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Where do i find weapon? please help.

While i was in Burgass, i accidently sold the emblazed sword just because i thought its useless, but in later game i figured i need it to smith the one and only powerful sword for capell. is there, any chance, buying it back or whatsoever to get it back? please tell me!

Chosenordie provided additional details:

all u have to do is upgrade edward's blacksmith into 7lvl, so u will needed to smith a Gram, some ores to combine with emblazed sword into strongest weapon for capell. also u will get achivement for doing this.

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ShiningDrake answered:

In the future you might want to think about the reason such a weak sword is so expensive, it might come in handy with other items in differen t games...
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bradmeg128 answered:

Unfortunetly no, there is no way to get it back or to smith it once its sold.
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shadow_571 answered:

Ummm.. what are the other the other materials or the really powerul sword? because i have the emblazoned sword
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NorthernDusk83 answered:

I had a feeling hanging onto it would prove wise. Just reminded me of the Sword of Mana from other games. It was something so useful that getting rid of it was impossible. I guess the Emblazed Sword is use although I have yet to find where to smith this one and only powerful sword. Does anyone know where or how you go about doing so?
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vazil8819 answered:

First thing that you have to do is go to Kolton anytime after you have beaten the dragon, and talk to Kristopher at the SW house. He will ask you a riddle, the answer is the bottom choice. Now you have to enter the Seraphic Gate to unlock Gram (3 Atlantis Metal, 1 Quartz, 1 Aqua Blade) and Azureal Blade (2 Amarlista, 1 Gram, 1 Emblazoned Sword) for Edward to forge.
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