as much as possible.

Jet Skater
Name: Keiji Endo
Job: Sports instructor
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A former Olympic speed skater, he now tains with the intent of
making an Olympic comeback in racing. His friends are shocked when he tells
them he rests up from training by battling. His desire  to win is something
fierce. Tunes his car exclusively for acceleration and explosive starts.
His body is well trained for endurance matches and has not problem going
the distance.
Rumor: Only appears on The Metro on dates that are multiples of 4 and
cars with NOS.

Mad Fat
Name: Eisuke Fushida
Job: Game center manager
Car: Supra JZA80 RZ
Profile: A huge man at 6 feet and weighing over 200lbs. He is always hungry,
and is capable of gobbling down 3 large beef bowls with ease. Naturally, his
size presents a problem when driving, and he has tried dieting numerous times,
but has never succeeded. Tunes his car for acceleration. Of crouse, he has
done everything possible to lighten his car, but the effects of his weight
still show on corners.
Rumor: He only appears on the Metro if 90 or more have passed.

Ono the Technician
Name: Seiji Ono
Job: Salaried employee
Car: Fairlady Z Z33 Version ST
Profile: Proud to have graduated from driver's ed without a single mistake,
and there is no one better then him at parking. However, despite decent
skill he finds himself unable to win at battles. A solid grid driver, he is
intimidated by rough-driving opponents, often being unable to drive to his
full potential. Hasn't tuned his car in 2 years, and values safety over
Rumor: He'll only race people who's longest battle is more than 2 minutes.

King of Eden
Name: Noristugu Fukuhara
Job: Hotel manager
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Proprietor of the old lodge Anrakuen in Hakone. His idea of having
prices that anyone could afford became a huge success, and he built a new lodge
with the money. Uses his car to escort customers, and is well-liked by car
Upped the torque and strengthened his undercarriage in order to race better on
mountain passes, sacrificing high top speeds in the process.
Rumor: If there's an RX-8 running less than 62km, then he'll appear on Route 4.

Loyal Knight
Name: Yasunari Yaegashi
Job: Auto cameraman (photographer)
Car: Skyling GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: The older race on the Metro. He loves cares more than anything, and
modify his car. He doesn't open up and is always frowning, but he's not
He maintains his car well and keeps it in good condition but has been driving it
for so long that it's lost power. He takes a flexible line to cover for the
difference in performance.
Rumor: He only battles cars that have raced over 621mi.

Gentle Rain
Name: Sho Amazawa
Job: Steel plate worker
Car: Celsior UCF31 C specification F package interior selection
Profile: He got is nickname because his style of driving is gentle, and he likes
driving in the rain. For a long time he drove a car so old it leaked, but then
changed his mind and got a new car. He wants to be a champ before he leaves, and
drives the Metro looking for opponents. He drives rain tires regardless of the
weather, so can't always get the most out of them. Takes each corner carefully.
Rumor: He'll show up on Route 4 when there's a car with a body tuned to it's

Last Flight
Name: Tomohiro Yoshizaki
Job: International airline pilot
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: An international pilot, he comes to the Metro every time he comes to
to feel jet-like speed. He used to like the women as much as the racing, but
married a flight attendant. He made a clean break from the playboy life and is
a family man. He's experienced trouble in the sky, so he's always calm on the
He can't drive much, so his technique is lacking.
Rumor: He likes to battle where the race is as short as possible.

Fleetfoot Valkyrie
Name: Natsumi Kamimura
Job: Courier business
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Used to be on another team, but she was isolated because she went
She changed teams, but once she got comfortable, the team dissolved. She used
to drive
a machine totally focused on power, but found that if she reduced the power a
bit, it
had better maneuverability, and she won more. She changed her driving technique
cut down on acceleration and focus more on stability.
Rumor: She's not interested in battling someone who hasn't gone over 186mph in
a race.

Death Driver
Name: Keiichi Orita
Job: Unknown
Car: Death Driver SE3PCuDD
Profile: One of the legendary 4 Metro gods, he had a major wreck in a battle and
disappeared. People said he was gone for good, but one day he suddenly came
totally different than what he was like before. This has caused people to wonder
if it's really him. He's a difficult opponent due to his incredible speed and
lack of weaknesses. Nobody's ever seen him talking at a parking area.
Rumor: There's a rumor that a racer died in a crash appears on the C1 at

Inferno Machine
Name: Yoshio Ine
Job: Unemployed
Car: Supra JZA70 2.5GT Twin Turbo R
Profile: He used to be among the banking elite, but the bank went under in the
recession. He's unemployed, but can't stop racing and lives off his savings.
His nickname was Inferno Machine but his friends now call him Debt Machine. He
will do anything to win, so he starts off calmly, but once he's behind, he
quickly changes to dirty racing. He's worried about his lack of power.
Rumor: He shows up on the Metro when he hears about a racer with more than 10
million CP.

Waist Hakujin
Name: Hirohito Tomobe
Job: Unemployed
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Third son of a dentist, he's spent his entire inheritance on race
cars. He likes
his S15 the best; he's put a lot of money into it, and it's got enough specs to
his horrid technique. He brags that nobody can beat his acceleration and top
speed on
the straightaways, but he leaves tire marks on the corners due to poor control.
He tends
to lose control at the start.
Rumor: He only battles racers who own 5 or more cars.

Fire Storm Streamer
Name: Arashima Akashi
Job: Construction worker
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: Has confidence in his stamina, thanks to his work. He normally works
weekends, but takes time off for snow or rain, so he only races when it's bad
After he got married, his wife kept him from wet racing, so he's now struggling
with dry conditions, such as his car's grip and taking a line. His car body is
almost touching the ground. He races like he's crawling.
Rumor: He'll only battle cars with normal tires.

Matashichi the Second
Name: Matashichi Motomakitei
Job: Comic storyteller
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-Spec II
Profile: He's always liked cars. He was a driver for his master, Matashichi the
which got him into the world of racing. He was rebuffed at first, but he studied
story telling and racing. He's got a lot of confidence and arrogance. He now
new car-themed stories. He weaves cars into old stories, and there are times the
stage is filled with racers.
Rumor: If Matashichi the First is taken down, then he comes to the Metro for



Tsukkomi Breaker
Name: Akinari Katsumata
Job: Applicance store manager
Car: Lancer Evolution IX CT9A GSR
Profile: Loves jokes so much he's been mistaken for a pro comedian, though he
to tell too many dirty ones. Always battles wearing his store uniform. Has
extensive knowledge of electronic parts thanks to his job, and makes detailed
setting changes to his  car, but lacks the skill to make use of them. Reportedly
races because of his wife, who yells at him if comes home too late.
Rumor: He won't battle with cars that don't have neon and haven't defeated
Platinum Prince.

Cutie Hip
Name: Nami Momose
Job: Model
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Proud of her glamorous hipline, she used to be a campaign girl, but
now fulfills
her dream of working as a model. Particular about her car's rear as well, she
chose the
RX-8 for its unique tail. She believes that rear spoilers ruin the car's curves,
inadvertently creating unstable driving conditions during high speeds. Wiggles
car's rear to attract attention.
Rumor: It appears she won't race a car with a rear spoiler.

Bloody Mary
Name: Miki Tsuyuki
Job: Idol
Car: RX-7 RD3S Type RS
Profile: An idol who made her debut in pin-up photos, she is asked to come on
shows for her interesting personality, and once was so busy she barely had any
off time.
Recently, she's felt threatened by younger idols, and is thinking about
becoming an actress.
Focused on acceleration and mobiltiy, she uses feints and tricky driving to
confuse would-be
Rumor: Seems to only appear when there are car with customized horns on The

Shonan Affair
Name: Shoichi Jinbo
Job:  Pro surfer
Car: RX-7 FD3S Type RS
Profile: Holds the title of Fastest in Shonan, and said to be invincible on
Route 134.
Came to the Metro after being invited by one of his teammates. Lost terribly at
and was depressed for a while, but kept driving and made a comeback. Holds a
reputation among racers for taking any battle, and his technique is the real
His footwork in consecutive corners is also light and skilled.
Rumor: Said only to battle with rotary engined cars. Appears only on Thursdays.

Midnight Silver Wolf
Name: Tatsuya Fukuda
Job: Appliance service engineer
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: A legendary racer, he was on of The Four Metro Devas. Feels responsible
for carelessly making his friend crash during a battle, and has been very
with his lines ever since. Temporarily retired from the Metro, his current
aren't what they once were, but he still drives razor sharp. Displays a
dignity when driving a powerful car like and easy-to-drive station wagon.
Rumor: Appears on The Metro once every 10 days and is said to only battle pre
90s cars.

Shimokitazawa 2000cc
Name: Satoshi Hoshino
Job: Salaried employee
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A Metro runner that has always been particular to 2000cc output
and has driven here for years. Began driving solo after his former team
and changed to a 180SX as part of his change. It's a used car, but it was taken
such good care of by its former owner that it runs like new. Tunes his car for
drifting, and tends to drag the car's rear unnecessarily.
Rumor: Appears on weekends and only battles cars that have driven over 20km
that day.

Illusion B
Name: Souta Ukai
Job: Stevedore
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Joined the ranks of the other famous drivers quickly using top-notch
technique. Got his name from the way he appears and disappears mysteriously.
racers wish to rac him purely to see his drifts up close. His car pulls off
drifts in corners easily thanks to it's snappy acceleration response. Always
to drive softly, and will never try to block his opponent forcefully.
Rumor: Comes only on Fridays and hopes to battle cars that have customized tail

Tsujikiri Gambler
Name: Keiichi Kadomasu
Job: Gambler
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: A man devoted to cars and gambling. His motto is "Battles and bets are
luck," and losing fails to bring him down. Even so, his recent string of
defeats is
starting to sting. Favors one-shot battles that come down to taking advantage
of the
space between racing cars. Uses all his winnings to tune his car, but had to
from scratch after losing it to debt collectors.
Rumor: He appears on the New Kanjo Line on days where the total of the digits
in the
date add up to 9.

Green Wild Child
Name: Fusao Teranishi
Job: Produce distribution
Car: RX-8 SE3P Type S
Profile: Born in Aomori, and loves battles so much he comes to the Metro every
Recently transferred to Sendai, and is thrilled to be just a bit closer to the
Raised stop-and-go, he tunes only for max speed. As a result, he shows great
on the straightaways, but his corners are awkward. Has a hard time dodging
cars or other drivers, but is fast on an open course.
Rumor: Appears during daybreak on the Shinkanjo. Won't battle anyone without a

Unbalanced Ishii
Name: Satoshi Ishii
Job: Nursery manager
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: There is much speculation about the origins of his name, but
supposedly, it
only comes from his looking older than he really is. Researches daily to order
that problem, but it appears to be a steep road. Possesses frightening
technique that
lets him drive a car with lots of power and a soft undercarriage with ease.
But, he
occasionally goes too far and loses control, resulting in a loss.
Rumor: He appears on the New Kanjo when it's rumored that his front and back
are unbalanced.

Free Tree
Name: Eisaku Kurita
Job: Gardener
Car:Aristo JZS161 V300
Profile: Born to a traditional family of gardeners, he has been around plants
he was a child. To that end, he knows the position and species of every tree he
when racing. An extreme ecologist, he is seriously considering changing to a
car. Uses alcohol instead of gasoline, and his tires are the latest
type. Keeps battles short to help protect the enviroment.
Rumor: He'll only battle cars with normal mufflers.

Panel Bomber
Name: Koji Kondo
Job: Programmer
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: A genius programmer who comes and goes like the wind. He's always
for something new, and he works hard at racing and programming. But, his mood
changes quickly. He drives wild when his favorite baseball team loses. He
his car for any conditions with automatic brake balance adjustments based on
capacity, IR based road temp. and humidity sensors, and a rear base 4WD.
Rumor: He only races cars with at least 400hp.

Name: Yasuhide Hori
Job: Senior magazine editor
Car: Fairlady Z GCZ32 VersionR Twin-Turbo 2by2 T-bar Roof
Profile: He's an editor for a gossip magazine racing The Metro looking for
news. He's
broken a nuber of scandals among the racers, so many people clam up when he's
He used to be a designer, and keeps his fashion sense. His favorite phrase is
sound of an engine is life so of course his engine sounds good at high revs,
it was nicknamed Crybaby for sounding like just that.
Rumor: He only battles cars with turbos.

Stalking Hammer
Name: Takeshi Sakagami
Job: Houseing Advisor
Car: Stalking Hammer UCF31CuSH
Profile: Searching for a girl who understands racing and is almost but not
quite good
as he is at it (big plus if they're hot). Likes to drive directly next to cars
driven by cute girls. Tries to fiercely push them to the PA and hit on them,
but this
technique has yet to succeed. Went to the trouble of reverse-importing an
Celsio. Has lowered his ride height to its limit and decorated the car to look
a gangster's. His reasons for this are unknown.
Rumor: He shows up on Route 4 when he hears there's a driver who has 2 or more
of the same car.

Speed Coaster
Name: Maho Watari
Job: Nurse
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: She's well known roller coaster lover. She craves adrenaline, and is
on the
Metro every night. She met her ex at an auto parts store, but his driving
wasn't good
enough for her, and now she's looking again. He provided her with wholesale
so her car handles better. She uses this car for her everyday life, so she
dressed it up much and doesn't have a loud muffler.
Rumor: She doesn't want to battle unless the racer can average 100mph in a race.

Jump Start Maki
Name: Kohei Maki
Job: Sign maker
Car: Cima GNF50 450VIP
Profile: He likes to stand out. He runs a marathon each year, but only does it
sprint the first 400 meters to get on TV. Because of his excessive self
he doesn't stay with a team long. He likes to get ahead and then block. He
on a quick start in the 0-400, and then added NOS for acceleration and ended up
blowing his engine. He had to spend a lot to repair it and is currently
Rumor: He doesn't want to battle cars with NOS.

Dauntless Alexander
Name: Tomoyasu Higuchi
Job: Sports Instructor
Car: Skyline GT-R BNR32 V-Spec II
Profile: He has a mission to control the Metro, just like Alexander the Great
with Europe. He's a tough guy who once raced 2000mi, only stopping for fuel. He
likes long battles and will wait for his rival to get tired. He wants to keep
car for life, so he doesn't do anything tuning that will stress the engine,
it basically normal. He takes care of the body so it will last.
Rumor: He's waiting near Rainbow Bridge for a car with 3 consecutive wins.

Name: Tsuyoshi Nagano
Job: Horse race gambler
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Leads a team with the same name. One by one his team members left,
only him. He drives The Metro trying to rebuild his old team. he tries not to
any clue that will help him. He has the ability to quickly respond to any
He's tuned his machine for quick responsiveness. It's got good grip and top
His brakes have been strengthened to be ready for any situation.
Rumor: He's looking for a racer who's chasing Phantom Babe and wants to catch

Shinji the Harbinger
Name: Tomonari Kohno
Job: Host
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: The number 1 host in Kabukicho. Almost all the money he gets from
goes to tuning, but he paid for the car with his salary. At first it looks
but he decorated it so it won't look vulgar. He's covered his bases, races
works hard and will do anything to win. He invited his subordinate, Bright Age
to the Metro to battle together. They should be a powerful combination.
Rumor: He'll step in and battle for Bright Age if he's in trouble.

Bright Age
Name: Ken Hatoi
Job: Host
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: He was influenced by Shinji the Harbinger and got a car. He wasn't
in cars before, but quickly made a name for himself. He's not obessesed with
parts or
tuning, and goes by instinct instead. He's very aggressive, but gets weak in
the crunch.
He acts calm and gentle at the bar with a pompus attitue in order to get
customenrs to
buy high cost drinks. He dreams of being a singer/songwriter.
Rumor: He'll appear on Route 3 if there's a car that runs a lot at night to
take it out.

Free Maebashi
Name: Yuhki Maebashi
Job: Comedian
Car: Silvia S15 spec-R
Profile: Formerly part of a Kansai talent agency and worked in a production. He
previously liked cars, and had some success in Kansai, but then moved to Tokyo.
had previously liked cars, and was on one of the best Kansai teams. He wanted
to do
well in Tokyo, so he spends his time off on the Metro. He makes a great combo
Punchline Hiranishi in battle as well. They joke that they're a better combo
than on the stage.
Rumor: He appears on the Metro looking for a racer with "The Bone" sticker.

Punchline Hiranishi
Name: Atsushi Hiranishi
Job: Comedian
Car: 180SX RPS13 Type-X
Profile: He teamed up with the Free Maebashi at the talent agency, and has been
with him almost 7 years. He became interested in cars, which led to him getting
Used some of his savings for tuning. They moved to Tokyo to race on the Metro.
finally got their break and are thinking about either buying a new car or
fixing up
the old one. He's started to understand partner's car talk.
Rumor: If Free Maebashi loses, he quickly shows up and callenges them to a


6. Achievments
These are all the achievements available in the game as well as their point

Bloodhound    10 points
Awarded for defeating Bloodhound.

Midnight Cinderella      10 points
Awarded for defeating Midnight Cinderella.

Plantnum Prince     10 points
Awarded for defeating Platnum Prince.

Garnet Dawn     20 points
Awarded for defeating Garnet Dawn.

Silent Cassiopeia     20 points
Awarded for defeating Silent Cassiopeia.

Azure Sniper     20 points
Awarded for deafeating Azure Sniper.

Inside C1 Time Attack     40 points
Awarded for racing the C1 Inner Loop within 5 minutes in Time Attack.

Outside C1 Time Attack    40 points
Awarded for racing the C1 Outer Loop within 5 minutes in Time Attack.

Left Shinkanjo Time Attack   40 points
Awarded for racing the Shinkanjo counter-clockwise within 6 minutes in Time

Right Shinkanjo Time Attack    40 points
Awarded for racing the Shinkanjo clockwise within 6 minutes in Time Attack.

#3 Shibuya Time Attack    40 points
Awarded for racing the Shibuya #3 within 3 minutes and 30 seconds in Time

#4 Shinjuku Time Attack    40 points
Awarded for racing the Shinjuku #4 within 6 minutes in Time Attack.

All right Time Attacks    40 points
Awarded for racing All clockwise within 16 minutes and 30 seconds in Time

First Xbox Live Race     10 points
Awarded for winning your first Xbox Live Race.

Win 10 Xbox Live Races    20 points
Awarded for winning 10 Xbox Live Races.

Win 50 Xbox Live Races    50 points.
Awarded for winning 50 Xbox Live Races.

Win 100 Xbox Live Races   100 points.
Awarded for winning 100 Xbox Live Races.

Skull Bullet    30 points
Awarded for defeating Skull Bullet.

Phantom9 Member   50 points
Awarded for defeating Phantom9.

Snake Eyes     50 points
Awarded for defeating Snake Eyes.

Crimson Devil    30 points
Awarded for defeating Crimson Devil.

Melancholy Angel   30 points
Awarded for defeating Melancholy Angel.

D3     30 points
Awarded for defeating D3.

White Charisma    30 points
Awarded for defeating White Charisma.

King Speed   60 points
Awarded for defeating King Speed.

???    100 points
Awarded for defeating ???.


7. Copyright Stuff
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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
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