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How do you unlock all the Halo timeline events?

I have all of the black boxes but i stil have 3 events locked.

AT422537 asked for clarification:

I agree with death_death but I think there might also be some that are unlocked by either beeting levels on different difficulties or getting higher ranks on said levels, but thats just me looking at the tiny details. You can also read the books that they have but I guess that dosn't have anything to do with the game. But check your local library just in case your intersested. Sorry again if I angered anyone for getting off topic.


death_death answered:

well there are 4 ways to unlock time line events,
1. the black boxes
2. play on and win on ALL the orignal maps (ones that came with the game) not DLC
3. play as each of the leaders
4. play both death match and standard at least once.
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sidekick206 answered:

To get timeline u need beat the level and collect all black box. These black box will unlock most of the timeline. Here a website to go to for location of the black box.
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