Question from mask10kazama

How do I get past the door that needs a poison fang and a bat wing?

Guys, can you help me!!!

i dont know how to pass that door that need a poison fang and a black wing..well i know rico said that we must lure the monster...and i already lure them , then what???


shadow_571 answered:

Ok, I asume you are at Dragonbon Shrine...Connect to Rico and use Penguin Parade on a Thorn Viper and lead it to the Door, sheathe your sword and examine it, the snake will be gone, now the the same thing for a fleshbiter/bloodsucker and the door should open, hope this helps!
PS. You should be aat least level 6 or 7 for the next fight=)
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kingsendoh answered:

Thanks Shadow .it works perfectly
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