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How do I change the Colors?

I bought the Halo Wars LCE, and I have the Honor Guard Wraith. But... it's purple. How do I change it so it's not purple?

HuggyGrunt provided additional details:

I know how to make my Wraiths Honor Guard Wraiths, and I redeemed the code, I'm just wondering how I get rid of the team colors (1st Covenant team is purple, 1st UNSC team is green, etc.)

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AzureLivesOn answered:

It's in the Skulls menu when you pause at the bottom along with the Flaming Warthog (if you redeemed that code too).

It has to be activated each match.
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eduardo1133 answered:

I didn't get the LCE edition, but I think you probably have to redeem the code that you got with the game. It might be in the game booklet.
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Dragonchampion answered:

The only other way I can think of is go to Optionas and change to "Friend or For colors" This makes all allies yellow, all enemies red, and you blue.
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CandleStix answered:

From what i know, theres no way to choose a specific color of your choosing, except the originals and blue, and the only way to be another is to be randomly chosen when ur doing a 2v2 or 3v3 online. its kind of lame that you cant, but i guess they're doing it to keep you as the originals
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