Question from justinismyhero

Asked: 6 years ago

Were can i find lunatite or cermic or the town that sells metals?

I trying to do the rico quest in port zola i just need 1 more lunatite so if u know how to get one or get ceramic so i can make one tell me and i forgot which town sells metals. and wut u get for completing the quest?

Additional details - 6 years ago

R U SERIOUSSSSS ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? HOLY **** wow i feel dumb i been looking around all over place and even going all back to nolaan wow ty u HELPED ME SO MUCH

Accepted Answer

From: YangAndYin 6 years ago

You're missing downloadable content. There's an item in the Xbox marketplace called 'a voucher'. if you download this content, you can buy all metals from any merchant in the game.

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