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Where can I find the DLC guns?

Where can i find Miller's signature gun and the volt driver from the DLC?


LegalDeagles77 answered:

The Volt Driver is Miller's gun. It's rather easy to find. I believe there is one right before Dead City 1 & 2. The easiest place to find both DLC guns, however, is in Armory. Right after Andrew the Smith pulls you into his hut, there should be both the Heavy Automatic Shotgun and Volt Driver laying on the bed. If you need a lot of money, just as something secondary, if you find the first volt driver between Riga and Dead City you can sell that one for a lot of bullets (if you trade it for the double-barreled shotgun) at Armory and use that for the Stealth suit or whatever. I sold both and used the Heavy Auto Shotgun and made over 350 bullets from selling them. Those are the only two locations I know so far, as I'm currently fighting my way through the ever frustrating armored car fight after Frontline, but when I do find the others you'll be the first to know.
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